Video Poker Strategy: Beginner Tips and Facts

Video Poker Strategy: Beginner Tips and Facts

Video poker is one of the favorite options for a lot of casino games lovers. Therefore, you need to learn the right strategies and tips for winning and enjoying the game. Although there are different variations, the video poker strategy remains more or less the same. This article will give you a vivid picture of all the strategies that you need to know to ace this game. 

Miss The Video Poker Strategy At Your Own Risk!

Read the strategies and try to understand each one of the tips to get a better picture of the video poker game. Starting from the right variant to winning the game, we have kept in mind each salient detail.

Choosing The Right Game Variant

There are different varieties of video poker games available online. It is your job to understand the right one suited for you to implement the video poker strategy. The game starts with the player dealing with the cards and placing their ante. You need to decide which of the cards to keep and which one to discard. These are some of the house edges of the video poker variants. 

  • The house edge of Jacks or Better is 0.46 percent.
  • All Americans have a house edge of 0.62 percent.
  • The house edge of Aces and Faces is 0.74 percent.
  • The aces and Eights have a house edge of 0.91 percent.
  • Deuces and Joker’s house edge is 0.93 percent.
  • Deuces Wild’s house edge is 3.23 percent.

You need to learn the basic rules for the different varieties to strategize for winning the game. Remember, for the games like Jacks or Better, which has a smaller house edge, you won’t require much of Jacks to win the game, but for a game like Aces and Faces, you can win the game as well as a collect bonus if you have a good number of aces and faces. 

Reading The Paytable Before The Start Of a Play

This is the second video poker strategy after you have chosen the variants that interest you. There is always a paytable displayed at the corner of your screen. You should always have a look at the paytable and search for the one which pays 9/6, i.e., nine coins in case of a full house and six in case of a flush, thus providing a fair deal for the players. 

Maximum Betting Of The Coins 

This is a debatable topic of whether the player should bet the maximum number of coins or go for a safer option. It depends on the situation and your experience of the game. Having said that, you need to remember certain tricks and video poker strategy when it comes to maximum betting of the coins. There are payouts for the various hands, with the paytable displaying the prizes for the ones, twos, threes, fours, and the fives. The jackpot for the five coins is higher than the others, but again the odds of a Royal Flush are more than the payout in real.  

Therefore, it is important to maintain a balance concerning their budget as the maximum betting of the coins also ensures a higher chance of winning the bet. 

The Right Cards

Video poker is a game of strategy, just like our draw poker. Here you can keep a portion of your cards and swipe away the rest. The video poker strategy lies in selecting the cards that you need to keep and the ones that you need to throw away. Try to make a list of the possibilities and choose the right one.

Video Poker Strategy: Beginner Tips and Facts 

The Progressives for the Big Wins

Some of the video poker games on the net offer progressive jackpots, which you can get if you hit the Royal Flush. Keep in mind that the progressive jackpots offer a poorer paytable in comparison to the other, and thus there is a bit of risk, but the progressive jackpots usually come with a better reward. 

The video poker strategy should be to look for progressive ones only when you have got some experience in the non-progressive ones. 

What Must You Do?

You can definitely count on this video poker strategy list for a win and learn more about the game. Try to utilize the welcome bonuses and free spins to play some free games to nourish your game. You should try to remember the strategies and chalk out a plan and use it to notice the outcomes of the games. You shouldn’t take the losses seriously but try your best to improve and improvise from each game. 

You must concentrate on understanding the game at first and then take a chance to participate in different tournaments to grow as a player and win more. Take baby steps and take the help of the video poker strategy list to learn the ins and outs of the different steps. You must start with the easier varieties of games like Jacks or Better for getting a fine grip on the game. 

Strategies And Gambling 

Gambling, as a whole, is one such thing that requires experience, understanding, and calmness along with a proper video poker strategy. Experience plays a vital role in the long run game of becoming a pro. Don’t lose your patience in the middle of the journey as you may lose a few matches but try to learn from your mistakes. Also, ensure to have a proper video poker strategy regarding the amount you are going to place on the bet. We’ve already provided the details regarding the same.

So, follow the strategies given and try to create a chart of the different possibilities and results of various cards, like keeping four cards to the flush and other conditions. This will help you in the future. Be confident and calm while playing the game. Remember to use the bonuses and explore the different variations of video poker and acknowledge the differences. 

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Name: Video Poker Strategy: Beginner Tips and Facts

Posted On: 13/11/2020

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Video Poker Strategy: Beginner Tips and Facts
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