Want to Become a Croupier in the UK Casino? – Here’s How

Casino gaming has been quite popular in recent times. Millions of people visit casino venues all around the world and the industry booms with its resounding popularity. Casino in UK is no different and the growing demand is easily noticeable in the market as well. With every setup of a casino in UK, services from professional and experienced, croupiers have become a necessity. However, not many people are aware of the technicalities and the essential requirements that are needed to be employed as croupiers in casino venues. Here are a few tips that can be considered for availing the dream job!

Want to Become a Croupier in the UK Casino? - Here's How

What does a Croupier do in Casino in UK?

A Croupier is the main nexus of all activities in a casino game. He/she should be competent enough to know and understand the subtle aspects of casino table games. He/she should be aware of house rules, house edges, betting configurations etc. A Croupier is also expected to be a good host to customers as well. A lot of attention and requirements revolve around customer centricity.

Qualifications Needed for being Employed as a Croupier

Any kind of formal education is unnecessary. However, since the bulk of the job is carried out by a Croupier, an expecting candidate must be quick with calculations and numbers. So, casino venues (such as a casino in UK) tend to select candidates those that have aptitude skills. Certifications like GCSEs for English and Math could be considered as viable inputs. Soft skills are also necessary to showcase people management skills and related activities.

Training and Duration

There is no defined period as such. Casino in UK resort to hiring Croupiers as trainees and a close eye is put in to judge the candidate. The period of training depends on how quick the candidate is in catching up the basic skills and other such competent characters. In general, most casinos require candidates to be trained initially for three months. After hiring, an on-job training of 1 to 1.5 years could be taken before the candidate is moved further up towards representing the house at tables.

Promotion and Career Prospects

Opportunities are endless. Most Croupiers start out as dealers and then move up further the hierarchy of job positions and roles. In a few years, a dealer might become the chief dealer inspector. Sometimes, some might even evolve out as the manager of the casino venue. However, it is important to know that dedication must be put forward relentlessly in the early entry level role, before being considered to move up ahead of the hierarchy. Promising candidates have always been favoured to take in more management roles in casino venues, as well.

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Name: Want to Become a Croupier in the UK Casino? – Here’s How

Posted On: 25/03/2019

Author: Tony Willets

Want to Become a Croupier in the UK Casino? – Here’s How
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