Online Scratch Cards

There is nothing more fun than scratching your way to a piece of good luck. That suspense involved when you scratch the card is unparalleled. A scratch card is a small piece of card, which comprises of a small area meant for scratching out a hidden code. It has been a popular form of gambling for a long time.

When Online Scratch Cards were introduced circa 2010, they became even more popular. The ‘thrill factor’ only increased with these games. In the era of online slots and mobile casinos, it is not a new fact that the online scratch card games have been loaded with exciting graphics and themes. It is one of those extremely rare games that does not require any strategy but just ‘dumb luck’ to grab that win and would surely beat online slots in the category of requiring the least strategy while playing the game.

Reveal the Hidden in the Online Scratch Card Games!

Spinzwin Casino houses an elite collection of online scratch card games that have breath-taking graphics and gameplay that is sure to mesmerise you for a long time. To retain the veritableness of these online scratch card games, you have the option to reveal the symbols one after the other. In case you are playing the game on your smartphones/tablets, all you must do is to rub softly on the screen to reveal the symbols.

The 3×3 grid of the game will reveal 9 symbols and if you match at least 3 of them, you win. Your risk of losing is very low when compared with other online casino games. So, all you need to do is to relax and enjoy this game by scratching the virtual card.

Basic Rules of the game

The only rule of this game is that you need to know is how to wager. Using the + and – symbols on the game screen, you can adjust the wagering amount. Once that’s done, you have the option to either make a single bet or to use the ‘bet max’ option. Then you need to select your mode of play.

There are basically three modes for playing the game:

Auto Scratch

Your cards will scratch automatically once you set your wager and press the play button.

Manual Scratch

In this option, you will have to ‘scratch’ the virtual card by rubbing on the screen. This option is the closest to scratching a real card and is generally favoured by most players who seek maximum entertainment from the game.


The complete process is automated after you fix the wagering amount and can also choose the number of rounds for which this option is to be used.

Even though there isn’t much to stake for, your scope to win is high. With too many options at your disposal, with the only difference in the games being the themes and the bonus rounds, if any, these games can be quite addictive for their ‘simple-to-play’ nature and that should explain why players still prefer to play this game.

So, if you want to try your luck in this game, come register on Spinzwin, make your first deposit and get, set, go select a card, scratch out your luck and win!