What are the Technological Components that Constitute a live Casino?

What are the technological components that constitute a live casino?

What is an online casino?

An online casino is just like a regular casino in a building, made up with bricks and wood – with every game played in there. The difference is that those casinos are played on the Internet. Location-based casinos have been surpassed by online ones due to the convenience provided by them. The players can play real money games online whenever and wherever they wish. They do not have to worry about the time of gaming, hefty expenses of travelling and can enjoy the games in the comfort of their own home.

However, certain people might feel the lack of a dealer. A live casino fulfils this gap. This is the biggest reason for the popularity of live casinos UK.

Although location and infrastructure are not required in any live casinos, they still demand a lot. Efforts are to be put in by the live casinos to make sure the players can enjoy the games with no interruption. Thus, we are deciphering the technological components involved in a live casino.

What are the technological components that constitute a live casino?

Generally, it involves three major areas – a live studio where the games are streamed, a software area where all the technicalities of conducting the game are handled, and an analyst’s area where the results are processed before giving out to the players.

Few important elements that constitute a live casino are :

Tech devices and high-speed Internet

This one is quite obvious! To play any game online, you need to have a device. This can either be a PC, a tablet or a smartphone. You need to keep in touch with the game and receive updates during the game, that is why a proper Internet connection is also equally important. To enjoy the uninterrupted gaming experience, a high-speed network must be secured. Otherwise, you might lose connection in the middle of the game which can spoil the game as well as the day for you.

Gaming software 

Live casinos are meant to stream games online. A very basic requirement of live casinos is gaming software. A few gaming software has made its mark in the live gaming industry. These include Playtech, Realtime Gaming, Net Entertainment and so on.. A well-established software with sufficient database is essential in order to give the players a good experience and make them return for more games.

Web camera

Interaction is a must in case of live games. In order to connect with the players and make the action in the game visible to them, cameras are a necessity. Smaller cameras are installed in the software so that the players can get to know what is happening in the game and how it is progressing. More than one cameras can also be installed to give the players a chance to view the game from various multiple angles.

Human dealer

A human dealer is what gives a live casino its distinctive features and separates it from the regular online casinos. It gives the players a feeling of being present in a local casino without having to step out of their house. With the web cameras, all action and movements of the dealer can be viewed by the players which give them a sense of security as well as the satisfaction that no foul play is involved and their money is safe. Although having a live dealer is a general practice, many software companies provide a virtual or augmented dealer that comes with the package. As he is a part of the technology, the chances of errors are reduced to a great extent, and the feeling of bias or unfair game in the players also diminishes.

Casino table 

The most played games in a live casino are the ones with tables and wheels. For example, Blackjack, Poker and the like. While streaming live, the table should be available for each game as it is an important element. Apart from that, Roulette wheels are also incorporated into the components of a live casino. The sensors attached to the virtual wheel and the user interface of the software allows players to view the results of their own spins as well of the other players’ spins. 

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Name: What are the Technological Components that Constitute a live Casino?

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What are the Technological Components that Constitute a live Casino?
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