A few Video Poker tips that can help you get started

Since its inception around the 1970s, Video Poker has seen immense growth in its popularity. This has also led to the addition of many new features from many other games into Video Poker. Today, Video Poker is one of the most popular casino games among players. 

The high odds of winning and low house edge are some of the advantages of Video Poker that make it so popular. The players can expect great winnings since the house edge on Video Poker is some of the lowest in the casino gaming world. And if you follow these Video Poker tips, your advantage will be tremendous. 

A few Video Poker tips that can help you get started

Another cool thing about Video Poker is that it can be played alone. You don’t need to worry about other players watching you closely and trying to decipher signals and cues from your reactions and behaviors. Here, nobody tries to disturb and distract you with any kind of comments. You can sit back and enjoy a nice game of Video Poker inside your home, or anywhere you want to. 

You can improve your odds much higher with the right Video Poker tips since Video Poker is a machine and unlike people who can be unpredictable, Video Poker can be learned and practiced which will help you acquire great skills in the process.

Video Poker tips 

The rules of Video Poker are very simple. You must have heard of the five-card draw Poker. That’s what is the basis of all Video Poker games. All Video Poker machines use a 52-card deck. The machine randomly deals you 5 cards after you make a wager and hit the ‘deal’ button. Out of these cards, you can decide which ones to keep and which ones to discard. To keep the cards, simply tap or click on them.

When you discard some cards, it leaves a blank space. To fill that space, click the ‘draw’ button again. Your Poker hand is important because it is the most important thing that decides your pay-out, other than the paytable and your wager. These factors will decide the outcome of your game. 

The winning outcomes are flush, two pairs, straight, or a royal flush. Your hand must be the winning combination. It’s mostly about luck but a little about skills too. Let us explain how. 

A few Video Poker tips that can help you get started


The most common mistake most Video Poker players do is try to win by simply guessing. As a result, they lose a lot of money. If you want to play Poker but cannot risk losing money, try playing Video Poker free on a machine before testing your luck in the real world, with real money.  

With a little more practice and these solid Video Poker tips, you will master Video Poker with your skills in no time. This will increase your chances of winning. 

Choose the best game

Look for the table that has the best payouts. You must always compare different machines before deciding which one to play on. Video Poker is the one game that shows you your expected winnings even before playing. This is one of the most important of all Video Poker tips.

Choose machines that offer the lowest house edge. House edge is the percentage of all money bets that go to the casino, i.e. the house that owns the game. Low house edge gives more chances for the players to win.

Play the maximum number of coins

By playing the maximum number of coins, you stand the possibility to win the royal flush. The pay-out is around 800:1. Playing fewer value coins gets you less for each hand — that is 250:1. 

Be aware of the bankroll

Every player wants the jackpot, and sometimes they do too. But if you look at it statistically, a player has more chances of losing than winning. No one can predict the results of a casino game accurately. If you cannot afford 400-500 credits and it might be a disaster for you, stop the play.

If you play for much less wager compared to your total bankroll amount, you’ll be able to get the swings, both plus and minus, and also enjoy the game. It’s also one of the Video Poker tips- knowing when to stop. 

Video Poker games come with a bundle of features that not only make them a popular, fun game, but it also offers higher payouts and much less house edge, giving the players the advantage.

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Name: A few Video Poker tips that can help you get started

Posted On: 12/02/2020

Author: Tony Willets

A few Video Poker tips that can help you get started
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