A Guide on French Roulette Online

Thinking about playing casino games? Roulette is the first name that will cross your mind. One of the most popular variants of this game is the French Roulette online. The French version was first played during the mid-1900s. This version of Roulette is extremely popular. Before the rise of internet games, people used to travel long distances just to play this amazing game. Now it is available on a click at SpinzWin.

A Guide on French Roulette Online

What Makes French Roulette Online Gamblers’ Favourite?

Though the game table in this version of French roulette online game looks familiar to European and American Roulette games, it is a tad different. The difference can be clearly found in the layout of the French table wheel. The location of numbers is entirely different when compared to that of the other two games and this design actually offers better winning probability than any other layout of the game. The numbers from 0 to 37 are strategically placed in positions so that gamblers can benefit fairly. The house edge in French Roulette online is very low compared to American and European too.

Betting Strategies

Along with the standard inside and outside betting, French Roulette online allows you to place some extra bets that increase your winning chances. Ability to bet on neighbours of zero gives you chance to win even when the ball lands on zero, thereby helping you avoid losses when compared to other Roulette games. Another unique feature in French version is the ‘La Partage’ rule and if you choose this, your half bet amount will be returned in case the ball lands on zero. Unlike American and European games the French version has outside betting layout spread on either side of the table that gives you better viewing ability.

Payouts When You Play French Roulette Online

The highest paying bet is the straight bet on a single number with no other betting layouts chosen. Though the odds are low the winning is huge with 35 times your total bet amount. The next highest is the split betting where you bet on a line between two number and if the ball lands on either of two then you win 17 times your bet. The street bet pays 11 times when the ball lands on any number on that street. The rest are colour, line bet, low-high, even-odd, etc that pays lower stakes but has a higher probability of winning.

Spin the Wheel Now

With lowest house edge and higher winning probability, French Roulette is definitely a game you must try. Give it a go at SpinzWin and experience Roulette like never before.