A Detailed Guide to Ethereum Casino Gambling

Cryptocurrencies have received a good amount of attention over the last few years. The majority of this focus has been on prices, which has seen the crypto market experiencing massive bull markets at different times. Naturally, cryptocurrency has many more purposes than simply being an investment, as is the instance of Ethereum, which is now an extremely exciting cryptocurrency project on the market. You’ll learn that Ethereum is designed to be an open (no one is in charge) platform that applications can run on. It can also be used to deposit casino money online. If you’re like many people, you might be confused about how Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies work. So here is a complete Ethereum Casino guide for you.... Read More

Posted On: 12/11/2021

Author: Tony Willets

What Is California Roulette, And How Does It Work?

Since the 17th century, many versions of roulette have entered the market and stayed. But unfortunately, California was excluded from the fun. As per the laws back then, any game that predicted the game’s outcome using balls or dice was banned in California. Even today, you cannot enjoy the devil’s wheel in the state. But it was not going to discourage the roulette lovers. The law changed, and the California roulette was born. Here is the complete story for you. What Is California’s Take On Roulette? While Roulette is a fun game that is loved by gamblers worldwide, California doesn’t think so. Thus, playing roulette with the traditional roulette wheel is banned in the state. The state banned any game... Read More

Posted On: 05/11/2021

Author: Tony Willets

What You Need to Know About eWallets: Modern-Day Electronic Gambling

In the last few years, eWallets have become a preferred method of transaction for many customers. The year 1998 was the first time PayPal launched and has been a leader in electronic gambling transactions since. But, even though the American company’s operations have always been at the forefront, the recent surge in digitalization has led to the creation of a variety of diverse eWallets. With the development of various digital wallets, various industries have changed their methods to be compatible with new payment methods. Particularly online casinos have been trying to update their platforms to be more user-friendly from the point of view of transactions. Let’s take a look at the way eWallets have impacted online casinos. What is an... Read More

Posted On: 27/10/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Top 10 Greatest Poker players of All Time

Unlike other sports, poker is also a game of skill. Whether online tournaments or offline poker tables, the race among the poker players is always on  and becoming the next greatest player. Many poker players follow a legend whose hand has always won the most tournaments or whose playing style is different. If you have no idea about them, here is a list of the greatest poker players of all time who have been chosen based on the games and tournaments they have won, their style of playing, their years of relevance, etc. Money isn’t the sole consideration to make it to the list. So, learn about the poker players who have written their names in gold letters in poker’s... Read More

Posted On: 20/10/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Online Casino Gaming Trends: What Can We Expect?

To state the minimum, the rate at which the online casino gaming sector is growing is astounding. The expansion has been phenomenal in recent times, fueled in no little way by the persistent lockdown that has affected most of the globe.  According to estimates, the entire year’s worth of the worldwide online casino gaming business would be around $565 billion by last year’s finish. Much more astonishing, a yearly increase of at least 6% is now expected for at least the next few years.  Of course, fast improvements in customer technologies have aided in the exponential rise in online casino gaming. By a vast percentage, online casino gaming has eclipsed conventional desktop casino games.  Technology is also expected to drive... Read More

Posted On: 13/10/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Understanding Wagering Requirements: Important Information to Keep in Mind

Online gambling can be scary and stressful. It can be difficult to believe that this term is related to online gambling, a primarily relaxing activity. Furthermore, slot games are a very popular type of casino game, both online and land-based. Understanding the wagering requirements for playing online slots is an important concern. Online gambling is growing in popularity across all game types. Most punters consider receiving generous bonuses when playing the game a priority. Newcomers to internet gambling often have difficulty understanding wagering requirements. This concept is one of the most confusing for new online gamblers. Misunderstanding it could lead to many problems later. Below is a guide that explains the basics of the online gambling market. Let’s get started.... Read More

Posted On: 06/10/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Roulette strategy – What is the James Bond roulette system?

You probably wonder where and when Bond played roulette if you’re a film lover but haven’t read the Bond books. It took place in Casino Royale! It wasn’t a new movie. It was the old one.  We are here to explain how the James Bond Roulette strategy works and how you can make it work for you.  What is the James Bond Roulette System? You will find out more about the Bond strategy below. It is progressive, and you must select your bet amount in proportion. The bet must be divided into three parts. The first should make up 70% of your total.  The second one is 25%, and the third is 5%. In case you lose, the progression is... Read More

Posted On: 30/09/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Learning About The Various Forms of Online Baccarat

Baccarat is among the simplest and amazing casino games to pick up. It resembles blackjack in several ways, but it does not need decision-making after the stake is placed. Baccarat is a very famous game among Indian players as well as bettors all over the globe.  Although the gameplay is simple, the atmosphere surrounding a Baccarat casino game table is out of this globe.  Baccarat is one of India’s most popular casino games; you can find it on numerous online casino game listings. The classic varieties are once again gaining the care they need, thanks to online Baccarat software developers like Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, and others. At the various casinos, you may witness a few of their enchantments for yourself.... Read More

Posted On: 23/09/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Greatest High Rollers In Gambling History

Whales, high-rollers, and big-spenders – there is something that grabs your attention about someone throwing millions at a casino. Casinos have depended on people with high net worth to keep the lights on and entertain all who visit them.  You might be surprised to learn that the stories of the well-dressed man who doubles his net worth by playing blackjack are real. This article will highlight the most iconic and famous casino whales. 1 – Phil Ivey Phil Ivey is one of the most renowned poker players of all time. It is not uncommon for Phil to be seen at a table at a casino. Lvey can be seen in the poker room and elsewhere, playing for a large fortune.... Read More

Posted On: 16/09/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Poker Tilt – How To Avoid And Handle It?

A competent player (in any sport), be it in Poker tilt, mobile or live casino, or in some Roulette, doesn’t rely just on his/her mechanical abilities. The genuinely great players also have an exceptional attitude that allows them to persevere through difficult games. Every (relatively competitive) player will experience challenging or unanticipated scenarios during their playing career since no game or player is ever flawless. Poker Tilt is a poker word that refers to a condition of mental or emotional uncertainty or irritation in which a player employs a suboptimal approach. Losses Should Be Limited Some people are better at dealing with defeats than others, so the threshold for taking a break will differ from player to player, but it... Read More

Posted On: 09/09/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Being a good casino dealer: Tips and guidelines

Have you ever wondered what makes a casino come alive and full of energy? Every entertainment place is a precursor to holding the crowd together. And when we talk about the casino, who other than a casino dealer can make your casino experience more entertaining and satisfying. However, there’s more to a dealer that meets the eye. They are responsible for handling gambling sessions, head operation of different games, and handling customer’s cash. A dealer is responsible for distributing cards or deciding the winner and then processing the money to the winner. They also have to create an enjoyable environment for every player irrespective of who the winner is. A dealer often works as a catalyst that governs the mood... Read More

Posted On: 27/08/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Learning the basic Blackjack strategy is now a cakewalk!

The basic blackjack strategy is simply the most theoretically sound technique to beat each potential opportunity in the game. It implies that machines have run tests and computations to determine the predicted price of each option. You’re shown to be utilizing a basic blackjack strategy whenever you select the maximum EV in every one of those instances in any online casino. I believe in memorizing basic blackjack strategy to the point where you can perform flawlessly without bothering to think regarding these judgments. But, on the other hand, the basic blackjack strategy isn’t strong enough to provide a statistical advantage over the live casino. So you’ll continue to be at a disadvantage. But that deficit would be as small as... Read More

Posted On: 20/08/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Know everything about Roulette Bonus here!

People often forget old things as soon as new things come. But time teaches the importance of old things and old games. In such a situation, gamblers are beginning to understand the importance of the old casino game roulette. Let us tell you that this game was launched in 1796, till now it is popular among the people.  Nowadays, it has become Gambler’s first choice. In this case, the saying seems to be true that “old is gold.” Let us tell you in this article how you can get a roulette bonus online. How many varieties have roulette games in online casinos A Roulette bonus has been any benefit that players should utilize to play online roulette games. That means... Read More

Posted On: 13/08/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Take A Close Look At The Best Poker Strategies For Low Limit Poker Players

Beating poker at any level is excellent – even if you are a low-limit poker player and playing low limits. But what happens if you get tired of playing small-stakes and want to play higher levels? Unfortunately, it’s not easy to move from the low to the mid-limit. As a result, some players give up on increasing limits, preferring to keep making the same profit. This is fine. If you are looking for middle limits, you will need strategies to make it easier. Let’s now look at five approaches to make this transition smooth. 1. Be confident Poker players are primarily focused on increasing their profits and moving up the stakes. They get anxious when it is time to raise... Read More

Posted On: 06/08/2021

Author: Tony Willets

How Do Random Number Generators Work?: A Complete Analysis

Random number generators are a computer program that generates random numbers. They generate random numbers, which is precisely what their names suggest. While they are active, they produce a vast number of digits every second. The relevant software can call them to give a single number or a set of numbers from the sequence at any time. RNGs cannot produce random numbers because computers must follow some pattern or instruction. The most potent RNGs can be very complex. They are unable to discern any patterns they may follow. Their purpose is to produce completely random numbers. Understanding RNGs Online casinos strive to offer a gaming experience as close to a land-based casino as possible. This isn’t easy because some aspects... Read More

Posted On: 28/07/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Take A Note of All The Famous Gamblers Worldwide!

Although it is not difficult to become a professional player, it is quite an accomplishment to join the ranks of some of the greatest gamblers in history. What does it take to become a professional gambler? It all depends on how you play, what your drive is, and what risk you are willing to take. Here are some examples of some of history’s most successful gamblers and what they had to lose to win their titles. Edward Thorp (Famous Gamblers) Edward Thorp, a math professor and author of the card counting book, is well-known. Thorp started with $10,000 and used his card counting skills in Las Vegas and Reno to win $11,000 his first weekend. To avoid being recognized by... Read More

Posted On: 21/07/2021

Author: Tony Willets

The Role And Significance of House Edge In Online Casinos

During this 21st century where there is a boom of internet and high-speed data to all corners of the world, some of the companies decided to earn money through people’s enjoyment. Casinos have been a part of human life for ages. It was previously played on bricks and in dark rooms. But now they have been given the limelight in the life of the rich and poor.  You must have heard this word if you have ever entered the casino universe. It is a part of every game be it online blackjack, roulette systems, slots, or anything. The house edge is known to be an advantage to the casino owners. A thing you must keep in mind is that you... Read More

Posted On: 14/07/2021

Author: Tony Willets

How Is Real Money Poker Different From Traditional Poker?

Real money players expect real money poker to be very similar to their previous play money games. They soon discover that real money poker is very different from playing money. Real money poker is different from traditional poker. Knowing these differences will help you be a successful real-money Player must first understand that the lowest limit real-money game will be more complex than any other play money game. Most players don’t try any strategy when they are playing in money games. They may throw all their chips into the middle of the table and play every hand. They don’t care about winning or falling. Everything changes when real money is at stake. Even the most mediocre players at the penny... Read More

Posted On: 07/07/2021

Author: Tony Willets

The Origin of Fruit Symbols in Fruit Machines: A Quick Glimpse

Many people have wondered why many classic slots exhibit precisely the same symbols — the cherry, the pub, the bell, the seven, etc. We’ll take you on a trip through the years to the origins of a convention that is now an essential component of contemporary culture. By analyzing slot machines’ first designs, we’ll discover some vital clues about stylish slot gameplay. We’ll also discuss the multitude of unique symbols which have emerged today — a number of them are exclusive to internet games, while some may appear in land-based machines too. A Concise History of Fruit Machines In reality, had Bill existed 100 years before, He’d have likely been paid in roughly 30 million packs of chewing gum. The... Read More

Posted On: 30/06/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Interesting Gambling Jokes and Puns that are Sure to Captivate Your Senses!

While winning cash is good and well, losing isn’t a laughing matter. But a bit of humor can go a long way in raising your spirits, so we believed it would be wonderful to split the very best gambling jokes out of the far reaches of the world wide web. Continue Reading for our Set of casino jokes and amusing gambling jokes. Q&A Type Gambling Jokes In this paragraph, we have assembled a few of the funniest gambling jokes in ‘Q&A’ fashion which will make you smile right away! Some of these you probably already know others may become your new favorite jokes along with your ticket to getting the star of the night time when you hang out with... Read More

Posted On: 23/06/2021

Author: Tony Willets

A Comprehensive Guide To The Best Casino Payment Methods

For quite a while now, the USA people are grappling to withdraw money into an internet casino. Luckily, these issues are slowly concluding. But with so many casino deposit methods available, selecting the ideal way to finance the casino pocket may appear challenging, especially when some monetary institutions still look down on trades between gaming businesses and account holders. If you’re an avid casino player who would like to play an internet casino but does not know which payment choice to select, we can give you a hand via our comprehensive guide. Our specialists have compiled a comprehensive collection of the finest casino payment methods that will assist you in choosing the best one. The Different Payment Options for Online... Read More

Posted On: 16/06/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Online Jacks VS Better Video Poker: What’s your choice?

Online Jacks and Better video poker stands as possibly the hottest of online video poker variants. That is pretty impressive since it was the first sort of video poker generated. We are here to let you know about both the advantages and disadvantages of internet Jacks or Better video poker so you can decide whether it is the correct match for you. In the area of online video poker, you can find an impressive number of variants on the simple format of this game. Many gamers prefer to sample all these various formats to determine which game suits their gaming best. And that number is just one reason many gamblers favor video poker over other chances. But, interestingly, the variant... Read More

Posted On: 09/06/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Major Aspects To Keep In Mind While Playing At Live Casino Online

The live casino online is a type of game that is best played for real money. Without a real money bet, you cannot end up with big wins. That said, all players know that they need to set limits for their game. Many people prefer to play their favourite casino games on the computer, and this is quite understandable. When you sit at home, you have everything you need near you in a pleasant and safe environment. Would it not be optimal to be able to sit at home and, at the same time, in a home setting, be able to earn a lot by playing live casino online games? Importance of Tips for success in live casino online games... Read More

Posted On: 28/05/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Slot Tournaments: Their Function, Rules, And Types

First came the slot machine, then came the slot machine tournaments. Well, slot games. For anyone and everyone who is even remotely thinking about spinning the slots and various slots-playing approaches, it leaves nearly impossible they would be disinterested in engaging in a slot tournament. The enthusiasm is overwhelming, and the bets high. Well,  you’re going to be delighted to read and find out more about what’s a slot, why it is popular, how a slot-tournament operates, and a couple of slot tournament hints you might choose to consider for later. What’s a Slot-Tournament? Being one of the cheapest games, you can amuse yourself within the internet, or online casino slots are sort of hard to envision in the reach... Read More

Posted On: 21/05/2021

Author: Tony Willets

How Does Poker Coaching Help In Enhancing Your Gameplay?

Poker can give you a lot of joy or disappointment. A lot of people have already made a lot of money at tables and tournaments, and in the next situation, they may lose immediately. This is mainly due to inexperience and indiscretion. So you need to have the experience and knowledge to succeed in each stage without losing. It is in this situation that the greatness of poker coaching is understood. Importance of poker coaching Winning an online poker tournament is a good feeling. Some people have experienced this feeling of success. But some people fail. Some people believe that they can make a living from poker. As you progress through the tournament, you have a great experience. The tournament... Read More

Posted On: 14/05/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Casino Dealers That You Are Sure Meet In Your iGaming Journey

  When you play live casino games, you enjoy the best gaming experience. Live dealer games offer all the conveniences of online gaming in addition to the excitement of a real casino. Today’s high definition streaming and technological advancements can be found there. You will feel like you are sitting at a real table and done with your presentation and professional real dealer and other players. In online casinos, you can find a variety of casino dealers as you meet at the casinos. Before that discussion, you must remember that a dealer must have certain abilities. Skills that required for a casino dealer First and foremost,casino dealers should treat customers with respect and courtesy. Second, they must be committed to... Read More

Posted On: 07/05/2021

Author: Tony Willets

How Important Is Claiming Casino Comps While Playing In A Casino?

  Comps are among the fascinating sections of gaming. The thought of winning cash and picking up a free steak dinner on the negative is appealing. Most gamblers are so enamored with casino comps they perform more simply to upgrade them. They could be prepared to give up a blackjack session; however, they keep playing two more hours in pursuit of the very best casino comps. Being excited about benefits is acceptable. But you shouldn’t ever overvalue them and perform more only for your comps. Factors Which Determine Your Gaming Rewards Many gamblers are confused about how their casino comps are decided. They could bet low bets for a couple of hours and hope to get fantastic benefits, to be... Read More

Posted On: 29/04/2021

Author: Tony Willets

How Significant Is the Role of RTP Slots?

If you have been enjoying slots for any duration of time or have only been seeing streamers play slots on the internet, you have likely heard the expression RTP mentioned more than once. Even if you’ve got zero clues about what it implies, it’s apparent that this evasive RTP is a significant element for slots. In this guide, we will explain all you want to learn about this notion, how it’s incorporated with slots, and how it should affect your decision regarding what matches (maybe not ) to perform with. RTP Slots-RTP In a Nutshell RTP stands for Return To Player; it clarifies the amount a slot machine pays back to the gamers over a high number of twists, typically... Read More

Posted On: 22/04/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Understanding the Roulette system: A quick glimpse

Theoretically, a trading strategy or plan, to be considered complete, is made up of a wager choice and a cash management program. But the normal communication process isn’t any fantastic notion, with particular rules on how best to attack matches. The internet is saturated with systems. Bad, super complex, poorly clarified, or innocent systems. Random plans with no hint at an explanation of this underlying idea. Before analyzing a Roulette system, ask yourself why is this supposed to work? What type of mathematical or physical or probabilistic or philosophical comprehension does this make the most of? What’s the logic behind it? Before spending your valuable time, ask yourself WHY? Don’t confuse these strategies as ready-made recipes for wealth. Please read... Read More

Posted On: 15/04/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Choosing Online Casino Software Providers: A Comprehensive Guide

The vital elements of a fantastic game are multi-faceted since we anticipate many more than simply unique slots motifs. Modern players are following intriguing casino game variations, excellent graphics, and high-octane audio to draw them. Whether applications have to be downloaded instead of playing directly in the browser is just another thought. The software developer’s prime task is to offer a good base for secure and safe matches, such as mechanisms that protect players from dropping their stakes through a software crash such as. If you are not sure where to begin searching for a good sport product, keep reading to get an overview of these best casino suppliers. Who Develops the Best Internet Casino Software? We will start by... Read More

Posted On: 08/04/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Best Poker books that are highly fascinating!

While socializing with fellow gamers in discussion forums, seeing a training video introduced with a seasoned expert, or studying a website in your favourite Poker website are excellent methods for enhancing your game, there’ll be instances when even the most digitally incorporated people wish to resign from your notebook for our Poker mend. Luckily, there’s a plethora of excellent Poker content accessible long-form, with a number of the game’s most admired analysts having printed novels in conventional and digital form. These books are all about Poker so you can learn how to play online casino, live casino, online blackjack, online roulette, also about the future of online casinos and mobile casino, so without further ado, let’s begin our articles with... Read More

Posted On: 26/03/2021

Author: Tony Willets

What Does Green Zero In The Game Of Roulette Signify

Roulette has a long history of being a game shrouded with mystery. It is seen by the players as a game for the upper crust of society. This is because it is mostly set in a high-class casino with high-rolling players playing for high stakes since it is seen on TV or in film. Although high rollers indeed admire Roulette, it is just not exclusively a game for them. Anyone should play Online Roulette because it is easy, straightforward, and a lot of fun. The history of green zero Since 18th century France, brick and mortar casinos have hosted Roulette tournaments. Before making its mark in Paris in the late 1700s, the Roulette wheel was a perpetual motion mechanism constructed... Read More

Posted On: 19/03/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Skill games or games of chance: What is your choice?

Do you like some excitement in life? Playing games can create very attractive entertainment for you. Earlier, casinos were a very popular destination for gamblers; whenever we imagine a casino spinning wheel, playing cards and, a smoky ambience comes to our mind. You imagine gathering gamblers of repute. But today, various skill games are available online. The gamers can choose among various types of classical games that were common in casinos. The games allow the user to judge their physical and mental stability. Future of Mobile Casino  Innovation and technology have developed in running time. A lot of virtual assistance has emerged post-pandemic. Physically visiting casinos have reduced. Gambling is no longer a hushed issue anymore. Online casinos are easily... Read More

Posted On: 12/03/2021

Author: Tony Willets

A Brief History of Bingo: It’s Origin and Popularity

Gaming is the most interesting and beloved subject of today’s youngsters and there are many casino games that have no age limit. You often see them getting more and more connected with it. As we are stepping into the digital era, every material is getting more and more modified. As we all know, gaming adds pleasure to one’s life and makes our time more effective and gives a better feeling. This article will cover a brief history of Bingo. History of Bingo Do you know? The Land of Italy adds an essence to the history of Bingo; Italy marks the birth sign of the game bingo, which was named Lotto.  Back in 1530, the government of Italy stood up to... Read More

Posted On: 05/03/2021

Author: Tony Willets

An elaborate overview of Blackjack card counting

Blackjack card counting is a suspected process of mostly winning or losing scenarios where the process of counting and betting occurs. This process of counting the cards at a very moment is considered directly limiting to the condition through an entire notebook containing a lot of images of various known card counters. This direct limiting process takes a bit out from the online casino and returns the ways of playing the counter benefits in the play. Although this process is not considered legal and recognized, these attempts take the player towards a fight to cut the cards thoroughly. Most of the casino winnings make a flipping direction more limited and usual that makes a determination more differently and limitedly.  The... Read More

Posted On: 26/02/2021

Author: Tony Willets

How does a banker bet influence the game of Baccarat?

The banker bet is one of the widely known live casino that offer a variety of proven entertaining services. The casino classics offer a wide range of Baccarat online in several ways. There are various possible ways of comforting traditional land-based casinos that can be used to enjoy the game. The Baccarat is a game of chance that is operated very efficiently in several moderate ways. The game is quite popular with the variations involved in the available future of online casinos. These required variations are used to enjoy the popularity of the baccarat game and win a significant excitement in the game that appeals to several gamblers to cause the reason more globally with a variation of popularity.  The... Read More

Posted On: 19/02/2021

Author: Tony Willets

Factors to be considered while choosing Bingo halls

The newcomers in the casino would know a very few popular games names, and Bingo is one of them. Bingo had been very popular among gamblers in churches, community halls, in some old age homes, and obviously in Bingo halls. Though nowadays we can see a trend of online Bingo games gaining popularity, however, nothing can compare to the experience of playing Bingo in traditional land-based Bingo clubs. Playing Bingo online vs. at Bingo halls Let’s first try to understand what are the key differences between playing Bingo on a mobile platform and in a land-based casino. Though playing Bingo offers its players to socialize among themselves at a Bingo hall, the experience is completely different on these two different... Read More

Posted On: 12/02/2021

Author: Tony Willets

How are high variance slots different from low and medium variance slots?

Let us first understand what are high variance slots and eventually, we will discuss how it is different from the ones in which slots have got medium and low variances. Here we will be using terms like volatility and variance interchangeably. So before starting, let us define these terms for you. Volatility and variance are synonymous terms employed by veteran casino players but have different meanings within the outside world. Volatility is usually utilized in finance when discussing risks involved with stocks and other financial instruments, while variance may be a term employed by Poker players and, very recently, online slots games. Both technical terms tell the danger of thinking about slot games and provide players with what to expect... Read More

Posted On: 05/02/2021

Author: Tony Willets

What Are Craps Bets and How Are They Classified?

Mobile casinos have made it possible through online casinos for everyone to throw the dice and play cards as in a real casino. But when it comes to craps, you must know everything. It’s a very easy game once you know the kind of bets that are placed. So, here is a complete classification of craps bets and how to play them. What Are Craps Bets? Different wagers can be placed in a crap game. Though knowledge of all of these craps bets is not essential, you must know what it takes for a beginner to place a crap bet. You cannot just place a bet because you are told to do so; else there will be no fun for... Read More

Posted On: 27/01/2021

Author: Tony Willets

What are RTP slots and how do RTP differ from Payout Frequency?

If you love spending more time playing games online in casinos by choosing the specific slot you might have surely heard the term RTP Slots. You may be aware of its uses and benefits from the players’ perspective.  Online casinos come up with a variety of games that offer Return to Player, and it is believed to be a significant factor in the field of gambling. If you possess vast experience in this field and know the how of moves, it will be easy for you to crack the games in a limited time meeting your budget too. If you know the outcome of RTP Slots, you can reverse your decisions on games on planning. Generally, Return to Player is... Read More

Posted On: 20/01/2021

Author: Tony Willets

The working and applicability of Blackjack insurance

If you are starting the games in Live Casinos, you have to go through the complete information about the game to have accurate moves placed. You have to act wisely to beat the opponent with sharp moves, and you should know the exact scenarios to hit perfect and hard to beat up the fixed total. If you fail to meet the total, you can make use of Blackjack Insurance.  Take for instance, if you are going through chasing with a total of 2s and if you are struggling in between the game you can avail of the Blackjack Insurance. Make sure you are availing of this only if it is shown an Ace card from the dealer’s side. If it... Read More

Posted On: 13/01/2021

Author: Tony Willets

The Popular Roulette Bets and Strategies You Should Take Note of!

Roulette is a game based on pure luck and has been shown too much in Hollywood films and shows, making it one of the most popular casino games in the world. However, it is not all chances or luck, and there are proven Roulette bets and strategies to increase your chances of success in the game. If you want to win big at Roulette, then this article is for you. Best Roulette bets to make you win big First of all, let’s take a look at the top Roulette bets that will boost your chances of winning big in Roulette.   The best payout ratio on any single number bet is at 35:1. Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are not... Read More

Posted On: 06/01/2021

Author: Tony Willets

How To Play Craps: An In-depth Guide

Trying to understand how the game of Craps works is a smart move, especially as it is a high-paying game, whether it is played in a brick structure or in online casinos. In fact, with a House Edge (house edge) of about 1.4%, this game can give you some great wins if the dice fall the right way. Craps is a dynamic game that involves a pair of dice and it doesn’t take long to get carried away. However, even if you have a knack for this game, it is good to take a free spin until you are sure you can play for real money. The Different Types of Craps There are several Craps scores: Pass: At the first... Read More

Posted On: 30/12/2020

Author: Tony Willets

Choosing The Best Scratch Cards; Tips and Guidelines

Until a few years ago, scratch cards were available at local stores or large supermarkets. They could be scratched immediately or brought home and scratched there in anticipation of a big-money prize. The habit of buying these tickets from a physical store was normal. Today scratch cards have changed, with online scratch cards becoming very popular with players and as a result, many more online casinos and live casino, now offer scratch card games to their customers. To get a great experience by choosing the best scratch cards, we have devised a short guide to provide you with all the information to get the best scratch cards. We come now to dispel one of the most common myths when it... Read More

Posted On: 23/12/2020

Author: Tony Willets

The Highest RTP Slot Games That Are a Must Try

When choosing casino games like online Blackjack, scratch cards and others, there are many factors that influence your decision, but generally, one of the most influencing factors is the RTP or percentage of return of the player. RTP or Return to Player Rate in simpler words would be, the higher the percentage, the greater the chances of winning or recovering the money invested. This is why we have to choose the mobile casino that offers the highest RTP slots. Most pro slot machine players take this very factor into account. Although it is not the only thing, you should keep in mind if you want to win or get large sums in your games. Other aspects to take into account... Read More

Posted On: 16/12/2020

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Mistakes You Should Watch Out For If You Enjoy Playing Jacks or Better

Video Poker, like online roulette, has been around for decades. The absence of fantastic graphics and flashing lights has always put it in second place, after slot machines. Most veterans in PV (video Poker) are quite happy with this situation since potentially profitable machines are free from the crowds and the curious. Jacks or Better is a type of video Poker also known as “closed Poker”. This game, unlike online Blackjack, does not make a payment unless the player has a pair of jacks or better. The use of a simple strategy in this game is expected to return 99.46%, while with a more advanced suitable strategy, it will reach 99.54%. However, players always make some mistakes that make them... Read More

Posted On: 09/12/2020

Author: Tony Willets

How to Play Baccarat: Rules, Tips, and Techniques Involved

Baccarat is another classy game, just like the other popular games of casinos. The game is definitely a favourite or at least one of the favourite games of all the James Bond lovers. The best thing about this game is its user-friendly gaming experience than the many other existing casino games. The strategy is more like that of coin flips with a lower, friendly house edge. Therefore, you must know to play this game properly because of all the above-said features of this amazing classic game. This article will explain and teach you how to play Baccarat. So give a proper read to be a pro Baccarat player! Let’s Know about the Rules of the Game First things first, you... Read More

Posted On: 27/11/2020

Author: Tony Willets

How is Mobile Roulette Different from Desktop Roulette?

Roulette is one of the most popular and entertaining gambling games with a huge following from all over the world. The smartphone revolution and cheaper net services have popularised online gambling even in the countries where gambling wasn’t so prevalent. Therefore, the online world is like a common platform for people all across the countries. You can use your desktop as well as your mobile to play online roulette. While it depends on personal choices, this article will focus on the differences between mobile Roulette and desktop Roulette. Read the article for the game you love so that you can choose the right option for yourself.  Understanding Online Roulette, Mobile Roulette, and Desktop The online Roulette, even though it includes... Read More

Posted On: 20/11/2020

Author: Tony Willets

Video Poker Strategy: Beginner Tips and Facts

Video poker is one of the favorite options for a lot of casino games lovers. Therefore, you need to learn the right strategies and tips for winning and enjoying the game. Although there are different variations, the video poker strategy remains more or less the same. This article will give you a vivid picture of all the strategies that you need to know to ace this game.  Miss The Video Poker Strategy At Your Own Risk! Read the strategies and try to understand each one of the tips to get a better picture of the video poker game. Starting from the right variant to winning the game, we have kept in mind each salient detail. Choosing The Right Game Variant... Read More

Posted On: 13/11/2020

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Helpful tips and guidelines for winning scratch card games

Posted On: 06/11/2020

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Getting Started with 80 Ball Bingo Game: Here is How

Posted On: 23/10/2020

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The Intricacies of Roulette Wheel Numbers and Bets

When you first notice an Online Roulette wheel, you may think that the numbers there are random. However, that is exactly not the case. If you look into a European and American wheel closely, you’ll find that the positioning of the numbers is different. Why do you think that happens? This is certainly not a coincidence, and there is a logic behind it. To become a badass Roulette player, you need to master the Roulette wheel number and bets logic. And you will get a fair amount of ideas regarding the same from this post.  A minor difference in the number and its sequence can change your entire face in one game. If you don’t study the wheel number carefully,... Read More

Posted On: 14/10/2020

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Poker Chips: Its Values, Sizes, and Colors

You may have learned everything about the cards used in Poker, but many beginner gamblers make the mistake of not learning enough about the Poker chips in online casino games. Since you have already landed on our page, you are not going to make the same mistake as other players. When it’s about money, many casinos assign various colors and values to the Poker chips. Here we are going to help you figure out different values, sizes, and colors of Poker chips before you decide to join a Poker tournament. So, let’s find out everything about Poker chip values. Poker Chip Values in Tournaments and Other Cash Games  In live casino Poker tournaments, you will notice that the chips tend... Read More

Posted On: 06/10/2020

Author: Tony Willets

The Pros and Cons to the Slow Roll in Poker

If you have been playing Poker for quite a while now, then you can’t expect your Joker Poker to be magically there with you always. Even that extra pinch of effort that you are putting in might not end up doing justice to your luck. What comes to the rescue is a well-planned and challenging strategy to unwind your Joker Poker and brag about your Poker skills a bit. However, it might not be the case if you are going for a Slow Roll in Poker. Though the Slow Roll in Poker is quite a famed strategy these days, its effectiveness is questionable. However, if you have been living under the rocks and have got absolutely no idea about the... Read More

Posted On: 03/10/2020

Author: Tony Willets

What Is So Unique About Slingo Bingo?

Are you tired of playing the same online slots and Bingo games? If you are looking for something innovative and exciting online casino games, this could be a whole new experience. Well, let’s get into the world of Slingo Bingo, an ultimate combination of two popular casino games available online based on the Slot & Bingo mechanism. The idea is to bring together two versatile online games, where players can enjoy both the elements of slot games and traditional Bingo at one platform.  Most of the players are familiar with high profile lottery games; unless you are accustomed to the online casino games over the internet, you may not know the demand of Slingo Bingo. Here we present some of... Read More

Posted On: 12/09/2020

Author: Tony Willets

Online Bingo Offers and Promotions: Its Exclusivity and Variety

Online Bingo offers bonuses and various promotions if you know how to claim them. Even if you don’t know, don’t worry. Here are some of the techniques that will help you grab online Bingo promotions in just a couple of seconds.  Why do online sites offer welcome bonuses and promotions? Because this is the greatest and most entertaining way to keep an online player hooked. This is the most clever thing about online casino streaming; you get plenty of opportunities to win than you would get in the classic casino games. With that being said, have a look at these live casino bonuses that you can enjoy if you are from the UK.  How to Choose the Best Online Bingo... Read More

Posted On: 09/09/2020

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The impact and authenticity of Blackjack calculator

Tips on boosting your return on Blackjack are almost published everywhere in order to play virtually with the casino. The fact is, virtual gaming won’t lead you to achieve more money. Surprisingly, card counting could be the only thing in Blackjack to get you into the winning floor. And there is when you need to know about the Blackjack calculator that contributes to your winning.  Although most of the players think that card counting is like licking your own elbow, it’s not really that brainstorming. All you have to do is understand the true concept of card counting. First of all, you don’t have to have an extraordinary memory to be a card counter. In order to clear your vision... Read More

Posted On: 06/09/2020

Author: Tony Willets

Big Blind Strategy: Its Implementation And Implications

Are you confident with your big blind strategy while playing live casino games? Because it’s not always easy to make a profit through this position if you are interested in playing the long-run game. Despite how smooth and simple it sounds, there are many complications you will be facing during the gameplay. But in recent times, players have adopted new strategies and techniques to reduce the chances of the deficit from their big blind implementation. Earlier, players used to consider a fruitful play to certainly fold the maximum percentage of hands until players would get the right position to post-flop. This position is considered as both challenging & profitable for online blackjack & mobile casino games lovers, in terms of... Read More

Posted On: 03/09/2020

Author: Tony Willets

The Latest Technological Trends That Are Enhancing the Online Casino Industry

As everyone knows, the online casino industry always looks for new ways and adapts trends to expand their industry and also makes sure to adopt new technological changes and innovations to impress their players and get new ones. It can also be said that online casino sites are more successful than physical casinos because more and more people love the comfortability, dynamic structure, and a huge list of different games that online casinos provide to their players. In this article, we will tell you about the latest technological trends which are one of the reasons why online casino games are so popular these days. Scroll down to read more about it!  Virtual and Augmented Reality These are mainly related to... Read More

Posted On: 25/08/2020

Author: Tony Willets

Can a Strategy Change the Online Roulette Game Rules?

In this article, we will acquaint you about the basics of how to play Roulette and the strategies that you can apply. You shall get to know about Roulette wheels, tables, chips, the entire game process, and obviously, betting. It depends on whether you wish to win small rewards more times or increase your potential jackpot, we advise various types of bets you can get. Meanwhile, we will tell you about the various types of Roulette systems and how you can get the best edge in a Roulette online casino. Last but not the least, we will give you a comparison between Roulette and the next popular casino table game which is known as blackjack. Roulette Strategy To begin with... Read More

Posted On: 15/08/2020

Author: Tony Willets

Does Maximum Slot Betting Determine a Win in Online Slots?

The charm and excitement of slots have been tremendously increasing with the passing time. Slot games have successfully made their entry into the digital world as well, not forgetting the physical game which rules casinos all over the real world. This game is considered as a kind of money-making tool and attracts the players towards maximum slot betting. When we talk on the primary grounds, maximum bets are assumed to be the best playing policy to move with. Though, it is important to know the insights of slots before you think of giving a try on playing this game. This is because you cannot simply dabble in slots by catching the max bet strategy.  Slots: How did it come into... Read More

Posted On: 05/08/2020

Author: Tony Willets

No Deposit Bonuses: Significance and Relevance

No deposit bonuses might sound really alluring and entertaining. It may sound like something unexpected, and casino enthusiasts may not leave this opportunity of laying their hands on a worthy bonus without any deposit. But this is not the case as there are certain terms and conditions when it comes to no deposit bonuses all around the casinos in the UK. These rules are to be followed in order to win a reward. Continue reading to understand the concept of No deposit bonuses.  What are online casino no deposit gambling bonuses? These bonuses are also known as free bonuses or free cash bonuses and are used by many online casinos to reward their loyal gamers, as well as the new... Read More

Posted On: 29/07/2020

Author: Tony Willets

Things You Should Know When Playing Mobile Gambling Games

The advent of smartphones has transformed many sectors across the globe, and gaming is no exception. Smartphones have made it possible for players to enjoy casino gaming on the move. This means that you can easily play your favourite casino games while commuting to work or having lunch during your breaks. Today, gaming on the go has become a common phrase, with over half of the casino players preferring to play mobile gambling games. And it’s possible that mobile gaming can take over desktop gaming in the coming years. So, as we slowly march towards the mobile era, let’s take a look at the things novice players should consider while choosing the online casino mobile sites. Play with the best... Read More

Posted On: 22/07/2020

Author: Tony Willets

What Do High-Frequency Slot Machines Online Comprise Of?

Slots are by far the most popular casino games in online casinos around the world. This reason for the immense popularity of slot machines online is that they are quite easy to play. Also, they don’t involve much strategy, and players mainly rely on luck to win. However, slots machines do tend to have a small measure of strategy. One of the most important concepts in this regard is the hit frequency. If you don’t know what hit frequency is, then you’ll definitely want to learn more about it. Read on to learn more about hit frequency and its role in slot machines online. What is hit frequency? Hit frequency refers to how often a player can expect to win... Read More

Posted On: 15/07/2020

Author: Tony Willets

Acquaint yourself with what slot online volatility refers to

When playing slots online, it’s important for players to have knowledge of some terms and volatility is one of them. The terms volatility determines the behaviour of an online slot game and refers to the frequency of the payouts, the amount paid out and the level of risk involved. In simple words, it indicates whether the slot you want to play is a high risk, medium risk or low-risk game. In this article, we’ll take a look at slot online volatility and how the ability on some games to lower the number of lines can impact it. What is volatility As mentioned earlier, slot online volatility can be thought of as a risk, and it shows how ‘risky’ a game... Read More

Posted On: 08/07/2020

Author: Tony Willets

The Role and Significance of Maximum and Minimum Betting Stakes

Maximum and minimum betting stakes, sometimes referred to as “table limits”, are the highest and lowest bets that a gambler can make at a gaming table. These betting stakes fluctuate depending on the game and the casino and are specified within the rules of each individual game. Betting limits may sound like a strange concept to many players, but they have been around for a long time and they aren’t just there to restrict the player’s freedoms. Read on to know more about the purpose and working of maximum and minimum betting limits. What is the purpose of maximum and minimum betting limits? Betting limits exist as a form of yield management in that the limits can be changed to... Read More

Posted On: 01/07/2020

Author: Tony Willets

The Best Scratch Card Games You Can Play from The Comforts of Your Home

Staying at home and doing nothing can be very boring and challenging at the same time. Keeping busy and enjoying ourselves at these difficult times can be tough. Many of us are finding solace in the gaming world to pass the time – playing on PCs, Nintendo, Xbox or of course, your cell phones. Playing online games has a great advantage of varieties. There are games made for all ages and for different themes. For people who are adventurous, competitive and believe in the thrill of winning, online Poker and casinos are a great way to interest yourselves and make money while enjoying your chances. From Poker to scratch card games, online casinos have a wide range of choices to... Read More

Posted On: 24/06/2020

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Interesting Superstitions about Gambling that can Captivate your senses

Whenever we talk about any such event or moment in life where luck comes into play, we all have our little things which we believe will bring that luck, which is known as superstitions. Gambling is no other exception where luck plays a much vital role and thus people or say gamblers come up with some of their insane superstitions to win and they are quite serious about this. The following are some of the interesting superstitions which gamblers follow while Casino Gambling. Will Red always win? The Chinese tradition considers red as the colour of prosperity and the colour which will help people to gain something. People associate this tradition with Casino Gambling where people gambling wear red socks,... Read More

Posted On: 17/06/2020

Author: Tony Willets

The Physics behind Roulette: Newton’s analysis and contribution

Albert Einstein once said, “No one can possibly win at Roulette unless he steals money from the table when the croupier isn’t looking.” Now imagine a real-life quest like in Ocean’s 11, only this time, laws of motion help cracking the code instead of rigging the entire casino. Predicting the probable outcome amongst the tremendous possibilities in gambling is no piece of cake. This especially holds true for Roulette casino gaming where the chance of getting it right is less than 5%. Well, this area too has not been left untouched by some geniuses. How does Roulette casino gaming work? On a Roulette table, a few key components bring the whole act together. For knowing how to crack the code,... Read More

Posted On: 17/06/2020

Author: Tony Willets

The Function and Applicability of Paypal in Online Casinos: A Must-read!

PayPal is an intermediary gateway between a wide variety of online casinos and the bank account of the player. There are many modern online casino sites that are very safe and secure, and so, you will not have any problems when you play casino online. However, there are some people who do not prefer sharing credit card and debit card details on various sites. For such people, PayPal comes as a saviour where you only have to give the details once, and then the process transfers to and from multiple gaming sites. In order to begin this process, you need to visit the PayPal casino website and create an account. You need to enter bank details and other personal information.... Read More

Posted On: 10/06/2020

Author: Tony Willets

Things You Should Not Be Saying to a Mobile Gambler: A Listicle

Traditionally, the term ‘gambler’ was used to refer to a person who plays a game of chance or skills in order to earn a huge amount of money. With more and more popularity of gambling activities and advancement in the gambling industry, there are many mobile gambling sites coming up, which gives rise to the best mobile casino in the UK. This has increased the number of mobile gamblers who can access any type of gambling game with the help of mobile phone casino. Over the years, it has been seen that the landscape of gambling has changed with the introduction of online casinos, and mobile casinos have made it even easier. There are many benefits of playing games at... Read More

Posted On: 03/06/2020

Author: Tony Willets

The Top Five Casino Books That Are a Must-read!

These days readers can find books on virtually any subject, and gambling isn’t any different. From card counting to sports betting, poker strategies, and casino etiquette, there’s a full host of topics to decide on from. Players looking to play in an online casino might enjoy brushing abreast of their gambling knowledge. Let’s observe the top 5 casino books here. New Complete Guide to Gambling One of the simplest casino books that don’t change fairly often. Many of the foundations that applied over 50 years ago still use today. The unchanging quality of gambling is what has made Scarne’s New Complete Guide to Gambling. Written by John Scarne in 1961, the book is taken into account to be one of... Read More

Posted On: 27/05/2020

Author: Tony Willets

Why Are Online Jackpot Games so Much Fun-filling?

An interesting part of these jackpots is that they are progressive in nature, and the jackpot prize keeps increasing each time. With proper selection of trusted online casinos and great bonuses, you can enjoy and earn big. The best online slot games share most of the similar elements. This means that most of them have an identifiable theme, plenty of in-game bonuses and pay line structure which offers exciting gameplay. Apart from other casino games like live roulette or online blackjack casino, there are other variations of the game. So, choosing online casino games will help you to access a lot of jackpot online games that are based on your playing style and personal preferences. Also, you will get minimum... Read More

Posted On: 20/05/2020

Author: Tony Willets

The Influence of Virtual Reality in the iGaming Industry

Virtual Reality has come into existence recently, but it has become widely popular amongst the crowd, especially gamers. So, is Virtual Reality meant only for gaming? Well, the answer is a big NO. According to the assumptions of the financial firm Deloitte, VR has the potential of becoming a ‘billion-dollar niche’ that could transform several industries like TV, movies, advertising, education, and of course, gaming. VR can change the way we perceive the non-material things around us. Combining the ideas of VR with the revenue projections, the industry’s worth can lie between $16 billion to $37 billion dollars. Virtual Reality in iGaming It has been seen that iGaming has been given special importance and relevance during the technological movement over... Read More

Posted On: 13/05/2020

Author: Tony Willets

Caribbean Stud Poker: Rules, strategies and pay tables

Poker is a collection of several card games and their variations. Every game has its own set of rules to decide for which hand is the best and who wins the game according to the rules. One of those card games is the extremely popular Caribbean Stud Poker. It is available for playing on all the Poker online game platforms or online casino games. The Caribbean Stud Poker is a gripping game which has been popular since its inception due to its generous payouts, easy to understand rules and fair odds. In this game, you play against the house and not against the fellow players, and hence, there cannot be any case of bluffing. Let us first find out the... Read More

Posted On: 06/05/2020

Author: Tony Willets

A Comprehensive Guide to All Poker Terms, Phrases, and Rules

When playing a game, certain rules are always prescribed to be followed, and not all the rules are meant to be broken. When it comes to Poker, there are some predetermined rules which are to be followed, let us say they can be termed as Poker rules. With the evolving scenario in the online table world, Poker is not just to pass time but is a pretty serious game, so it would be rather be said digging your own grave if one wishes to enter this world of cards without knowing the rules. What is the Poker story? Starting with a standard Poker game, if we see it involves several numbers of players and a deck of cards, bets are... Read More

Posted On: 29/04/2020

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Claiming Rewarding Bonuses is Crucial: Let Us Tell You Why!

Today, there are thousands of online casinos across the globe and most of them tend to use the same software, so they tend to look quite similar and offer the same online and live casino games. Therefore, many online casinos offer enticing bonuses and promotions in order to attract new players and retain existing ones. Many novice players are sceptical about the idea of getting free money, but casino reward bonuses can really give you free money to play with, and also help you in optimizing your payouts. Of course, not all bonuses are created equal. Depending on the casino site you choose to gamble, some offers will be more worthwhile than others. Read on to know the different types... Read More

Posted On: 22/04/2020

Author: Tony Willets

The Different Roulette Betting Systems You Should Know to Get Started

Being one of the most popular casino games in the world, Roulette has been subject to a lot of analysis and odds calculations. The gameplay of Roulette is quite simple and it provides players with a chance to win a decent amount of money. Even since Roulette took its modern form, players have been trying to come up with a winning strategy to beat a game that is all about luck. Keep reading to know more about the most popular Roulette betting systems that can help you in improving your odds of winning at Roulette online casino. The Martingale System The Martingale is the most popular Roulette betting system and is favoured by a lot of players who want to... Read More

Posted On: 15/04/2020

Author: Tony Willets

A Detail Understanding of Poker Pocket Cards – Low, Medium, High Pairs

In Poker, pocket cards refer to all the cards that the opponent cannot see. It is a synonym for the hole card, and its opposite is an open or a face-up card. However, not all poker variants use open cards, which means that the open card is available in any player’s hand. One of the popular uses of the word Poker is the pocket pair, which consists of the most valuable starting hands, two pocket cards that hold the same rank and pocket sixes or pocket Queens. The difference between a pair of Queens and pocket Queens is that the chance of being in the pocket is not obvious as in the pair of queens. Also, in a game of... Read More

Posted On: 08/04/2020

Author: Tony Willets

What is the Perfect Strategy in Casino Three-Card Poker?

Three Card Poker is one of the most successful new table games. It was created in 1994 by Derek Webb and was patented three years later. The concept of the game is simple where the player and the dealer get three cards, and the one with the higher hand wins the game. The player must make a raise or fold decision before the dealer acts. Also, this game is easy to learn and master. Three Card Poker is one of the great variations of the classic Poker game and is suitable for large mass casino events as it is played purely against the dealer. This means that players can come and go according to their preferences. Due to the popularity... Read More

Posted On: 01/04/2020

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Does the Casino Control where the Ball Lands in the Roulette?

This is just another uncommon question that comes to the mind of every person who knows what a casino Roulette wheel game is. There are long discussions, different opinions based on experiences, or merely guessing, many debates, and this is a topic that is constantly discussed as new players appear every time. What is interesting is the percentage allotted to yes or no regarding this question. Casinos are places where players test their luck and fortune more than their skills. When it comes to the casino’s Roulette wheel, there are many debates and opinions regarding its unbiased or biased nature since its origin late in the 17th century. Some believe there’s some sort of magnet that helps the dealer land... Read More

Posted On: 25/03/2020

Author: Tony Willets

What is the Game Rule of a Casino slot Machine?

18While most people who are new to gambling may not know it yet, even a game of slots that seemingly depends on luck has some basic rules associated with gameplay. But they are simple and easy to understand. But before understanding the rules of slots, you must know that every casino game is unique and has its own payout structure, bonuses, and minimum bets, besides the number of pay lines and return to player rates. In this regard, the game of slots is much simpler than other casino games like Blackjack or Baccarat. However, without knowing the basics of the game, you only risk your money and end up making foolish bets. So, with that said, let’s see what the... Read More

Posted On: 18/03/2020

Author: Tony Willets

How Can We Observe Roulette Spins?

Exploiting Roulette spins is one of the methods in which you can make some real money in a game of Roulette. It is also one of the objectives of the game. While the house retains control over the spins, each pocket that the Roulette ball falls into is independent of the last spin. So, each numbered pocket occurs exactly the same number of times during a game. A few good players increase their stakes during the good streaks and decrease them during the lean ones. But for all those other players, including the system players, their cash will replenish in due course. But is it possible to know where the ball lands, even for a couple of times, if not... Read More

Posted On: 11/03/2020

Author: Tony Willets

How to increase your odds at winning off scratch cards?

You can win some quick cash by purchasing scratch cards, just as you do with lotteries. And while they are solely dependent on luck, at least you don’t end up spending a lot. But did you know there are many ways in which you can increase your chances of winning on scratch cards? Times may be changing, but that hasn’t stopped people from betting their odds on scratch cards. So, here is a walkthrough guide that may not tell you how to win, but will certainly show you how to improve your chances of winning scratch card odds. Avoid that Urge to Buy There are just too many scratch cards these days. So, it’s easy for those first-time buyers to... Read More

Posted On: 04/03/2020

Author: Tony Willets

A few Video Poker tips that can help you get started

Since its inception around the 1970s, Video Poker has seen immense growth in its popularity. This has also led to the addition of many new features from many other games into Video Poker. Today, Video Poker is one of the most popular casino games among players.  The high odds of winning and low house edge are some of the advantages of Video Poker that make it so popular. The players can expect great winnings since the house edge on Video Poker is some of the lowest in the casino gaming world. And if you follow these Video Poker tips, your advantage will be tremendous.  Another cool thing about Video Poker is that it can be played alone. You don’t need... Read More

Posted On: 12/02/2020

Author: Tony Willets

The Important Components of a Roulette Table: A Quick Sneak-Peek

In a Roulette table, the Roulette wheel is a circular spinning disk with divisions on its outer part. The disc is the upper part of a bowl that revolves around its centre. A ball is placed on the outer edge of the wheel and the wheel is spun. The wheel and the ball eventually come to rest with the ball stuck in one of the divisions.  The divisions herein are numbered from 1 to 36 and that too in a completely random pattern. They are coloured alternately in classic red and black. There is a division numbered 0. It’s usually coloured in green. Some Roulette wheels have another 00 numbered division. These are called American Roulette tables. They have a... Read More

Posted On: 05/02/2020

Author: Tony Willets

Is learning the Blackjack table layout crucial?

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the present times. It has been played in the traditional casinos for over a decade. But now with the advent of online casinos, the popularity of Blackjack has touched new heights. More and more new players are now starting to play Blackjack and trying their luck in this interesting game. But that being said, playing Blackjack is very easy to play. It’s a game of strategy as well as that of luck, so being prepared will only improve your chances of winning. One of the key components of playing Blackjack is understanding the layout of the table, which will help you improve your chances of winning.  It is definitely important... Read More

Posted On: 29/01/2020

Author: Tony Willets

What is Shuffle Tracking in Blackjack

Confused about the game to choose when you land at a casino? Not able to narrow down on one game when you have the option often? This is not very uncommon. It’s pretty normal to get confused at such places where the variety is more than you can afford.  One game which one can never avoid is the game of cards, Blackjack. It is one of the most popular card games played at every casino. If you have the knowledge or tricks like shuffle tracking, it’ll be a paying game to you, and if not, the dealer will make profits beyond your imagination.  Blackjack is a game of cards where you start with two cards, one face up and one... Read More

Posted On: 22/01/2020

Author: Tony Willets

What are Roulette Odds?

With Roulette, there’s a mathematical probability of winning. The given odds are affected by the type of Roulette you’re playing and has extra rules accordingly. It’s obvious for any beginner that the European Roulette has a better chance than the American Roulette due to the lack of zero and double zero. European rules like ‘la partage’ and ‘en prison’ generally have a lower house edge than one without them.  Here’s a quick run-through of Roulette odds before you join the party.    Roulette Odds  Unlike other Online Roulette game odds do not change regardless of the previous spins. Most people are used to estimating their beds based on previous wins or loses; it is just not the same with Roulette.  Given... Read More

Posted On: 15/01/2020

Author: Tony Willets

Important Blackjack Rules That You Should Follow

Blackjack, as we know, is one of the most popular card games which has received worldwide popularity. Just like any other card game, profit and loss become extremely important as a player. There are various conditions in Blackjack that you should be aware of as they make this game more or less profitable. When we talk about conditions of Blackjack two conditions stand out that possess great significance one is Blackjack rules and the other is dealer penetration, we will know about Blackjack rules in this article. Blackjack rules can be complex for many people, but they are not, to be honest. Following these rules can really put a great impact on your game and you will create more chances... Read More

Posted On: 08/01/2020

Author: Tony Willets

The Contribution of Martingale System in Beating the House Edge

The Martingale System is the most commonly used strategy in the game of Roulette. Originally developed in France in the 18th century, this system is designed for games with a heads or tails format. It can be directly applied to a simple guessing game and it can also be adopted for use in casino games which follow a 50\50 betting pattern. To expand on this further, here’s a detailed look at how the Martingale System works in a casino. Using the Martingale System The concept behind the Martingale System is that you increase your bet after every loss. The bet is increased in the hope that you will get all your money back after a winning streak and you can... Read More

Posted On: 01/01/2020

Author: Tony Willets

How comforting is making deposits via phone debit at casinos?

Paying you deposits at casinos has never been easier before and the new method of using your phone number to pay for your casino bills is a very innovative method brought forward by the online casinos in collaboration with the network providers. The basic premise of the whole process is that you make payments to the online casinos, and this cost is added to your monthly phone bill. This is the two-step casino mobile number deposit method to pay your casino bills in a simple, convenient, efficient and a very fast way than the earlier credit card or debit card payment methods or internet banking payment methods provided by banks. People not playing at online casinos due to such security... Read More

Posted On: 25/12/2019

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Cashing Out In Online Casinos: Here Is How

Playing in online casinos, you might be using various strategies and techniques. The implementation of these particular strategies that you yourselves use to play is a great thing in declaring your win count. Even if it comes to online casinos, the scenario is the same. But the gamblers can use a variety of techniques to play which they might be forbidden from using in the conventional online casinos. Looking from every aspect, online casinos definitely have the edge over offline casinos. This is the main reason why more people are getting attracted to online casinos. As mentioned, the strategies and techniques you use in your gameplay mainly determine your win count. So you should be precise in the timing of... Read More

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Check Out The List Of The Best UK Online Live Casinos Here!

Casino and gambling industry has undergone a revolutionary change with the introduction of iGaming. As iGaming is a field that is constantly changing, the momentum and pace of changes in the casino and gambling industry have also increased. Online live casinos have become a common haunt for every gambler. The arrival of the online live casino has allowed the players to sit back in the comfort of their homes or workspace and engage in an engrossing gaming session freely. The online live casino has many advantages over traditional land-based casinos. They range from comfort to financial benefits. The most important feature, other than comfort that drove the traditional casino players into contemporary online live casinos is the security and privacy... Read More

Posted On: 04/12/2019

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What are the Technological Components that Constitute a live Casino?

What is an online casino? An online casino is just like a regular casino in a building, made up with bricks and wood – with every game played in there. The difference is that those casinos are played on the Internet. Location-based casinos have been surpassed by online ones due to the convenience provided by them. The players can play real money games online whenever and wherever they wish. They do not have to worry about the time of gaming, hefty expenses of travelling and can enjoy the games in the comfort of their own home. However, certain people might feel the lack of a dealer. A live casino fulfils this gap. This is the biggest reason for the popularity... Read More

Posted On: 27/11/2019

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Are Roulette Spins Mathematically Driven?

Roulette is purely a game of luck. In most circumstances, it depends upon the player’s luck and how much he can predict about his odds. However, there are multiple superstitions that include rigging the Roulette wheel, biasing the table, and so on. Here in this article, a brief is given about the only mathematical equation used in Roulette spins, that is a probability.  The Probability Equation The general formula of probability is applicable in Roulette. It involves dividing the number of favourable outcomes by the number of total outcomes. It is important to understand that all outcomes are independent, and the result of the previous spin has absolutely no effect on the upcoming one.  What is Gambler’s fallacy? A lot... Read More

Posted On: 20/11/2019

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Simple Tips that can Help You Make the Most Out of Scratch Card Games

Sometimes, a bit of luck is all you need, right? Well, scratch card games are a super-easy way to try your luck out there. It’s always nice to earn some extra cash, and the scratch online games help you do so. It’s a super fun and easy way to earn some extra bucks while enjoying yourself. Now, with the advent of scratch online, you don’t even have to step out, you can play easily, comfortably.  One might think that there is nothing that you can do to win, if you don’t have much luck, right?  Well, that’s not true. Yeah, luck is a huge part of this game but not all that there is to it. There are certain tried... Read More

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A comparison of popular casino games with their house edge

The basic attraction of casino games is that there is a possibility to win and if luck favours win big! This is the most common reason why people frequent any new online casino UK; for the high that making money of skill-based and luck-based games provide. So, generally every player who plays wants to win but if that happens casinos cannot stay in business. Hence, casino games are designed in such a way that irrespective of your skill or your luck the more you play, the more you lose. So, since players have to plan for the eventuality of losing they are generally advised to stick to games that have a low house edge. What is house-edge in the casino... Read More

Posted On: 06/11/2019

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Quick Tips to Help you Play Online Roulette Securely

The availability of online casinos and casino games online has made life easy for the gaming enthusiast. One no longer has to search for a nearby casino to play a game; all one has to do is log on to the internet and online casino websites using one’s computer or mobile phone to enjoy the whole casino experience. And now with the availability of live casino games, one can even enjoy the buzz and the excitement of playing at a casino table without even stepping out of one’s home. This has made table games like Roulette not only instantly accessible but as thrilling as playing at a conventional casino.  The concept of security  Casino websites are great that they make... Read More

Posted On: 30/10/2019

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The emergence and progress of slot machines today

Perhaps the most popular of casino games, slots are favoured by gamblers as well as non-gamblers alike. A game that was used as a way to entertain people not interested in card or table games in a casino, slots have received universal popularity even becoming popular in premises other than casinos. And it is the said popularity that inspired developers to come up with new and updated versions of slot machines throughout history. Starting from humble card machines to the modern online casino slots games today, here is the progression of the slot machine and the game of slots.  The precursor to original slot machine  The game of slots has come a long way and is even available online as... Read More

Posted On: 23/10/2019

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Quick tips to help you play Video Poker efficiently

There is one good reason why Video Poker casino games enjoy such popularity – people prefer to play Video Poker over slots or conventional Poker. Where slots is a game that is based purely on luck and Poker is a game purely based on skill, Video Poker is in the middle zone. Unlike slots, you do have a say in how you play and what cards to keep and discard, and unlike Poker, you don’t have to play with other people. This means you can totally avoid interacting with the dealers and the other players and you can also avoid being distracted by other players’ quips and jibes. All these aspects make Video Poker casino games popular. Benefits of playing... Read More

Posted On: 16/10/2019

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Doubling Down in Blackjack: Steps simplified

Though the whole concept of online gambling is quite popular, with countless websites provide a plethora of casino games and betting services, there are games that enjoy more popularity as compared to others. A lot of card games are very popular with gambling enthusiasts the most popular amongst which are Blackjack and Poker. The popularity of these games is so great that there are a number of popular blockbusters today based on Poker and Blackjack. There are even those movies where the whole plot is based on card games and the interesting concept of card counting. There are even movies based on real-life situations, memoirs, and experiences. Star-status of Blackjack and the popularity of card counting Several popular movies including... Read More

Posted On: 10/10/2019

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Online Roulette: Reasons for its adoration among players

Totally based on luck, playing the game of Roulette can be an exciting experience. Trying to see where the ball lands when the Roulette wheel stops and winning handsomely in case you happen to guess right can be exciting and entertaining. And now, with the game being made available online too, anybody and everybody can enjoy the excitement of trying to read the Roulette wheel. If you are a gaming enthusiast, we don’t have to tell you the attraction of playing online. But in case you do need convincing here are some reasons why you need to experience the awesomeness that is the online Roulette wheel. The amazing variety The best aspect of online Roulette is the variety that is... Read More

Posted On: 02/10/2019

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Netflix Roulette: Its Nature and Specialities

Do you know how much content there’s on Netflix? More than 32,600 hours’ worth of films and series. So even if you started binge-watching the entirety of Netflix right now, and skip everything from work to taking a dump, you’ll need four years to get to your milestone (or gravestone). Then why is it that every evening when you get back from work and sit down to browse the vast Netflix gallery, you can’t find anything to watch. Say hello to Netflix Roulette! Our Lord Saviour Netflix Roulette You know Roulette; it’s a game where a croupier spins a tiny ball on a numbered wheel, and wherever the ball lands give the winning number. Netflix Roulette is a tool offered... Read More

Posted On: 30/09/2019

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An All-Inclusive Guide On Demo Slots

Slots are fun, they are thrilling and more importantly, they are immersive. Any slot game has various factors that make it stand out of the rest. These factors are often the deciding basis of making people’s favourite. However, no slot can be or should be judged by its icon or the innovative names. The good news here is that more and more casinos and mobile slots now provide the option for demo slots or free play slots. Demo slots are the allowance given by the slot game provider to experience the game and its features for free for a limited time. However, it can be unclear of what to look for in a demo slot that can help in judging... Read More

Posted On: 27/09/2019

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The Top 8 Gambling Words You Should Know

The history of netbet casino games dates back to the 19th century. The whole casino industry is not a thing of the new times. Anything that has a prolonged and impactful presence in history, just as the casinos, is bound to have its style. By style, it doesn’t only mean the dressing style or casino design, but it also means the theme and culture it has built-in within itself. So, has been the case of words that belong to the casino glossary. The impeccable presence of these casino words can be found on various sites including Spinzwin Casino. Listed down are the top 8 gambling words that should be known to anyone interested or even thinking of entering into the... Read More

Posted On: 23/09/2019

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Feature Drop Videoslots: A Must Explore Indeed!

If you’re a long-time slot player, you know by now that there’s a new popular feature every other month. Online casinos are constantly trying to draw in new players and keep existing players engaged through innovation in classic slots and videoslots. First, there were wilds, a feature where a symbol called wild could be converted into anything that would make a winning combination. Next came the climbing wilds and walking wilds that had the wild symbols moving out of the screen step by step. The situation got ridiculous, or ridiculously good, with trailing wilds, and many others. Similarly, in 2018, a popular feature came to the fore that many casinos jumped on board as soon as they saw it —... Read More

Posted On: 20/09/2019

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A Comprehensive Guide to Blackjack Red Dead Redemption 2

When Red Dead Redemption 2 was launched almost a year ago, fans were on the edges of their seats wondering about everything new the game had to offer this time around. It wasn’t easy to beat the ludicrous amount of features in the first part, but Rockstar Games did it. First, the massive map blew players’ minds, but the number of things to explore and do on this map was truly unprecedented. After you’ve successfully beaten the game, you can arm yourself with new weapons, get a new horse, show kindness to strangers, get a haircut, steal a stagecoach, and even play a Blackjack. That’s what we’re to talk about today — RDR2 Blackjack. Where can you play RDR2 Blackjack?... Read More

Posted On: 16/09/2019

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An in-depth Analysis on Casino Earnings

Casinos are one of the largest money-making businesses around the globe. Millions and billions of money are dealt every hour in the casinos. But even the experienced casino goers are unaware of how the casinos earn. The casinos never clearly disclose their earning and the process. The players also don’t care much about how the casino earns. They only pay attention to the games and promotions the casino offers and hence, remain unaware of the procedure. Understanding how the casino earns is important if you are a regular casino goer and invest money in the casinos. These earnings guide you in understanding which casino is better for investing money be it in slots, table games or VIP casino games. Here... Read More

Posted On: 13/09/2019

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Important Aspects to Look in to While Signing Up with A Casino

Casinos of the current era are of innumerable types and varieties. The casinos strive to cater to all kinds of players and market trends to grow even bigger. However, the availability of surplus casinos doesn’t necessarily mean that finding the best online casino from the overcrowded world of casinos. A player needs to have an eagle’s eye and should take inch-measured steps before signing up with a casino. What to Find the Best Online Casino? There are certain aspects that you need to look for to find the best online casino for yourself. These aspects can be self-analysis or external sources. Steps to figure out the best online casino for yourself is listed down. Take a look! Figure out what... Read More

Posted On: 09/09/2019

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The Impact and Growth of the UK Online Gambling Industry

When the UK decided to leave the EU a while ago, many were shocked. People’s daily lives were going to be heavily disrupted and many businesses were going to suffer. However, over time, a bigger question had swords hanging over everyone’s heads — will the UK leave EU with or without a deal? The UK has been struggling to come up with a deal over several months leaving its populace in a confusion as to how they should prepare for their post-Brexit lives. This is more so true for gamblers and casino UK. Since there are drastically different rules governing online gambling with and without the EU, only time will tell what might happen. Casino UK Before Brexit The gambling... Read More

Posted On: 06/09/2019

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Three-of-a-kind-Poker: Meaning and Gameplay

Poker is a rather complex game. It has many betting rounds in a single game, many types of hands that can be played, various denominations of Poker chips, and the progressively increasing complexity of the game do not help. But the single biggest thing new players struggle to get a hold of is the Poker hand ranking. Not only is a player required to remember the hand rankings, but they also need to understand what they are and what they can turn into. So today, we will tackle the sixth one on the list of Poker hand rankings — Three-of-a-kind. How many Poker Chips Constitute Three-of-a-kind Worth? A Three-of-a-kind looks exactly what it sounds like — three cards of the... Read More

Posted On: 02/09/2019

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The Future Of Online Casino Gaming

The history of gambling is vast and exciting. From the days of the dice to the world of mobile gaming and mega casino jackpots, gambling has seen it all. As it is one of the main forms of entertainment, the art of gambling has always been influenced by the socio-economic condition across the globe. This, along with the current technological trends, shape the way gambling churns itself according to the changing times. So, how does the future of online casinos look like? Casino pundits are confident that gambling is going in the right direction and is expected to move at a rapid pace in the coming years. The Inception Of The Internet Provided A Huge Boost To The Art Of... Read More

Posted On: 30/08/2019

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Is Luck Really A Deciding Factor In Gambling?

Ask any professional gambler, and you will get to hear the phrase ‘Gambling is the game of chance”. Casinos have been attracting a lot of players and gamblers from across the globe for centuries. If you conduct research, chances are you will come across hundreds of thousands of inspirational quotes written on casinos. Most of these quotes are based on the “luck factor” in a Gala casino. Everyone knows that luck plays a huge role in deciding whether a person wins or loses. But is that it? Is luck the only factor that determines if you are going to win the round or not? Depends on your thinking, the answer may vary. While some people strongly believe that luck is... Read More

Posted On: 26/08/2019

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Explore the World’s Oldest Casinos

The casino games that you get to play today are not something that has recently introduced. These games have been played for centuries. Even today, some historical casinos exist. These casinos have been welcoming players for years and they still give a warm welcome to their customers in a beautifully adorned casino room. So, are you interested to learn more about the casino of dreams? You have come to the right place! We’ll walk you through some oldest yet most popular casinos that are worth exploring. Let’s get started. Casino De Monte Carlo – Casino of Dreams Casino De Monte Carlo is a perfect example of class and sophistication. Built-in the 18th century, this casino is still loved by a... Read More

Posted On: 23/08/2019

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How Does Max Betting Work In An Online Casino?

Max Bet Rule! This term sounds pretty intimidating to the casino players – be it pros or beginners. Understanding the max betting rule isn’t that difficult how it seems in the terms and conditions page of a casino. Usually, this rule is mentioned in the terms page of every casino. But as players don’t bother to read it, they often end up breaching such rules. So, are you planning to create an account with a casino no deposit bonus? If yes, read this post to learn about the max betting rule. Max Betting Rule and Casino No Deposit Bonus In simplest terms, the max betting rule puts a restriction on the maximum betting limit (for users who are wagering with... Read More

Posted On: 16/08/2019

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Five interesting facts about the millionaires in the gambling industry

Gambling is by its very nature a very interesting activity. And that is part of the reason why so many folks indulge at it, both at the winner casino and other places. There are quite a few more than interesting facts about gambling waiting to be told. But in this writeup, let’s learn about the most interesting facts that can be gleaned from one of the biggest TV game shows of all time- Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Read on for some sweet and interesting tidbits below. The Winner Casino Makes For Really Interesting Times The most interesting facts as it relates to WWTBAM are as follows: The Cheat Is Caught– in September 2001, a major by the name... Read More

Posted On: 12/08/2019

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The Intricacies of Binary Betting In Online Casinos

Many people are involved in binary betting as a way of making a ton of money. At the same time, a lot more people are into it for the fun factor. And this is comparable to why most people sign up with online casinos such as Spinzwin Casino to play casino gambling games. It is a lot of fun when you gamble a bit of money, win or lose. While binary betting may have some similarities to gambling at an online casino, they are actually both different in so many ways and on so many levels. The truth is, online binary options trading platforms have made things so easy for traders. All they need to do is sit back, click... Read More

Posted On: 09/08/2019

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Casino Regulations: The Most Significant Aspect in the Gambling Scenario

With the legalisation of casinos in the whole world, online casinos like mega casino are trying to enter into the market to add to the growth of the industry. They aim at introducing new and better rules, imposing strictness and a lot more. Although currently attaining a license for the casino is easy, abiding by the rules coming in future is going to be tough. How are the New Rules Imposed on Websites Like The Mega Casino? It is going to be a bit easier for the new casinos to adapt to these changes. Yet, players who reported facing issues led to government intervention in the matter, as now the government stands firm to help players avoid getting scammed by... Read More

Posted On: 07/08/2019

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Explore an exhilarating collection of online slot games today!

Ever heard of slots of dosh? Well, the phrase refers to those kinds of slots that punch above their weight class and deliver the kind of fun that all kinds of gamblers would love to experience. So, what slots deserve to be known as slots of dosh? Well, read on as we detail no less than 5 slots of dosh that make for an exhilarating play any day of the week! Slots Of Dosh Gets The Fun Rolling In! The following slots fully meet the slots of dosh designation and play like a dream: Le Kaffee Bar Slots – this is a very charming slot from Microgaming. It is nicely equipped with 5 reels and 243 ways to win, and... Read More

Posted On: 05/08/2019

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The popularity of skill-based games in online casinos

The online casino industry came into being during the mid and latter part of the 90s. It has, since, become the main means of gambling on the planet. At first, its appeal was in the entire novel nature of the no deposit casino. Later on, as the convenience of the online casino became increasingly self-evident, gamblers of all stripes were drawn to it, in droves no less. It effectively created an industry that is now estimated to be responsible for more than half of all gambling revenues on earth. These days, the online casino sector is in very good health, making money hand over fist. Lots of folks from all over the world constantly log in to the no deposit... Read More

Posted On: 02/08/2019

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The Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart: A Quick Sneak Peek

Playing online casino games is a hobby of every other person since he or she gets a chance to make some real cash during their leisure time. Though this prospect looks a bit too lucrative one needs to play it safe. Mere guessing and playing bluff blackjack over the internet could make you lose money, not to mention the emotional judgment which players make during the gameplay. If you want to increase your winning spree then it is essential to have a look at the blackjack strategy chart. Different Types of Techniques which you learn from the blackjack strategy chart Split pair of Aces and 8s Irrespective of the dealers’ card it is very important to split 8s and Aces’... Read More

Posted On: 29/07/2019

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The Reasons For Restricting Underage Gambling In Casinos: Here is Why

Rules are obviously made to be broken, but the authorities are rarely understanding about this popular axiom. And they well might be right when it comes to underage gambling and young folks who play slots online. Now gambling can be an immensely pleasurable and diverting activity. There are essentially a limitless array of casino games and slot games available, online and offline, any of which can be accessed at will and played to the limit. The variety on offer and the very pleasurable nature of gambling itself often cause problems like gambling addiction, especially for those who play slots online. Yes, gambling can be quite addictive and lots of countries are in agreement that it is not something that underaged... Read More

Posted On: 26/07/2019

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The Impact Of Data On The Premier Online Casinos Today

In current digital times, data holds immense importance for every online company. It simply acts as a source to reach out to more and more customers to add more profits to the businesses online. One such business is casino online. The owners of the casino online are making sure they hold every piece of their customers’ information to attract them to their business to whatever extent they can. So what exactly are implications of data on online casinos today, find out below. Implications of Data on casino online Data recordings definitely have vast implications for online casinos. Some of these include: Getting to Know Players Better:Casino online make a point of knowing their players’ gaming needs pretty well. They do... Read More

Posted On: 22/07/2019

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Feeling lucky? Try your Luck On A Wide Range Of Exciting Slot Games Today!

There are many bell fruit casino video slot games that you could play this summer. These slot machines are created by top-level software developers such as; NetEnt, MG and Tom Horn Gaming and are available on Spinzwin Casino. Players that have signed up with this online casino can get to play slot games that offer many bonus features with the possibility of earning multipliers and good payouts. Here is a review of five bell fruit casino video slot games that you can play today. Reel Splitter Bell Fruit Casino Slot comes with Expanding Paylines Reel Splitter is a bell fruit casino slot game developed and launched by MG. This is a 4 reels game with an initial 81 ways to win... Read More

Posted On: 19/07/2019

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Five not so popular yet Effective Online Roulette Strategies you should know

A Roulette strategy is essentially used to achieve two basic things. The first being to optimise your payout while the second is to minimise any incurred loss. You should know that playing roulette games on Spinzwin Casino is easy and requires no particular paying skill. What you can do, however, is to improve your bankroll management skill level. This would involve placing bets by way the game sways. Here are five strategies you could adopt in not just boosting your payouts, but also in getting a real thrill out of playing a game of roulette. Same Bet Roulette Strategy The first of the five Roulette strategy is a simple one and quite common amongst roulette players. This strategy involves the... Read More

Posted On: 15/07/2019

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What does the Roulette wheel table comprise of

Casino games come in various varieties and you can choose them according to your desire. You can play these games based on your skills and luck. You can play these casino games for fun and entertainment purpose only or you can play these casino games for real money. Roulette is the casino game which is played by millions of people worldwide. Understanding the roulette table is easy and if you are a beginner then you can go through the guidelines to earn big. Playing roulette table is easy once you understand the tactics to improve your gameplay. You just have to pick a number and if the balls land on your number after the wheel spinning, you will be winning... Read More

Posted On: 12/07/2019

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The Best 10 Casino Movies on Netflix: A Must Watch!

Gambling and cinema go hand in hand. Gambling has been a recurrent theme across various genres of movies across the globe. If you are a gambling buff as well as a movie addict, you will just love watching a casino movie. And now with the inception of Netflix and other web media providers, watching more such gambling-themed movies can be a very easy thing to do. No one can perhaps describe the joy of casino lovers when they watch their favourite hero character win whopping money by winning a Poker or a Roulette game in a movie sequence. Being a popular online media provider, Netflix has lots of casino movie in different genres. You can choose from a wide range... Read More

Posted On: 05/07/2019

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The Whereabouts of the ‘Casino Royale’ Cast

Casino Royale was a cult movie when it came to ones with the theme of gambling. Not always do you find a Bond movie where the casino takes the central theme. It was the movie where Daniel Craig made his appearance as 007 and never had to look back. His persona created an instant impression among the audience and since then he has become the sole favourite when it comes to casting 007. Apart from Craig, the others in the movie also did their bit and became quite popular. Quite a lot of years have passed since the Casino Royale cast came together and created such an impact. What Happened To The Casino Royale Cast after 2007? So, have you... Read More

Posted On: 01/07/2019

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Different Types of Bets in Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. The number of players around Blackjack tables and the revenue the game generates shows. But many rookie players would want to know when to bet in Blackjack. This article answers that question, and beyond that, explains the different types of bets in Blackjack. Different Kinds of Bets and When to Bet in Blackjack As the name implies, Flat Bet means placing the same amount of money every time you are betting. The Flat Bet isn’t popular for a couple of reasons. One, players think dealers win more hands than they do. Secondly, the Flat Bet offers no thrill; such players prefer placing different amounts, preferably higher to win more, just to... Read More

Posted On: 21/06/2019

Author: Tony Willets

Is Card Counting in Blackjack Really Simple As It Seems?

Blackjack and card-counting go hand in hand. The importance of this skill can be figured by the fact that the most successful Blackjack players were all counters. On paper, in theories, card-counting sounds quite simple. But is it really that easy to grasp this skill? Well, no, a player needs a deep understanding of various aspects of the game such as Blackjack numbers, different betting styles in order to be successful counter. Moreover, surely it takes some time to master the art of counting. What is Card-Counting and Blackjack Numbers? In technical terms, Card counting is a strategy which helps to determine whether the next hand will provide a better winning chance to the player or the dealer. Therefore, this... Read More

Posted On: 17/06/2019

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A Quick Sneak Peek on the Roulette Wheel Layout

Roulette, the one-of-a-kind game of chances is one of the most widely demanded games in casinos. However, the game is said to be entirely based on luck, the knowledge of Roulette wheel numbers certainly comes handy while playing. There are mainly two popular versions of Roulette that have unique number layout on the wheel. Let’s learn more about Roulette wheel numbers and layout. What are Roulette Wheel Numbers? The game is played on a table with a giant wheel. The wheel has 37 or 38 pockets on it which are marked with a unique number from 0 to 36. The numbers are divided into three sets of 12 numbers. Roulette wheel numbers are divided into different categories as follows: The... Read More

Posted On: 17/06/2019

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Electronic Roulette Vs Traditional Roulette

While having much the same rules as traditional Roulette, there are quite a few interesting peculiarities to be found in Electronic Roulette. While traditional Roulette takes place on a single gaming table within a brick-and-mortar casino, this Roulette is played online. It uses an automated wheel or a giant screen on which the spinning Roulette wheel has been projected. It supports multiple gaming stations and has a virtual layout that is identical to that found in traditional Roulette. In Electronic Roulette, the entire playing process is automated. Thus, messages regularly appear on the mobile or PC of players, guiding them through the different gameplay stages. Thus, should the “Place your bets” message appears, players can proceed to place their bets... Read More

Posted On: 14/06/2019

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An In-depth Overview on the Kavouras Roulette System

Roulette is an extremely challenging game today. Thanks to the fact that millions of people compete on a global scale. Such a demanding game has led to a rise in the implementation of new strategies. These strategies aim to enhance the winning chances of the players. Roulette systems today are present in multitudes. However, only a few have been able to undergo the test of time and still remain relevant in today’s competitive gaming scenario. One such Roulette system is the ‘Kavouras system’ which has outdone many other established Roulette systems that are practised in the industry today. What is the History behind the Kavouras Roulette System? Until recently, this strategy was the brainchild of a gambler who had a... Read More

Posted On: 03/06/2019

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Does Lowest House Edge Determine High Chances of Winning?

Casino games are designed to be exciting, stimulating and inviting for players. There are various games available for the player to engage into but there is a huge variation in the total payout percentage in between casino games. House edge of a casino is calculated by the casino payout percentage. The casino house edge is an overall mathematical advantage in all available games. There are several constructive guidelines that can be utilised to reduce it regardless of the most effective strategy applied to play games with a minimum edge. Ten Casino Games That Are Cost-Effective With The Lowest House Edge Backgammon Backgammon is one of the most famous and oldest online casino table games. It is simply two pieces of... Read More

Posted On: 31/05/2019

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How Important Are Expanding Symbols in Online Slots?

Online slots are by rights one of the most ludicrously exciting things ever invented. They are glitzy, a real treat for sore eyes, come in an incredibly diverse array of themes and formats and can potentially bless players with massive payouts. Game developers and casino operators love them because they promise quick and easy profits. The players think this way because they are incredibly easy to access and totally simple to play. The world of slots has seen the massive transformation from slot machines of earlier times to modern day slots with cascading reels, stacked symbols and features like Expanding symbol. Now, some new slots might come loaded with one feature or the other designed to mark it out from... Read More

Posted On: 27/05/2019

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How To Deal With Cold Streak in Gambling?

Experiencing a cold streak can be rather tough on the mind, emotions and mental attitude. When it stretches on and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, it can make more than a few gamblers questioning their purpose in life, their role in the overall scheme of things and possibly even their masculinity. Successfully dealing with a cold streak requires large doses of poise and unwavering faith in the essential goodness of such a noble personage as Lady Luck. The wise bettor should also endeavour to avoid the following with all his might: What to Take Care Of When You Are Under A Cold Streak? Emotions and Hemotions By and large, our emotions rule us.... Read More

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Does Blackjack 5 Card Trick Provide an Edge to the Players?

Blackjack is one of the most prominent casino table games that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. It’s not just a game that could be enjoyed in the boundaries of a brick and mortar casino or an online casino. Today, many people enjoy a game of Blackjack in the comforts of their home as well. Blackjack 5 card trick is something that has been quite intriguing for many such players. Although the trick is not used in a typical game, Blackjack 5 card trick is something that is practised and is still in existence in many cultures around the world. What is meant by Blackjack 5 Card Trick? In a typical Blackjack game, the main aim for... Read More

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How is Blackjack Perfect Pairs Played?

Blackjack has several variations along with various side bets where perfect pairs are one of the standard additional bets. Blackjack Perfect Pairs enable the players to place a separate wager on the two cards dealt initially, essentially required to be a pair. The pair options are Blackjack perfect pairs, a mixed pair and a coloured pair. Naturally, the probability of acquiring any kind of pair on the two initial cards are extremely low but can yield a higher reward. Higher risks may offer higher payoff in all the side bets of Blackjack. Blackjack Perfect Pairs – General Rules a) Simple Additional bet: Perfect pair rules are easy to grasp and apply in the game. The wager lost or won in... Read More

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Chasing Losses: A Sign of Losing Control in Gambling

Chasing losses in gambling is referred for situations where players persistently gamble to compensate for their previous losses. This action is mainly characterised as loss of control in the game and poor judgement. It further worsens the state of affairs players are in the game, right then. Such undesirable outcomes can lead to further detrimental effects that also affect outside the gaming zone. Chasing Losses Creates A Cycle Of Further Losses And Affects Mental Health Chasing loses not only creates an imbalance in the budget but also has a depreciating effect on mental health. Continuous persistence towards recovering the lost amount can lead to anxiety, stress, and panic. Investing more money and taking unwarranted risks will not only make casino... Read More

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Is The Super Bet Feature Exclusively Meant For Slots?

There are indeed a large variety of online casinos on the globe. There’s no doubt that the online slots are the most popular means of gambling and the main source of revenue for online casinos. To attract new clientele and to convince the old ones to stay for the duration, online casinos engage in some pretty showy promos that promise everything. An increasing number of such promos tout the benefits of the super bet feature and adds more excitement to it. But what exactly is the this widely promoted feature and why does nearly every recent slot from the likes of NextGen and NYX Gaming comes loaded with it? Time to find out, folks! Place The Super Bet Online casinos... Read More

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20p Shot Slot Is Set To Launch At Spinzwin Casino

Spinzwin Casino is among the most famous globally and has been seriously innovative over the last few years. Central to the success of Spinzwin Casino is the fact that new slots and other casino games are available faster than the competition can manage. Thus, players registered at Spinzwin Casino tend to have first shot at all new slots and casino games. It is thus not surprising that the new 20p Shot Slot from Inspired Gaming is about to launch at Spinzwin Casino soon. This slot is so new it is practically still shrink-wrapped and is an eye-candy football-themed feast that packs a solid punch! 20p Shot Slot Berths At Spinzwin Casino Slots themed around football are beyond counting. The reason... Read More

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Play 5 Best Elk Studios Phone Casino Slots

Just how they manage to do it is still unexplained, but the folks over at Elk Studios have been behind some of the most eye-catching, class-leading and sinfully enticing phone casino slots out there! Here are 5 of Phone Casino Slots That Are A Must Play It’s Raining Diamonds! – Vegas Diamonds phone casino slot has 3 reels and 5 paylines and is set right within Sin City itself. Bets per spin vary from 20p to ₤100 and like on most other slots’ accessibility is guaranteed on multiple platforms. On the reels are classic icons, with the supported bonus features being so lengthy and rewarding. This high variance slot supports max wins of 2,000x the stake, offers some potent fun... Read More

Posted On: 29/04/2019

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A Complete Guide to Bankroll Management in Online Roulette Game

As anyone knows, a Roulette game is easily one of the most popular casino games around. It helps that a Roulette variant is rather easy to play and requires little to no skill on the part of the player. A Roulette variant is a game of chance, with some simple rules and a wide variety of betting options. While luck is a major determinant of success or failure during such casino games, mismanaging one’s bankroll can be financially disastrous and will result in being dumped out of the game earlier than necessary. As a result, bankroll management is regarded as being very important, not only in a Roulette variant but in gambling of all types. Bankroll Management Explained in a... Read More

Posted On: 26/04/2019

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Top 5 Football-themed Slots To Play

By most accounts, football is easily the most popular sport in the world and football-themed slots and casino games are among the bestselling. The sports known as football counts billions of folks as fans, most of whom are so passionate about their club or national team as to be cheerfully up for laying down life and limb for the glorification of same! Given the popularity of football, game developers have long been busily taking advantage by releasing a never-ending series of football-themed slots. Such slots run the gamut from the totally fabulous to the absurdly cringeworthy. Best Football-Themed Slots That Make Life Awesome! Living The Cup Carnaval Dream! Cup Carnaval Eyecon-made slot is all about football in South America, where... Read More

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Play Beehive Bedlam Game at Spinzwin Casino

There might be a lot of online casino gambling sites currently on the Web each offering a huge number of video slot games to choose from. However, if you are an enthusiastic nature lover as well as an ardent online slot player, then you might want to try your hands out on Beehive Bedlam slots game. As the title implies, this video slot is themed after sweet honey producing bumblebees.   Developed by OpenBet, this is a virtual slot machine that is like a classic arcade game. With cool visuals, as well as gameplay that is both fun and easily addictive; what more could you ask for in an online slot machine? Well, for starters you might want highly rewarding... Read More

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Revealed: Top 10 Secrets About Online Roulette Wheel

With the advent of the Internet, many online casinos came into existence. It has given players’ chance to earn money right from the leisure of their home. Do you want to try your hands at your favourite game of Roulette? It is advised to gather information about online Roulette wheel before you begin. This process will help you to be more alert about the proceedings of casinos. About American Online Roulette Wheel Before you place a bet on online Roulette wheel it is very essential to learn about American as well as European wheel. In an online American Roulette wheel, you will be able to get a total of 38 pockets. These range from 0 to 36 and 00 number. Two... Read More

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Top 5 Irish-themed Slots To Play at Spinzwin Casino

Irish-themed slots from the notable software providers are not only appealing to the eyes but they are characterised by unique features which are exciting as well as paying. Spinzwin Casino launches some of the popular slot titles bearing the Irish luck for slot enthusiasts. All these games are playable with real money and compatible with all major devices. Symbols That Comprise Irish-themed Slots 4-leaf Cloverleaf, shamrock, horseshoe, leprechaun, a pot of gold, flute, pipe, beer mug, leprechaun hat. The background of such slots has green meadows and rainbows. Race up the Blooming Meadows on Fiddle Dee Dough Irish-themed Slots Powered by Eyecon, Fiddle Dee Dough slots game is packed with brilliant graphics and thrilling bonus rounds. Set on 3 reels... Read More

Posted On: 12/04/2019

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Experience Ancient Rome With Centurion Maximus Winnus Slots

Back in the days, Ancient Rome was the place! This was during the time that the Roman Empire spanned most of what was then the known world and subjugated lots of barbarians to its will. Ancient Rome just like lots of other ancient civilisations have long withered off and died a painful, chaotic death, but its glories as of the present still grip the attention and admiration of folks. Now, there are lots of ways that those individuals who are fascinated with Ancient Rome can immerse themselves in its culture and philosophy. This might be by reading books on the subject, watching movies and documentaries and playing such slot games as Centurion Maximus Winnus! This slot has loads of goodies... Read More

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Slot Games That Inspired Scratch Cards Online

Both, the slot games and scratch cards played online are fascinating casino games and have a huge fan following. Another interesting thing is that these two categories of online casino games host some of the games that come with the same themes. Check out some of the incredible scratch cards online games that were inspired by slots games. Emperor’s Garden Scratch Cards Online This online Emperor’s Garden scratch card game is designed by the NextGen Gaming and is as brilliant as the slots game version of Emperor’s Garden slots game. The game comes with excellent graphics and gives the feel of the soothing ancient Chinese empire. The bet can be placed in various coin sizes of £0.01 to £2. The... Read More

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Does Multi Spin Slots Play to a Higher RTP?

Slots come in different flavours and formats. There are the usual types of slots that provide more than a fair bit of fun and then there are multi-spin ones that raise the fun level by a totally incredible amount. Whichever you choose, remember to check the slots RTP before playing. Multi-spin slots are different in many ways to most slots that players have been used to. Such slots have very high volatility and can often pay out very sizable amounts that the normal kind of slot would be simply unable to. But how do these marvels of creative work? Read on and get to find out! All About Multi-Spin Slots and their Slots RTP Multi-spin slot games are usually equipped... Read More

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Spinzwin Casino Explains All About 3D Slots

Slot games have evolved drastically in over the years. From starting out as the mere machines that ran on mechanical components, have now evolved to digitalised slot game machines as well. The popularity of slot games over the years is partly the reason why slot machines have evolved over time. However, the evolution in machines has not stopped yet! Game developers and equipment manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to intrigue the customer’s perception of slot machines. And so, does come the concept of 3D slots! 3D slots have become a hype that’s been talked about the most in the industry. Here’s a glimpse of what these slots games are and why do they appeal to people so much. 3D... Read More

Posted On: 29/03/2019

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Want to Become a Croupier in the UK Casino? – Here’s How

Casino gaming has been quite popular in recent times. Millions of people visit casino venues all around the world and the industry booms with its resounding popularity. Casino in UK is no different and the growing demand is easily noticeable in the market as well. With every setup of a casino in UK, services from professional and experienced, croupiers have become a necessity. However, not many people are aware of the technicalities and the essential requirements that are needed to be employed as croupiers in casino venues. Here are a few tips that can be considered for availing the dream job! What does a Croupier do in Casino in UK? A Croupier is the main nexus of all activities in... Read More

Posted On: 25/03/2019

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Top 7 UK Reality TV Shows To Check Out For in 2019

While there are already a few shows that are keeping the audience interested in TV, there are few others lined to fire up the TV world in 2019. The best part of this is they are reality TV shows. So, get ready for some flaunting talent, extra drama and glamour that are waiting to entertain you in the near future! Here is a list of top 7 UK reality TV shows to check out in 2019 Watch out while your favourite Celebs Go Dating The show is set to air in October and the shooting of one of the UK’s most favourite reality TV shows- Celebs Go Dating will begin anytime now. The fifth season will have no dating coach... Read More

Posted On: 22/03/2019

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Top 5 Essential Lessons Through Gambling

Even though the casino games are a lot of fun to play around and spend time on but what most people don’t realise is that there are a lot of life lessons that can be taken back while having fun. It is always said that people learn from their experiences. This is the reason that people at any online gambling casino or land-based casinos tend to learn a lot because each game comes with its own lessons. Not only wins but losses can also teach you life lessons that you might not get anywhere else. What Can You Learn On Online Gambling Casino? Managing Time in the Best Possible Manner Time management is a really important factor of responsible gambling... Read More

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A Complete Guide on Megaways Slots

Megaways slots are attracting more and more customers over the Internet and the reason is a no-brainer: they provide a wide range of winning options. Unlike the traditional slot machines, they have a bevvy of attractive pictures on the slot machine reels which appeal to the eyes even with a cursory glance. The reel modifier is the main feature that chooses the number of characters inside each reel during a single spin randomly. Unlike traditional ways, the Megaways Slots offer different ways to win at a slot game. What to Expect When You Are Playing Megaways Slots? The catalogue of Megaways slots basically provides a player to get more than 117,000 ways to win the slot game. The winning pattern... Read More

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Top 5 Thunderkick Slots To Play at Spinzwin Casino

Slot games are never more fun without the variety of themes they are offered in. The popularity of slot games has much to do with the type of themes that the games have to offer to players. And that is how game and software developers compete in the market by bringing the best games on the table. Thunderkick Slots have evolved to be one of the major competitors and bring in some of the best slot games for players to enjoy. Here are the top 5 Thunderkick Slots game to choose from that might intrigue the interests of players and professionals as well! List of Top 5 Thunderkick Slots Games To Choose From 1)   Visit the Mayan Civilisation with Turning... Read More

Posted On: 11/03/2019

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Play Microgaming’s All New Zombie Hoard Slots

Microgaming is known as the online casino game developer that brings something innovative to the table with each of its slot games. This time the developer combined zombies, comics and slot games and has created a masterpiece known as the Zombie Hoard Slots. The slot has 5 reels and 9 paylines and comes under the medium variance category. It has some amazing features that we will be exploring below. Zombie Hoard Slots – What To Expect From The Features and Graphics? The graphics are all high definition and there is a very little chance that you will be able to find any faults in them. A few zombie hands seem to come out from the back of the slot. The... Read More

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Top 5 Wildlife-themed Slots to Play On This World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day was celebrated on 3rd March of every year to commemorate and spread the awareness of the importance of every flora and fauna throughout the world. This is the day when United Nations General Assembly in 1973 had adopted the CITES – Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, which in December 2013 was proclaimed as World Wildlife Day. The theme of World Wildlife Day, 2019 is ‘Life below Water: For People and Planet’. Now that you have a little knowledge of the World Wildlife Day, how about you celebrate it by playing some of the most happening wildlife-themed slots games? Well, read on to find out more. Take a Tour into the Wilderness... Read More

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Top Online Casino Slots Features You Must Try

Online casino slots powered by eminent software providers are loaded with features. Earlier slot games were designed simplistically on 3 reels and single pay lines with fruits, bells and bars as symbols. Then came the era of 3D graphics and animations where slot games witnessed another level of evolution. Today you can find a plethora of slot games with multiple themes, betting range and a host of lucrative features. The Two-Way Win On Online Casino Slots The win-both-ways features on slots come along with a multitude of other features such as the free spins rounds, bonus rounds and more. In such slots, the winnings come from forming winning combos of symbols not only from left to right but in the... Read More

Posted On: 25/02/2019

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NetEnt’s Golden Grimoire Slots Launched

The gods are to be praised brethren, because NetEnt has, at last, launched its wildly hyped new casino game called the Golden Grimoire slots! This launch calls for lots of celebration and possibly the declaration of a worldwide holiday of sorts, to enable the players everywhere freely access this new slot without hindrance! This new slot appears to be as generously equipped as the folks at NetEnt previously claimed in promotional posters and is certainly lathered in enough eye-candy to float a mountain of bricks! The Golden Grimoire slots come equipped with 5 reels, 4 rows and a capacious 40 paylines. Like most new and current slots, it is equally accessible on both mobile devices and PC, with bets per... Read More

Posted On: 22/02/2019

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Top 10 Slot Games From Eyecon

There are a few online slot game developers that are famous amongst the slot players and Eyecon Gaming is one of them. Eyecon Slots are the most beautifully-designed online slots with interesting features. Eyecon Gaming is an Australian-based software developer that has been in the gambling business for over 2 decades and have produced over 100 slot games. We have selected 10 best online Eyecon Slots and listed them down. Best Eyecon Slots To Try   Fiddle Dee Dough The first in the list of Eyecon Slots is Fiddle Dee Dough which is Irish folklore inspired online slot and has is 3 reels and 9 paylines. The symbols include a pint of Guinness, harp, rainbow, green hat, a stack of... Read More

Posted On: 18/02/2019

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10 Interesting Facts about the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year marks the beginning of the New Year in the traditional Chinese calendar. This festival is celebrated in various countries of Asia with utmost enthusiasm. Check out the 8 interesting facts about this vibrant New Year below. This festival is also known as ‘Spring Festival ‘because… Although it’s in winter, you must be wondering why Chinese New Year is also known as ‘Spring festival’. It is because the festival marks the beginning of the spring of season according to the traditional solar calendar of China. The beginning of the spring indicates the climax of the most frigid part of the winter and it gives people hope to wait for days with a better climate. Every Year brings a... Read More

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All New Online Slots To Play At Spinzwin

Spinzwin Casino has just stocked its collections with some all-new online slots UK. These slots cover diverse themes, play sweeter than molasses and come with varied engaging and rewarding features. Up for Some Fantastic New Online Slots UK The Wiz Gets In The Mix The Wiz is a new online slots UK that is powered by Elk Studios and has 5 reels and 178 ways to win. The setting is medieval and wins reach a maximum of 5,000x the stake during the free spins bonus round. The wild icon in The Wiz slot features a multiplier value capped at 5x which is accessible both during base gameplay and the free spins bonus round. There’s also a Walking Wild feature to... Read More

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A Simple Guide On 1024 Ways To Win Slots

There’s a new type of slot machine in the casino gambling that appears to introduce a revolutionary concept. These are referred to 1024 ways to win slots and require that players place a flat stake so as to access all the featured winning icon combos. Apart from playing 243 ways to win slots, this is in contrast to the more common slot games that offer more paylines in return for bigger bet sizes. This easily makes 1024 ways to win slots affordable to play than the other type of slots that came before it, apart from their also possessing enhanced winning chances. How Are 1024 Ways To Win Slots Played? 1024 ways to win slots are quite easy to play,... Read More

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Try Your Hand At The New Japanese Slots Game, Geisha’s Fan

There is nothing as exciting as the thrill of indulging into casino games online. With new themes, displays and a chance to experience exceptional winnings, the casinos have become a prime place to go to through the mobile devices. And the Japanese slot games are the best in turning out to be effervescent on the screen. One of the outstanding slot games that have been bringing beauty on the screens of the players everywhere is Geisha’s fan slots. The slot game is the launched by Tom Horn and is truly a splendour to play with. Geisha’s Fan Slots – the Exciting World of Geisha! Geisha’s Fan slots is a 5-reel and 3-row slot reel game with 9 paylines. The beautiful... Read More

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Home Alone This Valentine’s Day? We Have A Special Promo To Keep You Company!

Valentine’s day this year promises to be lots of good fun. Most especially for those who have found their long-lost rib and intend to paint the town red with them on that oh-so-special day! But, are you single? If so, there’s no cause for panic and no need to bewail and lash out! Yes, the single fellas on that special day do not have any cause for despair, because there are things called online casino promotion codes to be elated about! On that day, if you happen to be home alone, pining for long lost love and hoping your ex might give you a call, you can choose to either drown in self-pity or participate in our special promo using... Read More

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An Overview Of Random Progressive Jackpots

Most of the progressive jackpots on the market are triggered when online slot players land a specific array of icons on an activated payline. These icons can, for example, be 5 pots of gold on a 5-reel Irish-themed slot or the like. Random progressive jackpot slots, however, do not work in the same way. Read on and learn all about them. What Is A Random Progressive Jackpot Slots? Online slots are filled with an increasing array of features. These essentially serve to tempt players into having a go at them. Two such engrossing features are the progressive jackpot and the random progressive jackpot. The latter will be discussed in some detail. The random progressive jackpot is just that, random. That... Read More

Posted On: 28/01/2019

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The News Stories That Rocked The Gambling World in 2018

With 2019 set to bring in new casino records, how can one forget the eventful year that 2018 has been! Hop on the ride as you go through the casino news 2018 where gambling world did astound everyone with its happenings! Casino News 2018 Of The World In this casino news 2018, while an allegation was settled for $7.5 million against the former casino manicurist for having an affair with the casino mogul, other allegations against Steve Wynn were denied and reported to be a strategy by his ex-wife who is currently seeking a revised-divorce settlement. Ever since there have been piles of lawsuits pending to be addressed while Steve Wynn has moved out of his duplex Villa in Las... Read More

Posted On: 25/01/2019

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Regular Slots vs Jackpot Slots

When it comes to online slots, players are spoilt for choice whether to opt for regular slots or jackpot slots. There is a wide range of slots that are available and so it gets extremely difficult to choose the one that works best for you. Having an idea of the two different slot varieties and their differences will help you to make a proper choice. While some are keen on classic slots with simple rules, there are players who go for progressive jackpots to bag more rewards. Nevertheless, there are some basic differences between the two kinds of slots that you should know. In case of regular slots or rather classic slots, the maximum amount that you would receive in... Read More

Posted On: 21/01/2019

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A Simple Guide to Rolling Reels in Online Slots

When it comes to online slots, rolling reels feature plays a significant part. It is a unique feature that helps you to get more winning combinations and thereby, bag better rewards. In this feature, symbols disappear from a winning line, giving a chance to more symbols that fall in the respective places. These new symbols increase the chance of making any winning combination. Usually, rolling reels are accompanied with huge stake multipliers. As the symbols fall on their place, you receive multipliers on your existing stake and all these take place in a single round! In Online Slots, Rolling Reels have Scores Of Benefits There are quite a few advantages of rolling reels in online slots that make them an... Read More

Posted On: 18/01/2019

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The Different Types of Slot Players

Slot games are popular among various groups of people because of the simple rules and easy to play features. Slot games come with both high and low-risk stakes. This is another reason that attracts the majority of the crowd to play them. If you look back a few decades, the slot games were not so popular and were not considered by many serious players as a preferred game to play. Many went for high stakes games like Roulette, Blackjack and so on. But things have changed completely now. The not so popular slots have now gone on to become one of the leading casino games. The increased popularity of slot games is because various kinds of people get attracted to... Read More

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Casino Games in Movies

Casino games and movies complement each other so well. Many movies have at least one scene that involves a casino. Others are entirely themed on casino games and gambling. Some of the examples are 21, the Gambler, Ocean’s Thirteen, Casino Royale, Vegas vacation, to name a few. These are also famously known as casino movies. Ever wondered how casino games and movies go hand in hand? Well, these involve many factors in the success of their alliance. Know more about it below. The Excitement Associated with Casino Movies Like said before, some movies stories are exclusively based on casino or any of the casino games. There is some kind of thrill and excitement that is associated with the casino or... Read More

Posted On: 11/01/2019

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Play the Mystical Celtic Goddess Slots at Spinzwin Casino

2 By 2 Gaming comes up with yet another interesting slot game ‘Celtic Goddess Slots’ which depicts the ancient folklore from Ireland. The Irish folklore themed gameplay is void of the extravagant characters and symbolic representations that is usually expected from games with similar themes. This slot game depicts the Celtic Goddess Dany, as the main character around which the theme revolves. She brings the destiny of luck that players would like to receive in order to avail some great payouts that this game provides. Features of Celtic Goddess Slots This slot game has a Celtic folklore theme associated with it. The game consists of a 5 row, 3 reel grid layout that offers a total of 30 fixed lines.... Read More

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Wonder Why Online Slots Have Different Payout Percentages?

Different players find different things fascinating in casino games. Few are really into the game and how interesting it is. Some prefer casino games that are easier to understand while others seek thrilling experience. There are a few other players who are interested in the outcome (winnings) the game brings. One such category of games is online slots that come with different payout percentages. Payout percentages refer to the percentage on an invested amount that a slot game delivers to the players in a long term. If the payout percentage is high, the players can expect a higher return amount. Likewise, the players can accordingly choose the slot game with higher payout percentages. But do you wonder why these online... Read More

Posted On: 04/01/2019

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A Complete Guide To Multi-Player Slots!

There is quite possibly no more ecstatic feeling than playing online slots! The totally entrancing lights, slick graphics, moving animations and more all combine to create an experience that’s as otherworldly as a trip to Jupiter! Yes, online slots deliver the most intense doses of fun and action, but is there possibly something that beats even them at their own game? Indeed, there is. The answer lies in what is known as Multi-Player slots. These, as the name suggests, can be played by multiple people at the same time and lets every player scoop up enough excitement and suspense as their brain matter can carry! But what are Multi-Player Slots and exactly how do they function? These questions and more... Read More

Posted On: 01/01/2019

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How Wild Symbols Boost Your Gameplay?

When it comes to slots gameplay, wild symbols play a major role in maximizing your returns. They can act as the replacement of all the other symbols in the reels except the scatter symbol. This way you have a much better chance to achieve the winning line and bag great rewards. In case you are playing video slots, the wild symbols can be static as well as dynamic. With the features like stacked wilds, expanding wilds, sticky wilds, and walking wilds, online slots have reached a whole different level of fun. Prominently, wild symbols are used to activate different bonus features. Wild Help You Win Multipliers In Slots Gameplay One of the most significant aspects of the wild symbols in... Read More

Posted On: 28/12/2018

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Ever Heard About the Blue Christmas?

Known as the season to be jolly, Christmas has always been a time for giving, family get-togethers, parties and lots of fun. While people are busy decorating homes or preparing exotic meals, did you know that a team of people are busy spending their holiday at the service of keeping people safe? Referred to as Blue Christmas, the holiday season is dedicated to people who work in in the enforcement team out there to guarantee you a secure Christmas. Spread the Blue Christmas Cheer Around Blue Christmas allows you to thank the army of people designated at work to watch over the law and order before and during Christmas. This includes the police, firefighters, paramedics, 911 and EMTs. It’s not... Read More

Posted On: 24/12/2018

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How Slots Have Evolved Over The Years?

Slots machines date back to the 1890s and till date, they are a “hot thing”. The classic casino slots that thrilled people have come a long way and developed into very advanced modern slots and yes, they still thrill people. Over time, it is fair to say that the slots are only getting better and better. The Classic Casino Slots: One-Armed Bandits The first slot machine was developed in 1891, the cool New York invention was based on Poker. It had 5 drums holding 50 cards, a person would insert a nickel and pull a lever and would stand the chance to win prizes like a cigar or a free beer from the bar. A person would pull the lever... Read More

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Eyecon’s Egyptian-Themed Caravan To Cairo Slots Is Here!

Back in the days, by far the safest and most efficient way of transporting people and goods across the desolate deserts that are all too common in Arabia and North Africa was to join a camel caravan of like-minded fellows. While the camels are still used for this purpose in the present day, they have been largely supplanted by four-wheel drive vehicles and rail lines. Camel caravans of the previous era were vital to commerce and are the inspiration behind the Caravan to Cairo slots from Eyecon! This new release recalls the days of old when mankind was very helpless before the forces of nature and barely able to dream of reaching the stars. The Real Caravan To Cairo Awaits!... Read More

Posted On: 18/12/2018

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Christmas Comes Early At Spinzwin

December Dynamite Promotion is all set to roll up with incredible offers this December where players can win exploding free spins and blasting bonuses. The casino promotion 2018 starts right from 1st of December 2018 i.e. Saturday to 31st of December 2018 i.e. Monday. Wrap Up Your Year With The Exciting Casino Promotion 2018 Celebrations start early for the players of December Dynamite Promotion. This Christmas would be hilarious with this promotion as the players get 270 explosive free spins rewards along with the banging bonuses up to £900. The player must put a minimum bet required for each separate offer to enjoy the astonishing offers on famous games. Christmas Arrives Early For The Players All those who will make... Read More

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Differences between Aztec Secrets and Amazing Aztecs Slots

Aztec Secrets and Amazing Aztecs slots are two popular online slots that are based on a theme of the ancient Aztec civilisation of South America. While both of the slots offer plenty of surprises for the players and help them win good rewards, there are certain subtle differences between them. Aztec Secrets is developed by 1×2 Gaming while Amazing Aztecs is brought to you by Just for the Win in collaboration with the premier gaming agency Microgaming. Aztec Secrets and Amazing Aztecs Slots Have Different Playing Combinations When it comes to the design elements, both the slots are based on the Aztec theme of Northern Mexico. Aztec Secrets is made up of five reels with three rows and twenty-five paylines.... Read More

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Try Your Hand At The Vibrant Moirai Blaze Slots

There are certainly lots of adjectives that could be used to describe the Moirai Blaze slots, with vibrant being among them! This slots online is themed around the Hindu festival of lights – Diwali. The Moirai Blaze slot is designed by Iron Dog Studios and has got a futuristic look. Overall, this is one exceedingly well-packaged slot players can be forgiven for going crazy over! Blaze With Light And Goodwill With The Moirai Blaze Slots! The slot is featured on a 7×7 grid set and costs from 20p to ₤150 per spin. Accessibility is guaranteed on all devices and Lakshmi- the Hindu goddess of wealth is on standby at the side of the reels waiting to reward players of this... Read More

Posted On: 07/12/2018

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The Advantages Of Playing 5 Reel Slot Machines Over 3 Reel Slots

Slot machines are a firm fixture in any online casino worth the name and come with a diversity of features. Some slots have bonuses of different stripes while others have progressive jackpots. A slot with bonuses usually has just 3 reels, while the one with progressive jackpots invariably is a 5 reel slot machine or has more than 5 reels. As anyone knows, progressive jackpots are among the most loved features in online slots and the reason 3 reel slots invariably lack them have to do with their relative lack of capability, especially when compared to their 5 reel counterparts. This and more will be further explained below. The Advantages Of a 5 Reel Slot Machine Online slot games are... Read More

Posted On: 03/12/2018

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Gambling in Movies

After seeing a few gangster movies, it becomes easy to spot a few recurring elements in them. These movies feature a fiercely savage storyline, engaging narrative, lots of arms and weapons, magnetic, brazen mob lifestyle, getaway cars, mind games, business tactics and shrewdness that without fail becomes a powerful bustling show. However, another important thing that is becoming more and more prominent: the actor playing casino game – yes, depiction of gambling. Gangster Movies and Casino Game These movies show casinos as a prime aspect of the story, whereby it can be a setting for significant dialogues and conversations, an intriguing casino game, a spot of crime, or even presenting mobs as the masterminds behind the whole operation. No matter... Read More

Posted On: 30/11/2018

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Missing Summer? Keep Yourself Warm With These Top Slots

Summer is gone and the winter prepares to slide its icy hands into all aspects of our collective lives over the next few months. If you are however not prepared to let go of the sweetness of Summer, you can either sue the gods in charge of the seasons or warm up your bones with a slew of Summer-themed slots! Why Not Go For Some Fishing on Summer-themed Slots Alaskan Fishing? Alaskan Fishing slots has 5 reels, 3 rows and 243 ways to win. It is made by Microgaming and centres on recreational fishing in you guessed it, Alaska! The icons comprise an eclectic mix of fishing-related items, trophy cups, wild animals, and various means of travel. The bonus round... Read More

Posted On: 26/11/2018

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Online Gambling Continues To Grow In The UK

The UK gambling industry has lately been enjoying a boom, one that incidentally shows no sign of slowing down and appears to last for years. As proof, the Gambling Commission lately reported that total gross casino gambling yield (GGY) from October 2016-September 2017 was at ₤13.9 billion. Of this incredible revenue, around 35% came from betting sites. Reasons for the Boom In Casino Gambling Are Detailed Below • Better Marketing Techniques and Strategies – Casino gambling operators have been quick to take advantage of the advancement of technology to change the way their services are marketed to potential clients. Thus, while such traditional advertising platforms like radio and TV are still employed, they have been effectively replaced by other media.... Read More

Posted On: 23/11/2018

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Microgaming’s Reel Talent Slots Launched At Spinzwin Casino!

Gaming giant Microgaming has been behind many successful slots. Their releases are regular, acclaimed and can make a day feel like an hour flown past in a whiz! Now, they have unleashed an all-new slot which is available in its full glory at Spinzwin Casino! Called the Reel Talent slots, it features a troupe of performing animals, brilliant imagery and bonuses that are heftier than a 3-course meal cooked over a wood fire! Time For Show on This Reel Talent Slots 5 reels and 20 paylines are available in this new release for players to frolic on. Bets per spin range from a low of 10p to a high of ₤100. This slots online features a blue background, as well... Read More

Posted On: 19/11/2018

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Slots Compare: El Jackpotto Vs Lucha Legends

Mexican wrestling has a large and devoted following across most of the world. Fans are drawn by the colourful costumes of the wrestlers, their antics, craftsmanship, acrobatics and more, Seeing as it is so popular, slot developers have been quick to craft slots with a Mexican wrestling theme. These are usually very colourful and fun affairs and pack enough bonuses. Two of the more popular Mexican wrestling-themed slots on the market are the subject of this article. The differences found in each will be detailed and analyzed for your reading pleasure. The two slots are the El Jackpotto and Lucha Legends slots and their differences are listed below. Difference between El Jackpotto and Lucha Legends • Reel Set – the... Read More

Posted On: 16/11/2018

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Enjoy a Share of £25000 at Spinzwin Casino

The players of casino slot games have a new reason to rejoice. The Reel Talent casino promotion starts from the 12th of November 2018 i.e. Monday to 20th of November 2018 i.e. Tuesday where the players can get into some real-money wager of the show pleaser slot and win big. Prizes Worth £25000 to be Won In This Casino Promotion! Reel Talent brings real rewards for the players this season. The Casino Promotion includes prizes worth £25000 to be won by the players. Each player gets to bet a minimum of £25 for their bets on the slot in return to which they get a straight entry into the Reel Talent promotion-draw. The Reel Talent promotional draw which shall be... Read More

Posted On: 12/11/2018

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Play NetEnt’s Brand New Wild Bazaar Slots At Spinzwin Casino

NetEnt is in the news again! As one of the biggest game developers around, NetEnt makes a point of regularly releasing slots and other casino games that get the players feeling all dizzy due to the immensity of potential fun that can be had! One of their new releases is the Wild Bazaar slots. It features low stakes, a fun look, a creative bonus round and engaging gameplay. NetEnt Unveils A Wild Bazaar Slots Of Fun! Set in a dusty Arabian market that is incomprehensibly deserted, the Wild Bazaar slots has 5 reels, 4 rows and 26 paylines. It can be accessed on all devices and with bets starting at just 20p per spin, anyone can slurp up the featured... Read More

Posted On: 05/11/2018

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Mexican Wrestling Inspired Lucha Legends All Set To Launch

There are plenty of fans of Mexican wrestling. If you count yourself among them and also happen to love playing slots, then it’s time to jump for joy as you mean it, as the Lucha Legends slots game is to launch October 31 like a piledriver aimed at the throat! Fight For Glory With The Lucha Legends Slots! This all-new Microgaming product has 5 reels and 25 paylines. It is fresh from the oven and can be accessed on every device with internet connectivity that you own. 25p and ₤75 make up the lowest and max bets per spin in this all-new release and everything in view are fiercely cartoonish. The backdrop of Lucha Legends Slots features a wrestling ring,... Read More

Posted On: 29/10/2018

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Play The New Luxury-Themed Romanov Riches Slots At Spinzwin

Looking to experience some luxury by playing luxury-themed slots? Spinzwin brings to you Romanov Riches slots. It is themed around the astoundingly luxurious lives of the Romanovs of old Russia. This slot game is classy, stylish and colourful to please your eyes enough. The Luxury That Romanov Riches Slots Bring As to be expected of such a high-quality slot, it comes from the stables of one of the biggies in the slot world – Microgaming. You can see 5 reels and 15 paylines here. This slot game can be played by anyone regardless of pocket depth, as the least and highest bets per spin are set at 20p and ₤100 respectively. The graphical quality here is positively stratospheric. The featured... Read More

Posted On: 26/10/2018

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Top 5 American-Themed Slots

As you might know, there are currently thousands of slot games around. These vary in the features offered and the themes found within a range from the absurd to the epic. Some are based on the classic era, others have Asian or Ancient Egyptian themes and still, others come with American-centric themes. If you have a fondness for the latter, then here are the top 5 American-themed slots that Lady Luck will never forgive you for not taking a good peek at! Now What These Top American-themed Slots Are? 1.Travel to the far west with Wild West Slot This American-themed slots is based on the infamous period known as the Wild West, where law and order were spotty and only... Read More

Posted On: 22/10/2018

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Play Hollywood-Inspired Planet Of The Apes Slot At Spinzwin!

By all accounts, Hollywood is an entertainment colossus that ceaselessly delights in releasing hits that have made viewers cry, shout with glee, get righteously angry, and be inspired with a wide range of emotions. Hits released by Hollywood Studios tend to be quite enduring, apart from inspiring a range of other products like games, artworks, books and more. Now, if you a fan of the silver screen, then you must have seen the Planet of the Apes movie and become totally awed at the sweep of all that was unveiled. Supposing the movie resonated within you, then you will no doubt be rather pleased to hear that NetEnt has also released a slot game that heavily borrows elements from it.... Read More

Posted On: 19/10/2018

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Play Eyecon’s Egyptian-Themed Sands of Fortune Slots

If you haven’t travelled to Egypt, then it’s time you hit the sand in the expansive desert under the scorching sun. You can do this by playing the newly launched Eyecon’s Egyptian-Themed Sands of Fortune Slots that comes with 5 reels and a total of 9 paylines. The slot features beautiful hieroglyphs that cover the walls in the background. In addition, you will also see some interesting characters and graphics that bring out the main theme of the game. it wouldn’t be an Egyptian slot if there weren’t some desert scenes as well as a cultural soundtrack in the background. Sands of Fortune slots is built using the latest HTML5 technology that allows the game to be played on all... Read More

Posted On: 15/10/2018

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A Complete Guide on Multipliers in Slot Games

Multipliers are unique elements in a number of slot games able to increase your payouts by certain preset number. As much as they are common in a number of slots, there are some that lack this exciting feature. Some of these multipliers come with certain rules on how you can land them while others are straightforward. In addition, others are activated in the bonus rounds or free games while others are activated in the main game. Some also apply to your payouts while others apply to your line stakes and total stakes. In short, every slots game comes with its own set of rules in terms of multipliers. It is therefore crucial that you take time to understand how the... Read More

Posted On: 08/10/2018

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NetEnt’s Brand-New Coins Of Egypt Slot Launches!

If you are a familiar in the world of online slots then you must have heard of NetEnt. Their slots come in all shapes and sizes, and with varied stories and themes. A new one has just been launched with much fanfare and boy, does it promise an overflow of the sweetest goodies! Called the Coins of Egypt slot, the brand-new, freshly-minted and factory-fresh slot has an Ancient Egyptian theme, along with lucrative bonuses and graphics so good that it rivals those seen on the latest console games. The Mighty Coins Of Egypt This new NetEnt beauty has 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines. Judging by the looks alone, the Coins of Egypt slot is easily the most sweeping,... Read More

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Win Goodies This Halloween 2018 At The Spinzwin Casino

Apart from trick or treating and scaring the holy molly out of some poor souls, you can also win some heady goodies with Halloween casino promotion. This Halloween, you need to rush to Spinzwin Casino! Before you delve into the nitty-gritty of the promos and bonuses on offer, why don’t you explore the origins and customs normally associated with Halloween? If you are game, then read on and you might find out some things you never knew about Halloween! Halloween Is One Scary Stuff and so is this Halloween Casino Promotion! Halloween is a hugely popular holiday that’s annually celebrated across the globe. It takes place every 31st of October and according to most accounts traces its origin to the... Read More

Posted On: 01/10/2018

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Spinzwin Casino’s Top Online Slots With Bonus Round

Wins and increasing account balances apart, there are fewer gratifying features in online slots than unlocking a sweet bonus feature. Previously, such bonuses mainly consisted of free spins, with some having multiplied win values, but are now made up of all manner of bonus features that are either relevant to the theme or otherwise. These days, in an ever-distracting world, it’s getting harder to keep players totally entranced by the gameplay mechanics and convince them to keep playing. But the following slots have apparently mastered the art! Here are the top online slots that combine graphically impressive design elements with the most thrilling bonus features: You Would Not Want To Miss the Game Of Thrones, Do You? This is of... Read More

Posted On: 28/09/2018

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NetEnt’s Double Stacks Slots Makes its Debut at Spinzwin

It goes without saying that the retro-slot machines are making a comeback. Many game providers are recreating these old school games to add that modern feel and touch. NetEnt is one such provider and after revamping Swipe and Roll slot game, they are back with another reincarnation of the Double Stacks slots game. The fruit-themed game comes with 5 reels and 10 paylines offering an RTP of 96.10%. You can also walk away with wins of up to 1,000 times your bet on one spin thanks to the 7s, bars and the fruits on the reels of Double Stacks Slots. In order to do that, you’ll need to place a stake of 0.10 coins minimum and 100 coins maximum. So,... Read More

Posted On: 24/09/2018

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A Simple Guide To Paytables In Online Slots

For an inexplicable reason, the vast majority of slot players out there neglect to consult the paytable found on the slot of their choice before splashing out real money on it. Such a mistake is common but can be disastrous for the whole gameplay experience. While the majority of slots UK are alike in process and structure, they do differ in the type of payouts that are featured. Slot players also have different appetites for risks and boast varied playing styles. For a superior gameplay experience, the players need to match up their preferences with the payouts offered on their chosen slots. This is possible only when the payout has been thoroughly studied and analyzed and is why players need... Read More

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September 2018 Special: Travel Dream Holiday Promotion

It’s September and it is the time to slip into the leisure mood with the ‘travel dream holiday’, a casino online promotion launched at Spinzwin. The top UK gambling site is offering all new and existing players a deal that can skyrocket entertainment to the moon. What is the Travel Dream Holiday Casino Online Promotion? If you have been waiting to vacation at one of the most exotic holiday destinations, here’s the opportunity knocking at your door. After all, when it’s about winning a holiday worth £10,000, you can’t be sleeping at leisure. The Travel Dream giveaway has been specially designed to provide a customized holiday package. This means that the lucky winner of this promotional offer gets to choose... Read More

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Tips for Responsible Gambling

Gambling is a fun activity to engage in and has been around since the ancient days. Furthermore, you have the chance of winning while at it. However, it is important to practice responsible gambling because this activity could turn into an addiction. Many gamblers kick off with very good intentions of responsible gambling. Nevertheless, an hour or so into the game and their finances are in a nose dive. Some of the consequences of irresponsible gambling include marriage issues, financial difficulties and many more. With the above in mind, it is important that you gamble responsibly, and the following are some of the tips you can employ while at it. How to do Responsible Gambling? 1. Set a Bankroll Limit... Read More

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A Complete Guide On Five Reel Slots

These days, 5-reels appear to be the gold standard for most slots out there. For some reason or the other, both leading developers and complete unknowns tend to design 5 reel slots as a practice. Such slots usually have more in the way of paylines and are normally packed to the rafters with bonuses. As well, unlike the classic 3-reel slots, 5 reel slots gives more room for developers to experiment and try out a wide array of features and mini-features. Slots with 3 reels, on the other hand, do not have much room for growth and are a little limited in what they can offer today’s players in search of the wildest fun to be had. 5 reel slots... Read More

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The Best Casino Sets in Hollywood Movies

Given the mind-bending thrills, bone-chilling thrills and brain-melting excitement normally found on gaming tables around the globe, it was all but inevitable that movie producers would seek to showcase such on the big screen. Some of this onscreen gambling action takes place in small, out-of-the-way, smoke-filled gambling parlours. Others though occur in some of the more famous and visually stunning casinos on the planet. Let’s explore such best casino settings in the article below. Best Casino Settings Staged in Hollywood Till Date • Casino provided an ultimate and the best casino setting The movie Casino was a Nicholas Pileggi masterpiece that was shot for the cinema by the one and only Martin Scorsese. The film is over three hours long,... Read More

Posted On: 07/09/2018

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25 Fascinating Facts About Napoleon

By most accounts, Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the greatest conquerors the world has ever known and quite possibly France’s most beloved son. He lived a life that was never lacking in drama or action, rose to the top and down again quite a few times and has left an indelible mark on world history. No wonder, he is now a theme for Napoleon Slots. Studying the man he was has revealed a few little-known but quite fascinating facts about his life and times. Interested in knowing these? Interesting Facts about the man on whom Napoleon Slots are based 1. Domineering Mathematician!- growing up, little Napoleon didn’t have much in the way of social skills and was quite domineering. On... Read More

Posted On: 03/09/2018

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Play The All-New Eyecon’s Egyptian-themed Temple of Iris Slots

If you like Egypt and the ancient pharaohs, then Temple of Iris is the ideal slot game to play. It is an adventure-themed slot where travellers go to the land of the pharaohs in search of the lost treasure. It is developed by the premier gaming developer Eyecon and can be played across both desktop and mobile devices. You can start playing this slot from just 25p for each spin. You have a chance to win a whopping amount that can be more than 1350 times of your original stake. Overall, this slot gives you the thrill of Egyptian mythology along with attractive gameplay. You will have Enough of Egypt in the Temple of Iris High-value Symbols Compared to the... Read More

Posted On: 27/08/2018

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Play Treasure Nile’s Progressive Jackpot At Spinzwin

The slots world is awash with ancient Egyptian slots, as there’s something about such an era, its people and culture that the players all over the globe find totally irresistible and absurdly captivating. One such slot has a dated look, but something else that sends the players scrambling for it like seagulls after a tasty tidbit – a jackpot. Or rather a couple of them. Now, if the jackpots are your major weakness, there are few slots that offer ones more delish than those found in the Treasure Nile slots. Read on if you plan on getting your hands on the riches on offer. Paddle Into Wins With The Treasure Nile Slots! The Treasure Nile slot is equipped with five... Read More

Posted On: 24/08/2018

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Berryburst – The Newest Cluster Pays Slot

It might seem like yesterday, but it’s been a while since NetEnt released the fabulous masterpiece that was Starburst. The Starburst slot set the benchmark for slots and its competitors and has been barely eclipsed since it was launched. Now the developer has made available its successor, with the aim, of course, is players to let loose in the goodies on offer in the Berryburst slots! This all-new slot is just like a freshly burst berry, has a tangy taste that’s never forgotten and enough eye-candy to happily watch in glee! Then there’s wilds and respins, a cluster pays feature and wins that can reach 1,868x the stake. What The Juicy Berryburst Slots Has In-store For You? The folks over... Read More

Posted On: 20/08/2018

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Play NetEnt’s Brand New Bollywood Story Slots

Here comes the perfect entertainment on the reels packed with drama, catchy music and happy endings! If you wish to explore the magical feel on the slot machine that portrays Indian cinema, values and millennial take on the changing traditions, NetEnt remarkably captures the sentiments around it all with the new Bollywood Story slots game released this year. The Bollywood Story Slots Game Plot The story in Bollywood Story slots revolves around the budding love relationship between a young woman and man and how the woman’ stepmom plots to change things for the worse by arranging the step daughter’s wedding with a different man. The reel backdrop projects a lavish lifestyle with a beautiful house, well-decorated with expensive furniture and... Read More

Posted On: 17/08/2018

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Silver Lioness 4x Slots Now Available at Spinzwin Casino

Strap up your safari boots and head on to the African Savannah in Silver Lioness 4x slots. The slots game is laid on 5 reels coupled with 1024 ways to win and is created by giants Lightning Box Games. Once the game loads, your eyes will be met with the vast grasslands a habitat of numerous wild animals. Above the grasslands is a beautiful purple sky that adds some complexion to the game. Silver Lioness 4x slots is now available to play at Spinzwin Casino through any of the smart devices. Start your adventure with bets starting from 40p. Silver Lioness 4x Slots is all Set To Give You A Thrilling Time Joining you on the reels will be all... Read More

Posted On: 13/08/2018

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All You Need To Know About The Re-spin Feature In Slots

Casino slots these days are loaded to the gills with various gimmicks that serve the dual purpose of boosting playability and the casino prestige. One such feature is the re-spin and would be familiar to those who play slots online, either from the comfort of their homes or in a brick-and-mortar casino. Now, the concept of reel re-spin is simple in practice. But to stand out from the herd, most casinos add their own flavours, with the result that there is an incredible variety of re-spins features floating around. Some of these can be randomly triggered, others are activated by a specific win, the landing of a particular icon or combo and still others can only be accessed with a... Read More

Posted On: 10/08/2018

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A Simple Guide On Casino Payouts

Casino payouts are an easily misunderstood topic, with most people being unsure of what exactly it means and how it works. Really, though, they are simple in concept and execution as this article will make clear. Read on and learn all you can of casino payouts that will undoubtedly boost your enjoyment of your regular online casino games! All About Payout Percentages in Online Casino Games The payout percentage of most online casino games vary widely but usually ranges from 95% to 98%. However, such a rate does not refer to the percentage of wins that accrue to individual players. Thus, the fact that an online casino boasts payout percentages of say 96% does not actually mean that players can... Read More

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How to Find The Best UK Slots To Play Online?

If you are a casino lover who is having a hard time finding the UK slots online, there is nothing to worry. Players in the United Kingdom can now have quite a lot of options from where they can find their favourite online slots. Even if you are a novice in the gambling circuit, there is nothing to worry. These slots rank among some of the most popular casino games and are developed by some of the premier gaming agencies. If you play them, you can have a scope to win a huge amount of money. So, listed below are some of the best ways from where you can get to know about the slots. Look for UK Slots Online... Read More

Posted On: 30/07/2018

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Some Amazing UK Casino Slots Game Features

The effectiveness of slot games depends a lot on their content. Now, with rapidly changing trends, ceaselessly holding the attention of slots players is no easy matter nor is giving them enough wins to keep them engaged and aim for more. Over the years, however, slot developers have settled on a few tried and trusted methods for keeping players hooked. These methods involve attaching some innovative features to UK casino slots and have proven to be amazingly effective. These Features Add Thrill to the UK Casino Slots • 243 Ways And Means! Quite a few online slots UK have the 243 ways to win feature. This eliminates the need for paylines and only requires that wins get formed in a... Read More

Posted On: 27/07/2018

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Enjoy Flaming Wins on NYX’s Flame Slots!

NYX makes some of the biggest casino games there is. One of the latest from their stables is the Flame slots and boy, it has enough flaming action in store, sizzling graphics and non-stop bonuses to keep players excitedly hopping about like frogs after a Spring rain! Interested in getting your hands on such a red-hot Flames slots and having as much blazing fun as you can bear? Then read on! Flame Slots Make It Flame High! The Flame slots have five reels, three rows and paylines that are fixed at twenty. The featured graphics are vivid, exquisite and beautiful and the bottom of the reel is kept sizzling by a long line of blue flame that looks hot enough... Read More

Posted On: 24/07/2018

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NetEnt’s Witchcraft Academy Slots Released

The folks over at NetEnt don’t seem to rest! Seemingly daily, they release slots with different themes and abilities that are scrupulously designed to a high standard and make a bold bid to lay claims on the affections of casino players. One such game is Witchcraft Academy slots. It has a setting those familiar with the Harry Potter books and movies would be used to, as well as brilliantly executed gameplay and stunning graphics. Read on and get a view of all that it’s offering. It’s Really A Witchcraft Academy slots! A typical NetEnt product, the Witchcraft Academy slots has five reels, four rows and twenty paylines. It is playable across all devices and the action can be accessed by... Read More

Posted On: 20/07/2018

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Top 5 Animals Considered Lucky Around The World

Most people around the world believe in luck. Others, however, attribute lucky events to random occurrences. Be that as it may, still quite a few animals throughout the ages have been deemed lucky. Due to this, many animals are extensively featured in UK casino online slots. The idea is players relate well to these lucky animals. Here are to name a few: Animals Deemed Lucky In UK Casino Slots • Rabbits: In quite a few cultures and in any UK casino, the rabbit is considered an extraordinarily lucky animal. To some, it is a symbol of both prosperity and fertility due to its rapid breeding potential, and back in the days, some Northern Europeans used to gift their children with... Read More

Posted On: 16/07/2018

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Are You A High Roller? Take This 5-Point Test To Find Out!

High rollers are a familiar face in casinos of all types and varieties. The high roller casino player is known as a “Whale” for his/her habit of consistently betting, winning and losing really huge amounts of money of the sort that make the national deficit look anaemic! Most casinos have a minimum bet limit that must be met before a bettor is classified as a high roller. This can be £10,000 or tens of it and entitles the better to a long list of special privileges of the sort even kings and queen dare not dream of! But apart from betting huge amounts of money, are there some other criteria to be met before one can qualify as a high... Read More

Posted On: 13/07/2018

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Raging Rhino vs Respin Rhino Slots

If you love animal-themed slots, both Raging Rhino and Respin Rhino Slots offer a great deal of excitement. Both of these are innovative slots that combine the delight of a lovely gameplay and the excitement of bagging great prizes. If you are a lover of slot games, then you must try both these slot games to discover the unique aspects of each. Discussed below is an insight into the basic differences in the gameplay and other attributes of these slots. How Different Is Raging Rhino Than Respin Rhino Slots? The very first aspect of the difference between Raging Rhino and Respin Rhino slots is the reel structure. The former is made of 6 reels and 4 rows, while the latter... Read More

Posted On: 09/07/2018

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Explore the Unconventional Slot Games at Spinzwin Casino

The casino world today offers thousands of online slot games to select from. It definitely is a challenge for the game developers to come up with out-of-the-box innovations and prove that their game is superior to others. The games vary in design, sound effects, features, themes and so on. But which is the best slot game online? Does the choice remain the same globally? The following article explains about some of the most liked online slot games available at the popular casino, Spinzwin. So, without further ado, here is the list of some of the highest rated slot games. 1. Pay Homage to Ancestors with ESQUELETO EXPLOSIVO This spectacular online slots game from Thunderkick based on the theme of Mexican... Read More

Posted On: 06/07/2018

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Summer 2018 Special: Enjoy Casino Online Bonuses at Spinzwin

Its summer time and time to bask in the cool breeze under the sun! So how does it feel if this enjoyment of yours is enhanced by some cool casino online bonus? Well, Spinzwin brings you some of the coolest bonuses to celebrate the summer season. Not only do you get the chance to get the best out of the summer playtime but also have a chance to win fantastic cash prizes. Spinzwin is one of the premier casinos and strives to always bring a smile to the players by offering great promotions from time to time. This time is for the summer 2018 special promotions to make your summer more special. Bag Summer Sizzle Casino Online Bonus Three Times... Read More

Posted On: 02/07/2018

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Microgaming’s Fortunium Slots is Now Available at Spinzwin

Visit the mechanical marvel, Fortunium an opulent metropolis designed by Maximilian with the spirited explorer Victoria. Based on that, Microgaming has created Fortunium slots with stacked mystery symbols, mystery reels and win boosters. The slot is available to play on any device, provided you have a strong internet connection. This futuristic city is the place to be if you are an innovator. Explore Fortunium Metropolis with Fortunium Slots Fortunium slots is built on the steampunk theme and rich in innovative features and fast gameplay. The great attention to detail and the graphics are impressive. The designers have done a marvellous job with the background of it. The slot is set against the soaring metropolis rising magnificently against the clear morning... Read More

Posted On: 29/06/2018

Author: Tony Willets

World Music Day 2018 Special: Play These Musical Slots at Spinzwin

Across the world, music is one of the best ways to instil your feelings. Whether it is for entertainment or for art, music has been integrally associated with mankind. To mark the gratitude towards this great art form and to enjoy its contribution, the world celebrates World Music Day every year on 21st June. Different cultures celebrate world music day differently. And to mark this great day, Spinzwin has come up with some of the most popular music-themed slot machines. Those who like musical slots can enjoy to the fullest degree of playing these slots. As a part of the World Music Day special edition, you will get to play a wide range of music-themed slot machines. These slots come... Read More

Posted On: 21/06/2018

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Wild Birthday Blast vs Birthday Slots

Everybody enjoys their birthdays. So, Birthday-themed slots are meant to be popular, Wild Birthday Blast and Birthday slots are two popular online slots that cause celebrations of big wins. Both have great gameplay options and wonderful rewards. Here is a peek into some of the attributes of these two slots and how players can play the bonus features and become victorious. Both these slots attract several newcomers and professional gamblers. First things first, Wild Birthday Blast is developed by 2by2 Gaming, while Birthday is developed by ELK Studios. The former is made up of five reels and thirty paylines. The theme of the slot is about animals enjoying a birthday party. On the other hand, Birthday consists of five reels... Read More

Posted On: 18/06/2018

Author: Tony Willets

Football World Cup 2018 Special: Predict The Winner and Win Great Bonuses and Free Spins

Football World Cup 2018 is the one gamble that the entire world plays whilst wishing for their country to win and to cheer them on. It’s a gala for the whole world to watch and enjoy the world-class entertainment right at their home. What if you are told that you can gain a lot more than just entertainment brought right at your home with you just wishing for a team to win? Well, it’s true. You just have to celebrate the World Cup with Spinzwin and keep an eye on all the casino deposit bonus and free spins plus the Football Frenzy challenge. Enter the Football Frenzy to Claim the Casino Deposit Bonus Football Frenzy is your chance to make... Read More

Posted On: 14/06/2018

Author: Tony Willets

NetEnt Slots Game, Archangels Salvation Slots Releases Today

NetEnt takes an epic stand in this battle with 100 paylines and 6 reels. Visually the game looks stunning with a serene looking Archangel on one side and the demon standing on the fires of hell on the other. Archangels Salvation slots game is as ferocious as the backdrop with the powerful soundtrack adding to the mystery. WItness the World of Angels and Demons at Archangels Salvation Slots The symbols synonymous with the game like the skulls, lions, hood and the helmet have high payouts. The Angel and the Demon are the highest paying of all with x150 for 5-of-a-kind. The card suits like diamond, spade, club and heart are the low paying symbols of the lot. The lion is... Read More

Posted On: 11/06/2018

Author: Tony Willets

NYX Releases Aladdin’s Legacy Slots at Spinzwin

Growing up with the fairy tale of Aladdin was something that fascinated everyone. Poor Boy; Magic Carpet; Genie who granted wishes; all of it was something of an intrigue. In the Aladdin’s Legacy slots, you get to ride on the magic carpet to search for the genie of the magic lamp. Spin and Guide Aladdin to his Treasure in Aladdin’s Legacy Slots Presented over 20 paylines, Aladdin’s Legacy slots is rich in features. Set on the golden desert overlooking majestic buildings, the reels background compiles a beautiful display. It is intricately decorated with delicate works. The symbols in Aladdin’s Legacy slots are based on the theme like Aladdin’s lamp, scrolls, market, oasis, the evil magician and Aladdin himself. They are... Read More

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Author: Tony Willets

Online Casinos vs Land-based Casinos

Love of gambling has introduced the online version of land-based casinos. Since the days when casino came into existence, there were land-based casinos that were popular. However, with the advent of the internet, online casinos came into fashion due to their easy accessibility. Now with the popularity of mobile casino, it is now possible to play the games always and anywhere. There are certain basic differences between traditional and online casinos. While both offer an enjoyable experience, the features and benefits are different. How Does Land-Based And Online Casinos Differ? Firstly, land-based casinos are physical while online casinos offer a virtual gambling platform. For example, you need to travel and be physically present at the gambling centre. However, in case... Read More

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Top 3 Eyecon Slots UK games To Play at Spinzwin Casino

Eyecon, an Australian gaming company is known for its timeless classic online slots. Starting with the Temple of Isis, their first online slot, they have successfully released some amazing titles, that remain one among the top played slots UK at Spinzwin Casino. This article brings you three top slots by Eyecon which are quirky, fun and kooky. Win your Favourite Cuddly Toy in Fluffy Favourites Slots UK Fluffy Favourites is the most popular among the online slots UK by Eyecon. The 25 payline slot is set against a fairground with cute fluffy toys as the main characters. The symbols are adorable fluffy animals including elephant, lion, panda, gorilla, turtle, goldfish, duck and hippo. The hippo pays the maximum with 5000... Read More

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25 Crazy Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Casinos

A UK Casino and its popularity have skyrocketed in recent years and the stories behind them have only grown more interesting. The mystery and risk behind a UK casino draw people in and is an alluring way to have an enjoyable time. Stories from almost every place on the planet about casinos and how people have played games they could not imagine have been recorded over time. Some Facts To Know About UK Casino 1. Traditional casinos were set up as giant mazes so that people would keep trying new games and stay longer. It was made to be the adult version of Disney World and succeeded. 2. The largest jackpot ever won was a jackpot of $39 million which... Read More

Posted On: 28/05/2018

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All-new Hansel and Gretel Treasure Trail Slots Launches Today!

Hansel and Gretel Treasure Trail slots is one of the newest online slots that have come in town. It is studded with excitement and thrill all through. The plot is quite intriguing. Hansel & Gretel, the brother and sister are kidnapped by a human eating witch and confined in a house that is made of cake. How they get out of her traps and unearth the treasure is the main theme. The whole setting is mythical in nature giving you a picture of the famous fairy tale. At every level of the game, there is some element of thrill involved along with great returns. Start the Bet in Hansel and Gretel Treasure Trail slots from 40p Hansel and Gretel Treasure... Read More

Posted On: 25/05/2018

Author: Tony Willets

Play Dolphin-themed Slot Games at Spinzwin

Believed to be a friendly water-mammal, players enjoy the company of dolphins on the reels. Most popular dolphin games appear in high-quality graphics and offer the shore magic to the virtual ocean lovers. Here are a few slots that provide the best entertainment as you dive into the fun-filled gameplay with the friendliest marine creatures. Win Jackpots With Dolphin Games like Dolphin Quest Dolphin Quest, powered by Microgaming is an immersive nautical-themed slot. One of the well-designed dolphin games, it is loaded with stacked wilds, scatter bonus and more. You can win a maximum jackpot of 12500 coins on Dolphin Quest’s main game while bagging more riches up to 150000 coins from the bonus game. A well-designed game, players can... Read More

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Rules to Play Scratch Card Games Online

With the invention of the internet, there are a lot of developments in the area of online games. One such area is of online scratch cards. Due to the increase in its popularity, almost all online casinos offer scratch cards for the players with an option to scratch online and gain exciting prizes and offers. It has become an enthralling experience for the player while playing the games with the help of scratch cards. But newbies have to know how to get the best experience by playing the scratch games and using the scratch cards while playing online. How does Scratch Online Games Work? The main purpose of playing any online casino game is to win attractive offers and prizes.... Read More

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Types Of Strip Blackjack Games To Play at Spinzwin Casino

Spinzwin Casino is a premium host to mind-blowing variants of the good old classic game of live Blackjack. The gamblers here are introduced to a dizzying array of card games with amazing bonus offers. If you are a Blackjack buff, you can try the Premium Strip Blackjack. The casino is home to hundreds of Blackjack games, for all kinds of players. You could be a professional, seasoned player or just a rookie charmed by the grace of the card game of Live Blackjack, Spinzwin offers something for each and every player visiting the site. What is Strip Blackjack? It is a variant of the old card game of Blackjack. Blackjack, also sometimes known as twenty-one is a game played across... Read More

Posted On: 07/05/2018

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The Journey of Online Slot Machines (so far)

There are many reasons why gamblers and slot machines have a special relationship. Slot machines have been the great window to casino culture. Slot machines paved their way from classic fruit machines to the online slot games. The journey has an interesting history of which the results are fascinating. The slot machine culture has been revolutionary in the gambling history. The very first slot machine was introduced with a simple gaming theme called classic fruit machines. From there, it has progressed into electromagnetic to video slots and the online video slots that are in vogue in the online casinos. It is since then the diversity in slot machines started to take shape. The video slots gained popularity after gaining the... Read More

Posted On: 03/05/2018

Author: Tony Willets

Brand New Online Scratch Card Games Launch at Spinzwin

Spinzwin launches online scratch cards game to add to the excitement and elation of their players. Keep reading to find out about few of the awesome scratch cards which have got everyone hooked. Play scratch cards at Spinzwin to enjoy some of the amazing scratch cards found in any casino. Monstrous Wins on Monster Wins Online Scratch Cards Monster Wins is the old school scratch card which is anything but basic. The scene is set on a mysterious planet with monsters holding your wins. The monsters may be small and cute, but the winnings are anything but small. The online scratch cards also hold a Jackpot option along with the usual scratch winnings. The aim of the game is to... Read More

Posted On: 30/04/2018

Author: Tony Willets

What Makes Rainbow Riches So Popular Amongst the UK Players?

When it comes to online slots, Irish legends have always attracted player’s attention. Rainbow Riches is another themed slot that is based on the Irish theme and it has really become greatly popular among the players in the United Kingdom. If you are keen on gambling and wish to win loads of rewards, then this is the right game for you. So what are the factors that make the game so popular? Well, to put it simply; they are an excellent interface, great payouts, and wonderful gameplay options. Try your luck at this slot and enjoy to the fullest degree possible. The Interface of Rainbow Riches is Simple Yet Attractive Rainbow Riches has been developed by renowned gaming agency Barcrest... Read More

Posted On: 27/04/2018

Author: Tony Willets

All You Should Know About Scratch Card Games

Today, scratch cards have become one of the most popular games on the web around the world. Playing scratch games on the web is the simplest way of playing a casino game. With a simple computer and an internet connection, the user can enjoy a range of online scratch card games on the go. How do Scratch Cards Work? The scratch cards are based on a simple game. It is a card that is hidden a series of data (numeric or alphanumeric) by a screen or holography in order to ensure the privacy of them. When the hidden space is scratched, the data is discovered and in the case of identification cards, an access code or a code is obtained... Read More

Posted On: 23/04/2018

Author: Tony Willets

Online Roulette and Land-based Roulette: What are the Differences?

Roulette is popular casino game that is loved by all. From beginners to experts, it is a favourite for beginners and pro players alike. The thrill of getting the ball to land in your desired slot is unmatchable. It can be enjoyed at any local casino at a real Roulette wheel or at a virtual casino from your tablet, desktop or mobile. Both the options have their own benefits and the real choice comes down to the players as to what they like. A player who wishes to play casino Roulette with real cash can choose to play at a land-based casino or he/she can also use online vouchers which can be used to top up their online casino account.... Read More

Posted On: 21/04/2018

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Microgaming’s Brand New Online Slots UK Launch at Spinzwin

Microgaming is a very well-known developer among gamblers. They are one of the oldest online game developers who launched their first ever game way back in 1994. Also, they have over 600 casino games alone to their credit and over 50% of these being online slot games. They are one of the few gaming developers who release as many as four new games every month and they have been doing so for a long time. Microgaming is responsible for creating a frenzy by taking many popular offline games and slot games online. And they did complete justice to it. Listed Below Are Their Top Picks In Online Slots UK • Try the Ironic Title – Beautiful Bones slot game The... Read More

Posted On: 16/04/2018

Author: Tony Willets

How 243 Ways to Win Slots Work?

243 ways to win slots are the most popular kinds of online slots that are played across the globe. They come loaded with lucrative features and provide players with many ways to win. Above all, they offer an attractive game playing experience for the slot players. As evident from the name, you get around 243 winning ways if you play these slots. At each level of the slots, there are numerous winning combos that increase your chances of payouts and help you win more. 243 Payline Slots Do Not Have Any Payline Limits One of the main benefits of 243 ways to win slots is that there are lots of paylines. This allows players to get numerous chances to win.... Read More

Posted On: 09/04/2018

Author: Tony Willets

The Most Popular NetEnt Slots at Spinzwin Casino

Here is great news that UK casino lovers will love! Now you can play some of the most popular slots developed by Net Entertainment on your favourite Spinzwin Casino. These can be played on your desktop or mobile device as per your convenience. The slots are available in a wide range of themes and plots and come loaded with excitement and entertainment. Moreover, they provide players with great wins. Try some of the best NetEnt slots and enjoy galore. They will indeed provide a fantastic gaming experience that both newcomers and professionals will simply love. In order to provide the best gaming experience to a wide range of players, the best NetEnt slots are based on different themes. At each... Read More

Posted On: 06/04/2018

Author: Tony Willets

NetEnt Launches New Asgardian Stones Slots

NetEnt has come out with yet another exciting slots game which takes its roots from North Germany. Asgardian Stones slots have a Nordic mythological theme and produce a mystical feel on the reels of the game. You will find reflections of the ancient city of Asgard in the background behind the reels. The game is artistically developed with a really creative look and feel. The graphics are very impressive which make the gameplay interesting throughout. What have Asgardian Stones Slots got to Offer? Displayed on 5 reels and 20 paylines, Asgardian Stones have symbols mostly from the colourful images of Nordic Gods. The stone carved symbols on the reels are set over the water in a cave. The golden ‘W’... Read More

Posted On: 02/04/2018

Author: Tony Willets

All-New Mike Tyson Roulette Launches at Spinzwin!

Mike Tyson is regarded as the king of Boxing and still is. He is known to hold several records one of which one is for the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title at the age of 20 years. He has now been retired for about 12 years and still turns up as a face of various services and products. He has been known to endorse health and fitness related products. Now, Inspired Gaming has brought for the casino lovers, an amazingly conceptualised Roulette – Mike Tyson Roulette. Insights of Mike Tyson Roulette Mike Tyson Roulette is a highly unique and interesting version of the popular table game. The game keeps the rules of a classic roulette intact and also... Read More

Posted On: 29/03/2018

Author: Tony Willets

A Guide to Stellar Jackpots with Dolphin Gold Slots

If you are out for some fun with one of the most beautiful, intelligent and friendly mammals, immerse yourself in some aquatic fun with the stellar jackpots with Dolphin Gold slots. Powered by the Lightning Box software developers, this unique slot comes with three impressive jackpots for you to win. Stellar Jackpots with Dolphin Gold Up for Grab Dolphin Gold slots comes with five reels and 40 paylines. It is decked with a mesmerising design that invites players to dive into the splashing ocean waves and enjoy the graphics and exciting gameplay. The reels are segregated by bubbles along which the shrimps are seen jumping around. Marine flora and fauna appear on either side of the screen giving it a... Read More

Posted On: 26/03/2018

Author: Tony Willets

Lewis Carroll Presents Alice in Wonderland Slots at Spinzwin Casino!

Who knows what inspires the creators of mobile slot games! They find inspiration everywhere even fairy tales. Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll has inspired many a film directors and animators to release their take on the classic series. Now! It has inspired the slot game creators too. Read more to know about a couple of mobile slots which are inspired by this classic series. Spin down the Rabbit Hole in Alice and the Red Queen Mobile Slot Games A 1950’s inspiration from the classic series- Alice and the Red Queen is brought to you by 1×2 gaming. The slot game as a whole reflects the theme. The symbols include The March Hare, The Caterpillar, The Mad Hatter, The White... Read More

Posted On: 23/03/2018

Author: Tony Willets

Unleash the Primal Fury of Kong with King Kong Fury Slots!

Thought the battle of the Beast was over? You are absolutely wrong. The famous inhabitant of Skull Island, who goes by the name of Kong, has unleashed all his primal fury on a video slot. Yes, that’s right, the point of discussion is the King Kong Fury Slots. This latest slot released by NextGen is absolutely a must-try slot, formulated from the movie King Kong: Skull Island. From its 100 free spin bonuses to travelling to skull island this adventure dinosaur-themed slot game is definitely rolling among the top scorers of slot games of 2018. King Kong Fury Slots Design Designed with 5 reels, King Kong fury slots has T-Rex, snakes, insects and other primitive features as symbols on its... Read More

Posted On: 19/03/2018

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Spinzwin Casino partners with NYX for Unique Slots Collection

Spinzwin Casino partners up with NYX Slots to bring to you, quirky and funny slot games to your desktop. A very welcoming change from the usual theme-based video slots, these NYX gaming slots will be rather interesting and keep you hooked. Not convinced! Read ahead and you will definitely join the queue. Fat Cat – Your Favourite NYX Slots for Gaming If you are a cat parent or a plain lover of cats, then Lo Behold! Your favourite NYX slots game. Many cat owners leave their cats a sizable inheritance. Have you ever wondered what happens to all that money? They are right here in the slot game called Fat Cat for you to win it away. This quirky NYX... Read More

Posted On: 16/03/2018

Author: Tony Willets

St Patrick’s Day Special: Get Up To 70 Free Spins on Irish Eyes 2 Slots

St. Patricks day is celebrated by the Irish in the remembrance of St. Patrick who is the patron saint of Ireland. It’s not only celebrated in Ireland but Irish fraternity all over the world group together wherever they can and hold the celebrations. The colour green is seen prevalent in these celebrations. It’s the time for fun and feast. The children can have fun and indulge while the adults can have a pint and meet the family. While pubs have St. Patrick’s Day special in their bars, Spinzwin gives you Irish Eyes 2 in casino slots online UK game. Irish Eyes 2 Casino Slots Online UK Casino Special Irish Eyes 2 is a sequel to the famous Irish Eyes casino... Read More

Posted On: 12/03/2018

Author: Tony Willets

Brand New NetEnt Slots Launch at Spinzwin Casino

Good news for the casino lovers! The two new NetEnt slots are available to play at Spinzwin now! Net Entertainment has recently launched some of the coolest online casino slots based on different themes. These slots come loaded with lots of excitement, and also provide great payouts as you succeed in forming winning combinations. So, if you are a gambling professional or a newcomer, try out the latest Net Entertainment slots and have loads of fun and excitement. Indeed, these slots justify the already growing fan following of NetEnt casino UK. In an endeavour to cater to a wide range of players, the new NetEnt slots have been based on a wide range of themes. Whether you like the fruit-based... Read More

Posted On: 08/03/2018

Author: Tony Willets

Top Strategies to Play Online Spanish Blackjack

Online Spanish Blackjack is among the popular games by Microgaming software providers. The game features single-hand bets, beneficial surrenders 8 no-10s card decks and double-down rescue options. Online Spanish Blackjack gets its name from the decks it is played with. A Spanish deck is a regular 52 card deck but without the 4 tens cards. The kind of bonuses offered and the unusual decks it is played with, make the game highly exciting. Play Online Spanish Blackjack With These Rules Play Spanish 21 online with 6 to 8 Spanish decks of cards. There are some additional rules added to the game to restore the balance of discarding the 4 tens. The cards can be split by the players with re-splitting... Read More

Posted On: 05/03/2018

Author: Tony Willets

Throwback Thursday: Enjoy these Retro-themed Slots!

If you are an ardent fan of the retro-themed slots that feature fruit symbols, bars and 7s, there are several high-quality slots to choose from. Many developers offer old-themed games packed with modern features and actions. While there are myriad slots offering classic symbols, you can choose from any of the retro-themed slots poised to offer grand entertainment. Power up with the Unique And Thrilling Retro-themed slots 1. 7-UP! 2. Retro Reels 3. Twin Spin Deluxe Discover the Fruity Pleasure in 7-UP! 7-UP is a retro-themed slots placed on 3 reels and 5 paylines. Inspired by the old school fruit machines, this slot features neon coloured reels that cover the entire screen. The coin size can be fixed anywhere from £0.01 to £1. The bonus feature can... Read More

Posted On: 01/03/2018

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Enjoy Big Wins on Sports-themed Slots at Spinzwin!

Sports-themed slots are an easy way to enjoy your favourite sports without having to expend energy. On top of that, you earn money to go online and play these games. The collection of online slots ranges from winter to summer sports, from football, car races to ice hockey. Football slots are considered to be a separate category altogether. Here is a list of some of the very Popular Sports-Themed Slots • Rush for the Mega Money Rush Mega Money Rush is a sports-themed slot brought to the gaming world by the collaboration of Microgaming and Skillzz Gaming. The sports-themed slots game is as grand as its name. The graphics of the game give the classic arcade game vibes. The background... Read More

Posted On: 26/02/2018

Author: Tony Willets

Beginners Guide To Online Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker

If you are either a recreational or a keen gambler, you must have played Poker at some point of time. Poker is one of the most famous casino games and there are many variants of this game available online. One of them is Texas Hold’em which is famous in own regard online and offline. There’s a new online now available at the Spinzwin Casino. It’s called the online Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker. All About Online Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Online Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker might not look like it’s advantageous to the player but there are a couple of different rules that are definitely set to make this your go-to poker game. But like any casino game, luck also plays an unquestionable... Read More

Posted On: 23/02/2018

Author: Tony Willets

It’s Vegas Baby at Spinzwin!

Casinos are packed with slot machines. Slot machine manufacturers look for inspiration everywhere from movies to sports to cultures. This helps to relate to the players and for the players to have a fun time at the slots. This time the inspiration for the slot machines has come from Vegas itself. These online slots Vegas give the players a feel of Vegas in all its glitz and glamour without having to ever visit the sin city. Roll the Dice with Royal Roller – An Online Slots Vegas by Microgaming If it’s Vegas slots, do we not expect bright lights and dice and cards? All these and more in this slot machine. The stunning visual and bright lights will take you... Read More

Posted On: 19/02/2018

Author: Tony Willets

Top Pay by Phone Slots To Play at Spinzwin Casino

Pay by phone slots rank among some of the most popular slots that you can play. Not only do they come with excellent features, but also offers you the scope to pay through your phone bill. Using pay by phone bill option is quite safe as you do not have to divulge sensitive financial information to the casino site. With the popularity of this form of payment, online casino sites are coming up with slots wherein you can pay and place the bet on the phone bill. Once you pay, the transaction takes just a few minutes to get completed. Some of the Cool Pay By Phone Slots you can Play at Spinzwin Casino Let us have an idea of some of... Read More

Posted On: 16/02/2018

Author: Tony Willets

Valentine’s Day Special: Claim Free Spins on Top Casino Slots

Fall in love with spins this week. Love is in the air; even in the online casinos. Are you a single lamenting about something to do on Valentine’s Day? Why not visit Spinzwin and claim 50 free spins! Are you and your partner looking for something memorable to do this Valentine’s Day? Why not do something that will make you happy and possibly rich along the way? Slot games anyone!! How to Claim 50 Free Spins? Each day leading up to the Valentine’s Day is made extra special by Spinzwin with their offer of 50 free spins. That means you get 150 spins free to play on top casino slot games and lift your mood. Leading up to Valentine’s Day... Read More

Posted On: 12/02/2018

Author: Tony Willets

Latest NextGen Slots Launch at Spinzwin Casino!

NextGen Gaming has garnered quite a reputation when it comes to slots game. NextGen powered slots are very popular with the online players. The latest NextGen slots games are always better than the previous launches and they keep improving their record. NextGen online has now launched two latest slot games at Spinzwin Online Casino. These latest NextGen slots are all the way fun in all aspects. So let’s play.   Be NextGen Online – Try the Latest NextGen Slots Dragon Wins and Cleo’s Wish are two latest NextGen gaming slots one can find on Spinzwin. The two are based on very different themes but share the common fun element that NextGen promises. Here’s what you get in these latest slot... Read More

Posted On: 09/02/2018

Author: Tony Willets

Spice it Up with Our Winter of Love Promotion!

Every player is unique, and to value customers, promotions are always the best way. With offers that can help you claim up to 9 times your stakes, let yourself loose and enjoy the action in this sizzling month filled with exciting offers at Spinzwin. With bonus offers and casino promotion codes on the mobile and online casino at Spinzwin, you can win big and have a fun-filled casino experience. Even with minimum deposits, you can enjoy the maximum surprises.   Indulge in the romantic love season with a plethora of rewarding offers on spectacular slots as you have the chance of bagging 210 free spins and winning up to £1260. If you are not a member yet, here’s the golden... Read More

Posted On: 05/02/2018

Author: Tony Willets

Travel Back to the Victorian Era with these Special Online Slot Games

Slots online game is now available to you with just a click. What more if you want to travel back in time and immerse yourself in the Victorian Era you can do that too. Leading game developers have come up with online casino slot games that will take you straight to the Victorian ages. Let’s us take a look at two such slots online games. Save the Princess From the Steam Tower Slots Online Game Steam Tower, an adventure-themed slots online game from NetEnt has all the elements that can take you back into the Victorian Era. The industrial design and the aesthetics are classic Victorian. The ambience portrayed is a classic Victorian age novel and definitely takes you back... Read More

Posted On: 02/02/2018

Author: Tony Willets

Try your luck at these Mexican-themed slots!

When it comes to the Mexican-themed slots, the first thing that comes to your mind is the adventure. Whether it is the treasure hunt or some cool cowboy fight, Mexican slots are all about thrill and excitement. This is one of the main reasons why they are so popular on the gambling circuit. Players from across the world take pleasure in playing such Mexican slots. Popular Mexican-themed Slots to choose from Talking about some of the popular Mexican-themed slots, Esqueleto Explosivo and Luchadora seem to hit the rounds nowadays. Both of them have been developed by Thunderkick and have a high RTP percentage. A big advantage of these slots is that you can play them both on your desktop and... Read More

Posted On: 29/01/2018

Author: Tony Willets

A Simple Guide to Online Aces and Eights Video Poker

Online Aces and Eights Video Poker ranks among the most popular Poker based games. There are certain advantages and benefits that make this game so well liked by both young and old. Online Aces is very easy to play. Being a community game, the rules and regulations are very simple and most players can easily understand and interpret them. You can easily get to know about the game by following it closely for one or two rounds. Moreover, the game is quite interactive. Online Aces and Eights Video Poker is popularly called as Dead Man’s Hand Online Aces and Eights Video Poker is popularly known as the Dead Man’s Hand. The main theme of the game derives from the story... Read More

Posted On: 26/01/2018

Author: Tony Willets

Check out the top Native American Themed Slots at Spinzwin

Online slots have caught the fancy of casino game players worldwide. As more and more players are shifting their loyalties from land-based casinos to online casinos, online portals are trying to offer as much variety as possible in slots games. Most online casinos offer hundreds of online slots games varying from the latest releases in the gaming market to the old classics that some players are still in love with. Spinzwin casino has now come out with native American themed slots games that are sure to catch the fancy of online players. Native American Themed Slots Game: Totem Treasure A slot game developed by the leaders in the industry Microgaming, this one is dedicated to the Native American culture. Totem... Read More

Posted On: 22/01/2018

Author: Tony Willets

NextGen’s Samurai Split Slots debuts at Spinzwin

Players who love playing at Spinzwin online casino portal are well aware that they will get all the new games as they come. So look no further than Spinzwin to play the latest game from NextGen as they launch it. Samurai Split slots is the latest offering from NextGen and has made its debut at Spinzwin. The Chinese Samurai inspired online casino slots game is fun and can make you win good money. Be The Samurai yourself in the Samurai Split slots Set in a Chinese village the Samurai Split Slots game has a village inspired backdrop with the red sky, clouds, pagodas and bridges. The music is all Chinese instrumental. The reels are transparent and spin against the backdrop... Read More

Posted On: 19/01/2018

Author: Tony Willets

4 Creepiest Slots to Play at Spinzwin

Everyone tells you how online games are all colourful, musical, bright, etc. but there is another twist to the scenario where some creepiest slots online will make you win the bucks but they just might wake you up from sleep with some weird dreams. Yet there are millions of players who love this theme as wear by the mix of fun and creepy feels. Spinzwin Has one the Creepiest Slots Online If you doubt this claim the only option is to try playing these games. The top picks are right here on this list and you definitely want to enjoy them. You can start right away with simple registration procedure and simplest terms in the world. The Circus Gets You... Read More

Posted On: 16/01/2018

Author: Tony Willets

Have you tried the Classic Tunzamunni Progressive Jackpots yet?

It is said that old is gold. The movies, books, music, games that have been termed as classic have an old-world charm to them that works in today’s world too. In fact, it is much more relished today than ever before. Tunzamunni Progressive Jackpots is an online casino game which fits into such category. The game is a popular online casino game and offers progressive jackpots. Tunzamunni Progressive Jackpots – Mexican God of Fortune Inspired! Tunzamunni Progressive Jackpots work on the principle of progressive jackpot games. It is a jackpot whose value increases each time the game is played, but the jackpot is not won. Once a player hits the jackpot the value is reset to a lower predetermined value... Read More

Posted On: 12/01/2018

Author: Tony Willets

Travel the World With These Slots Online!

You don’t have to book a flight to travel when you can do so right from your couch, with slots online! Themed slots are plenty of fun. You could play the classic fruit machines if you wanted, of course. But with so many more choices in online slot machines today, you’ll want to explore, especially the themes that take you places far off. Here is a look at some fun and well-made online slots UK, that take you everywhere from the pyramids of Egypt to the bright lights of a city, to the legendary Shangri La. Hit the Slots Online to Shangri La The Legend of Shangri La: Cluster Pays an instalment in the Cluster Pay series from NetEnt. Accompanied... Read More

Posted On: 05/01/2018

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Brazen Renegades Slots Launches at Spinzwin!

In this 243 ways to win slots game, you will fight along 5 fearless princess warriors of Valkyrie. There are huge prices to be won. The game comes with wild symbols that will boost your plays, not to forget the rewarding mega symbols for unbelievable winning chances and free games as well. This release from NextGen showcases their best graphics, something that might not have experienced in near past. Those photorealistic warriors on your screen will make you feel like you are fighting in a team of real people. You can’t ignore the hyper realistic look on the symbols as you play Renegades slots. Renegades Slots Symbols Log into Spinzwin casino and access this magnificent game. Before you, there will... Read More

Posted On: 02/01/2018

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Try your Luck at Avalon Multiplayer Slots, only at Spinzwin!

A game is no fun if you can’t play it with your friends. Nothing can beat the cheering of your buddies around you when you are playing that all important game of your life or just fooling around. So when it comes to casino games especially slots, having your friends to cheer pumps up the adrenaline to a new high. Also, it is fun to compete in the slots with complete strangers. Spinzwin is quick enough to pick up this opportunity as developers decided to put Multiplayer slots games into action. Hence, the introduction of Avalon Multiplayer Slots. All About Avalon Multiplayer Slots Spinzwin online casino host this awesome multiplayer slots game titled “Avalon”. While the game is famous for... Read More

Posted On: 29/12/2017

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Santa is Coming to Spinzwin!

If you do not play slot games, then you are missing out on some major excitement this Christmas. And if you do, then be quick to check out Spinzwin. It offers some of the best online slots UK has, and you can play online slots UK has fallen in love with. Two of the online slots UK is playing day in and day out are Ho Ho Tower, and Foxin Wins a Very Foxin Christmas. The very suitably and beautifully designed Christmas themed games are a hit due to many features such as generous wins, free spins, bonus amounts etc. Fantastic Online Slots UK Games this Christmas! So Santa got his big red bag full of gifts for all players... Read More

Posted On: 25/12/2017

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Spinzwin Presents Sequels of Top Scratch Card Games

With online casinos becoming the hot spot for online players, the demand for a variety of games is on the rise. Players always want to try out something new and online casinos try to come out with exciting games that can keep their players engaged. One such development is the increasing popularity of online scratch card games. This is an exact version of the physical scratch cards that were in play from the 70’s. However, the online version is much better and easy to play offering players a higher chance of winning than the physical version. Taking this popularity into account reputed online casinos like Spinzwin has come out with Sequels of the top scratch card games. Let us take... Read More

Posted On: 22/12/2017

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Fun Facts About the Halloween Movie

There are some movies that do not fade with time, their popularity keeps increasing. The Halloween movie from John Carpenter is one such movie that has a huge fan following globally. Often said to be number one classic horror movie ever made, the movie offered audiences many moments of gripping fear. Since most of you might be well versed in every scene in the movie, let’s take a look at some interesting, fun facts about this horror classic. Halloween Movie gave Jamie Lee Curtis a Big Surprise After the end of the first-day shooting of the movie, Jamie Lee Curtis was desperate. She felt that her acting skill had been really bad, and she was pretty much sure that she... Read More

Posted On: 18/12/2017

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Play Top Arctic-themed Slots at Spinzwin

Just in case you are wishful of a beach gateway, but can’t make time for one right way, try taking a dip into these treasured Arctic-themed slots to play some of the best entertaining casino slots. These video slots with a theme are either underwater based or adorned with glimpses of the Arctic terrain bringing winters to your doorstep just with a click. Immerse Yourself In An Ocean Of Rewards With The Arctic-Themed Slots At Spinzwin While Arctic-themed Slots are one of the most popular forms of online gambling slots available today, they are equally attractive and come with lucrative prizes to engross and entertain you in the cool waters. Spinzwin is an ultimate online casino destination that offers multiple... Read More

Posted On: 15/12/2017

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The Ultimate Guide to Six Shooter Casino Game

Known to be a popular dice game, the Six Shooter casino game is played on the casino table. The game is suitable for most gaming devices and promises a real-like casino feel to the players. The players find this Six Shooter casino game super easy to learn. Designed with a 3 round gameplay, the game has attracted many casino players towards it due to its super-fast results. On and On, an amazing game where you can win huge payouts packed with many amazing features. Know more about Six Shooter Casino Game before you start Starting with a nominal bet of 0.01, you can go up to 20 in this six dice game. The dice rolling process of the game is... Read More

Posted On: 11/12/2017

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ELK Studios and NetEnt presents Christmas-themed Slots at Spinzwin

It’s Christmas and the whole world is gearing up for a season of festivities and fun. For online players. Spinzwin is coming out with Christmas-themed slots that are bound to take your gaming spirits to a whole new level this time around. Some of the most interesting slot games that have taken on a special Christmas look are the Ho Ho Tower slot game from ELK Studios and Netent’s Flowers slot game. Users will be in for a special Christmas treats as you spin the wheels of fortune on these games. Ho Ho Tower in a New Christmas-themed Slots Version It’s Christmas time and the streets of Hong Kong are set for snowfall and the spirit of Christmas. The slot... Read More

Posted On: 07/12/2017

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Spinzwin Christmas Special – Get Free Spins with exclusive Promo Codes!

“Jingle Bells, Jingle bells; Jingle all the way”, perhaps whenever you hear the rhyme, you feel festive right away. This Christmas, how about enjoying some cool Christmas slots online? You get the chance not only to enjoy the festival to the fullest degree and also win some great cash prizes. To make your Christmas more special, the leading online casino Spinzwin has come up with some great promotions. Celebrate Christmas Slots Online like never before with Welcome Bonuses For the players who play this Christmas season from 1st December to 17th December, Spinzwin is offering some whopping Christmas slots online welcome bonus. It is a great way to welcome players into the Spinzwin family and make them feel special. Once... Read More

Posted On: 04/12/2017

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Difference Between Giant Gems and Lightning Gems Slots

Giant Gems and Lightning Gems slots are two popular gem-themed games. As the names suggest, both the games are related to gemstones. Stone and jewels are probably the most frequently used in casinos and even in arcade games. This theme is very well-liked among all kinds of games. The big and beautiful rocks make the visuals in a game very attractive. These two slot games are also popular for this reason. Playing the gem-themed slots is very exciting and fun. The massive jewels are extremely attractive. When you play these slots, it makes you want a gem in real life! Casino players are always curious about the features of any slots game that they encounter. Knowing about the unique and... Read More

Posted On: 01/12/2017

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Difference between European Blackjack and American Blackjack

Blackjack or 21, a favourite casino game is a worldwide hit. Both the real-world and online casino variants are equally popular. The online versions can be easily played on laptops, computers, and mobiles and have gained a vast fan-following over the years. While many variations of Blackjack are available, the two most common and widespread versions are American Blackjack and European Blackjack. Online European Blackjack Terminology The basic rules of the game in both online European Blackjack and American Blackjack remain the same. However, there are slight differences between the two, which the players must keep in mind. This understanding helps in choosing the right strategies when it comes to the game. Let’s talk about the differences now. Hole Card... Read More

Posted On: 27/11/2017

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A Complete Guide on How to Play Sizzling Hot Roulette Online

Love Roulette? But are you in love with the online slots too? Get ready to experience the both at once! Novomatic bring the two hot favourites together to create an even hotter game. Sizzling Hot online Roulette has Roulette as the main bet game and a slot game as the side bet game. This game has received all the attention that it craves for. Slowly and steadily the online community is waking up to this two in one Live Sizzling Hot Roulette Online game.This combination game has proved to be a trendsetter with more such game being released owing to its high popularity. Sizzling Hot Roulette Online is too Hot to Handle So how do we play the Sizzling Hot... Read More

Posted On: 24/11/2017

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Learn more about Probability and Odds in Online Casino Roulette

Casino players know that the gambling is all about odds. The Roulette online game is no different. You can greatly influence your online casino Roulette game if you understand these odds well. Knowing the probability of winning in a game can increase chances of a win. Players can also use these to minimise their losses. But the two terms are often confusing. Sometimes, online Roulette players consider the terms odds and probabilities as same. It is important to understand the differences! Probability in Online Casino Roulette Generally, probability means the chances of a particular event occurring. But Probability has a different meaning in casino games. It refers to the likelihood of a number coming up. In Roulette, each number has... Read More

Posted On: 20/11/2017

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International Men’s Day Special: Play these Top Casino Online Slots at Spinzwin

International Men’s day is around the corner. On this occasion, Spinzwin Casino brings you a list of top casino online slots that you can relish! Each of these is a must play at least once if not more. Top Casino Online Slots at Spinzwin Especially for Men! Reminiscing the retro with SHOOT! These casino online slots are based on the famous Shoot! Magazine that covered all the trivialities of Scottish and English football. This magazine has a historical importance amongst the football fans and what better an online slot to indulge in, this men’s day! A 5-reel and 50-payline online casino slots, it hosts some great football legends including Maradona, Pele, Kevin Keegan, George Best, Cruyff and Franz Beckenbauer. Shoot!... Read More

Posted On: 17/11/2017

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Hidden Slots by ELK Studios Launches at Spinzwin Casino

Hidden slots, the latest addition to the awesome collection of ELK Studios’ slot games launches at Spinzwin Casino. It is a 178-payline and 5-reel slot game with lots of entertaining features. It is based on an Egyptian theme and takes the players to the ancient era to meet Professor Taylor and Benjamin- the main characters of the slot game. The reels are set against a beautiful background featuring the pyramids. Many Cool New Features in Hidden Slots Hidden slots have many fun features; you can adjust the bet size which ranges from 0.20 to 100 and pressing the “Auto” button on the upper left automatically spins the reels for you. The slot has 4 main strategies to play with –... Read More

Posted On: 13/11/2017

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Games of the Week Promotion – Get Free Spins on Top Online Slots

Are you thinking of making some extra bucks with your online casino experience? Then, why don’t you try the Games of the Week promotion by Spinzwin? This promotion ensures that your kitty is always full of rewards! It has always been this casino’s endeavour to satisfy customers and the Games of the Week promotion is just another way to do that. From time to time, the casino makes it a point to provide you with attractive promotions to make you feel valued as a player. So, try out the Games of the Week promotions and have a great gaming experience! These Promotions In Online Slots Lure More Players Now it is time to enjoy some cool rewards on your favourite... Read More

Posted On: 09/11/2017

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Have you tasted these Delicious food-themed Online Slots at Spinzwin?

The craze of online slots is undeniable. They are fun, engrossing and have established themselves as the future of the gambling industry. They offer a chance to win exciting prizes from the comfort of your houses. What can be more alluring than that! Additionally, slots online games come in endless varieties, suiting to everyone’s requirement and choices. Imagine having online casino slots based on the yummy delicacies around the world! Let’s take a look at the famous food based slot online games available at Spinzwin. So Much Sushi in Online Slots It is a 5 reel and 25 payline online casino slots, powered by Microgaming. The Japanese staple is now available to tickle your casino buds! So Much Sushi slots... Read More

Posted On: 03/11/2017

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World Magic Day Special: Enjoy our classic Magic-themed Slots!

Everyone knows that October 31st is Halloween. It’s one of the most exciting days of the year! But did you know that World Magic Day is also celebrated on the same day! What is Magic Day, you ask? It is celebrated in honour of Harry Houdini who died on October 31st, 1926. At the time of his death, he was one of the most famous members of the Society of American Magicians. He is one of the main reasons why magic is still popular today! Magic Day is the perfect day to play magic-themed slots! Try out these slot games and see if magical things happen to you this October! Magicious Magic-themed Slots This spectacular 5 reels and 10 paylines... Read More

Posted On: 30/10/2017

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Extreme Gaming’s Live Casino – Win Prizes Worth £1,000!

Live casinos are becoming very popular. Playing online casino is regarded as one of the most entertaining activities. The prospect of winning keeps you excited during the whole gameplay. And the fact that you can play and win from home just adds to the attraction! Spinzwin in association with Extreme Gaming now brings to you an incredible offer. Make your game even more thrilling. Play live casino and stand a chance to win up to £1000! Seize this opportunity to win bigger than ever on Spinzwin! Know all about Extreme Gaming’s Live Casino Promotion! Live Casinos offer a truly realistic experience online. They offer the best of both worlds. You get the thrill of the real casino. And the convenience... Read More

Posted On: 27/10/2017

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Trick or Treat Play candy-themed Slots at Spinzwin!

We have quite a lot of online slot games and candy-themed slots are one of them. Known for their happy-go-lucky settings, these slots are very popular among novices, especially women. If you love chocolates and candies, you will love playing these slots. These are based on advanced platforms that add to the optimum gaming experience. The rewards are also quite high and you can win exciting bonuses as well. Let us have an idea of some of the best candy based slots that are ideal for you. Some Popular Candy-themed Slots Being a premier online casino site, Spinzwin offers a wide range of candy-themed slots. You need to choose the one that suits your preferences and budget from the list.... Read More

Posted On: 23/10/2017

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Differences between Butterfly Staxx and Theatre of Night Slots Online

Those who are fans of playing slots online know that there are numerous options to choose games from top gaming providers, including NetEnt, NYX, NextGen Gaming and a lot more offer incredible slots based on a variety of themes. Theatre of Nights and Butterfly Staxx slots are immensely popular slots online. Here are the key differences between these two slots which set them apart from the other slots offered online. Theme of the Two Slots Online Butterfly Staxx is based on the incredible transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. This slot offered by NetEnt has managed to capture the theme beautifully. Bright golden butterflies, high card symbols, and beautiful flowers result in winning combinations on the reels. Theatre... Read More

Posted On: 20/10/2017

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Play Top Underwater-themed Slots at Spinzwin

Underwater-themed slots are one of the most popular forms on online slots that are available. They are quite interesting and come with attractive gameplay options and lucrative rewards. Being one of the premier online casino sites, Spinzwin features a wide range of online slots that are based on different underwater themes. With exciting gameplay options, these slots provide you with a great gaming experience. Let us get to know more about some of the most popular underwater slots that you can play here. Some of the Most Popular Underwater-themed Slots that you can Play Meet Princess Ariana and jot down cash in the process Ariana is developed by renowned gaming company Microgaming and consists of 5 reels and 25 paylines.... Read More

Posted On: 16/10/2017

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How to Play Mobile Casino Blackjack with a Single Deck?

Mobile casino Blackjack is one of the best ways to play a game of Blackjack and make some smart money while doing it. There are many types of mobile casino Blackjack games available for the players to choose from. One of them is the single deck mobile Blackjack. The single deck mobile Blackjack is the simplest kind of Blackjack played with just one deck of 52 cards. The house edge of a mobile Blackjack game changes with the change in the number of decks. In the earlier times, single deck Blackjack games were more common than the multiple deck games. However, the players started developing the counting technique to win the game and the casinos stopped these games and started... Read More

Posted On: 13/10/2017

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Microgaming’s Halloween Slots Launches at Spinzwin

Halloween is just around the corner. This season is one of those holidays that is loved by people of all ages in the world. Spinzwin casino is celebrating Halloween this time by launching one of the best slots on the casino site. Halloween slots are a perfect combination of spook and fun just like the holiday. But not only with the unusual theme, these slots are here to reward the players with some big rewards and bonuses. The amazing Halloween slots have been designed and developed by the very famous Microgaming online casino slot developers who hold the credit for developing many famous slot games of all times. This one is just double the fun! All About Microgaming Halloween Slots... Read More

Posted On: 09/10/2017

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Tips on How to Play Online French Roulette

Casino games have been entertaining people for ages and with the developments in online casinos, there has been an increase in the fan-base of these games. Online Roulette is one of the most famous casino games that is loved by one and all. Roulette has many different types but mainly European and online French Roulette are the most famous versions. Roulette is a simple game which comes with a betting table and a Roulette wheel. The player needs to place their bets on certain numbers and the dealer rolls the dice on the wheel. If the number on the wheel matches the number on the betting table, the player wins. Online French Roulette In A Nutshell French Roulette as the... Read More

Posted On: 06/10/2017

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Halloween 2017 Special: Get Free Spins and Big Bonuses Treats at Spinzwin!

Halloween is one of the most enjoyable holidays. It gives people a chance to dress up in their favourite costumes. Costumes, candies, and carved pumpkins are the things to look forward to! With haunted houses and scary decorations, Halloween is definitely one of the spookiest nights. But are you looking for new thrills this time? Why not try online slot games this Halloween 2017! See if they trick, or give you treats! Esqueleto Explosivo – The Perfect Halloween 2017 Slot This slot game will transport you to the Mexican Day of the Dead festival. It is set in a place where skeletal mariachi band players are playing. Main symbols involve the band members. Each is represented by a differently coloured... Read More

Posted On: 02/10/2017

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A Quick Guide on Spanish 21 Online

Spanish 21 Online is a variation of the online version of Blackjack. The basic rules are based on blackjack, however with some variations. Thanks to the exciting gameplay and great rewards, this game has gathered quite a popularity amongst the players. So if you haven’t tried this variant of Blackjack yet, it is a good one to try your hands at. Spanish 21 Online – A pretty good variant of Blackjack The game of Spanish 21 Online uses six or eight Spanish playing card decks where each deck has 48 cards. This deck is different from the regular deck as it does not have the four tens cards. This absence of ten cards moves the odds in the favour of... Read More

Posted On: 29/09/2017

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Guide on How to Play 3D European Roulette Online

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games known to the mankind. Its roots trace back to as early as the 18th century. It has been immensely popular ever since. In earlier times, it was considered to be a game affordable only by the well-off people. But now, due to the availability of the online casino, the notion has changed. Roulette is considered to be even more famous than the games of Blackjack, Baccarat and Craps. It is equally popular at the online casinos as well as the land-based casinos. It is probably the most popular table game. It is quite impossible to resist its charm and sophistication. This popularity has enabled the development of new Roulette variants. 3D European... Read More

Posted On: 26/09/2017

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Mobile Gambling – The Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to mobile gambling there are certain things that you need to keep in mind for having a better gaming experience. With the inception of smartphones, gambling has really undergone a sea change and now we can stay connected to our favourite games anywhere and anytime. From the latest graphics to the best rewards, mobile gambling games come with a wide range of attractive features. With more and more people getting hooked to the mobile casino, the competition has increased. As such, utilizing these handy do’s and don’ts will help you become a touch above the rest and emerge, winner. The Right Mobile Gambling Game and site is important Do’s: First things first, it is important to choose... Read More

Posted On: 22/09/2017

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Difference between Jungle Jim Slots and Gonzos Quest Slots Online

Jim and Gonzo are one of the popular explorers on online slot games. They are adventurous and feisty. Gonzos Quest slots online players might have identified noticeable similarities between the two slots. Thus, you will find several reviews which point out that Jungle Jim El Dorado is just a Microgaming version of the Gonzos Quest slots. Here is a systematic comparison of the two slots that will point out the difference between Jungle Jim slots and Gonzos Quest slots. Gonzos Quest Slots Online and Jungle Jim have differences in the basic game itself Paylines: Gonzos Quest slots online has 20 paylines whereas the Jungle Jim slots is played over 25 paylines. Bets: Jungle Jim has a wider betting range from... Read More

Posted On: 18/09/2017

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Understand Your Odds of Winning at Online Casino Slots

It is a common misconception that there are secret strategies to win more over slots. As a slot player, you might have undergone a series of wins or losses continuously. Although the online casino slots machines are an attractive source of winning money, you can’t stick to a single strategy that will always make you win. Before playing slots, you should always remember that they are spinning random numbers. So, it is not possible to accurately predict odds of winning. But, here you will find a useful guide to understand how the video slots concept works. You will also know what steps you can take to understand odds in a slot machine and invest wisely. Stay Informed about the RTP... Read More

Posted On: 15/09/2017

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Play War-themed Slots at SpinzWin

War has become an interesting theme in pop culture with movies and television series like the Dunkirk and Game of Thrones having their central themes around wars. The word pops up every now and then in our highly tense world affairs too. The online casino world has its own collection of action packed war-themed slots that need to be revisited, keeping up with this trend. Here are some noteworthy war-themed slots that can give you the feels of Game of Thrones. The Power Wielding ‘Warlords’  in these War-themed Slots Warlords: Crystals of Power is the latest addition to war-themed slots launched in November 2016 from the house of NetEnt. This online slot machine revolves around the war for power between... Read More

Posted On: 11/09/2017

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Survey Reveals Tyrion Lannister as the most favourite Game of Thrones Character

It is all about the game of power, familial power to own the Iron Throne. After all, the Game of Thrones has gained its huge sized stardom owing to its widely popular character list who knit the power game plot with their unique roles. Recently, we at Spinzwin performed a survey amongst 2400+ Game of Thrones fans to round up our attention to the most popular characters. The results have made the announcement large and clear for the seventh season series. Have a look at the Top 10 pointed out by the survey. 1.Tyrion Lannister steals the show at Game of Thrones The powerful character of Tyrion Lannister is indeed the most adored and he has proved its popularity by... Read More

Posted On: 24/08/2017

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Top Tips to Play Jacks or Better Video Poker Online

Are you a fan of Jacks or Better Video Poker? If yes, then you need to be aware of the strategy guide that will increase your odds of winning in a game. You can refer to these strategies while you are indulging in your favourite variant of Poker.   Employ the Golden Rule while Playing Jacks or Better Video Poker Directly going for a Royal Flush isn’t considered to be a great move. Consider holding 4 to a Royal Flush, no matter what the scenario is, except in one specific case. You shouldn’t go for 4 to a Royal Flush when you are holding a K-9 straight flush. For instance, if you have K, Q, J, T and 9, then... Read More

Posted On: 22/08/2017

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Play High Variance Slot Games at SpinzWin

No deposit bonus slots are the best way to peek into the slots world and try out your luck. Such no deposit bonus slot games are free of cost and you don’t have to worry about paying every time. You will find a huge number of casinos offering no deposit bonus slots UK when the player registers for the first time. A fixed amount of credits is added to the player’s wallet. Besides, read more about variance. A slot machine’s variance refers to whether it gives small but regular wins or long losing trails followed by single or couple of big wins. A high variance slot machine is that which gives less frequent wins but when the wins do arrive,... Read More

Posted On: 18/08/2017

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Top Jungle-themed Slots to Play at SpinzWin

Life is an adventure and it is best enjoyed at nature but some take risks in going further and explore the wild forests. SpinzWin welcomes all those aspiring adventurers to enjoy some breathtaking slots based on wild animals and deep jungles. These jungle-themed slots will take you on a trip filled with fun, adventure, fantasy and colours of nature. With roars of tigers and lions and stunning visuals, these games will give you thrills during every spin. Welcome to fun filled Safari with Jungle-Themed Slots Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild is a slot game by NetEnt that is based on an enchanted forest with ancient stone sculptures. This jungle-themed slots game has five... Read More

Posted On: 16/08/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Fascinating Facts About The Osbournes

If you are a fan of hard metal music and Ozzy Osbourne, you surely would have heard about The Osbournes. For those who are not aware, this was well documented American reality TV show based on the singer Ozzy and his family. This show was aired on MTV between years 2002 and 2005 and became very popular. This show was all about how the singer lives his life with his wife and kids. There were many of his popular songs that were featured throughout this TV series too. This show really gave an opportunity to his fans to know more about him. Unusual and Rather Shocking Facts about The Osbournes There are certain facts about the singer that even The... Read More

Posted On: 11/08/2017

Author: Tony Willets

A Complete Guide on Multi-hand Premier Blackjack

Blackjack is a classic casino table game that can be won with a combination of luck as well as strategies. It is not a surprise if you find its die-hard fans all too often. So to help such players make most out of their time at this game, the Multi-hand Premier Blackjack was invented. This is a variant where you can simultaneously play five hands at a time. This means you can stand a chance to win all five games with appropriate strategies applied. Hit a High-Five Multi-hand Premier Blackjack Game Love the Multi-hand Premier Blackjack Design Feel Visually, this variant you can play at SpinzWin has amazing graphics and a professional table setup. There are five circles that represent... Read More

Posted On: 07/08/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Cleopatra Slots – What makes this Slot Game from IGT so Popular?

Egyptian-themed games have always been there in casinos. But, Cleopatra slots is a different genre altogether. You can’t always say that blindly for all IGT games, but it makes sense to comment enthusiastically about this one. Cleopatra is one of those traditional names that have an established presence in the world of casinos since long. Once you play Cleopatra slot, you will definitely like to return to it more often. Cleopatra slots UK is both exciting as well as profitable. Here are the slot’s top-picked highlights. Cleopatra Slots – Loads of Winning Features People love playing Cleopatra slot game. There are more reasons than one for its wide popularity. Most of the players like its high paying features. Of course,... Read More

Posted On: 04/08/2017

Author: Tony Willets

A Quick Guide on Multi Wheel Roulette Online

Roulette is one of the most popular casino table games; both at land casinos as well as the online platforms. This is also a very simple game when it comes to learning the rules to play. Most people still prefer the traditional casinos for playing this game. But one thing they fail to understand is the scope for improving is way larger in the online casinos. One thing you can never find at land casinos is the multi wheel Roulette online game at SpinzWin. This state-of-the-art Roulette played using multiple wheels help the players make the most out of it. Understand the Setup of a Multi Wheel Roulette Online Game How Different Is Multi Wheel Variant When Compared To Single... Read More

Posted On: 02/08/2017

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Play Online Scratch Card Games at SpinzWin

You would have come across a scratch card that entitles you to some prize upon getting a winning symbol or code. These cards are available usually at physical stores and work similar to a lottery system. You scratch and compare the code with the winning code. Depending on the number of matching characters, you will win a reward. The drawback here is, you need to either go to the store or place an order. This is time-consuming and you cannot really play a lot. Thanks to online casinos like SpinzWin where you can play online scratch card games and win prizes. How different are these Online Scratch Card Games? As for the working of an online scratch card, the only... Read More

Posted On: 28/07/2017

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Online Roulette Tips from Qualified Experts

Roulette is a game that can be really addictive at times because of various possibilities of winning here. There are different variants of this game, each with its own set of rules and benefits. But there are certain things that you must keep in mind while playing Roulette. These online Roulette tips will help you win effectively. The Experts’ Say about Online Roulette Tips for Better Wins There are plenty of online casino sites where you can play Roulette. Always make sure you choose a reputed casino site. You can verify that by looking at license and registration information at the bottom of the site. Then go ahead and use the below online Roulette casino tips There are two main... Read More

Posted On: 24/07/2017

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New Phantom of the Opera Slots from Microgaming Debuts at SpinzWin

An opera show combines a rich musical journey with magical visuals to keep the audience enthralled. And there is one of a kind story linked to the music. It is not just fascinating; it has a tragic ending too. With intense drama that sends chills to your spine, Phantom of the Opera slots is here to keep you mesmerised. This amazing slot by Microgaming is an adaptation of the original novel by a French writer, Gaston Leroux. There are several movies, TV shows, games, drama, cartoons and books but this is definitely the best slot that re-tells the most popular theatrical story of all times. Indulge Yourself in a Musical Night of Phantom of the Opera Slots This slot game... Read More

Posted On: 17/07/2017

Author: Tony Willets

SpinzWin’s Ultimate Guide to Online Roulette Wheels

Roulette, as you may already be aware, is one of the most popular table games at casinos around the world. The most important aspect of this game is the online Roulette wheels. They form the base of the game where your luck is put to test. Have you ever wondered how it works? Here’s an online casino Roulette guide from SpinzWin to help you understand the game better. How the Online Roulette Wheels work? Online Roulette Wheels Mechanism A Roulette wheel consists of two main parts; the outer section and the inner section. The outer section is the main bowl and has a circular track around it. The track is where you roll the ball. This track also has some... Read More

Posted On: 14/07/2017

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Online Slots Game Features that Players Love!

Slot games are a rage in the online gambling market for their interesting gameplay and generous giveaways in the form of bonuses and promotions. But whether all slot games are equipped with player friendly features is a question to ponder over. Have you ever gotten excited about a great looking online slots game only to be disappointed by its low payouts and complex gameplay? There are many online slots which have created waves in the past and still are. Mobile Compatibility Of Online Slots Game For Players On The Go The concept of online gambling was catapulted to such success mainly because of the virtual gaming experience it offers. You don’t have to get to Las Vegas for a spin;... Read More

Posted On: 10/07/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Play Top Egyptian-themed Slots at Spinzwin

The secrets of the Egypt have managed to enthral one and all. Who would not want to explore the mysterious Sphinx, the majestic pyramids and the Pharaohs of the ancient Egypt? If you haven’t yet had the opportunity of visiting this wonderful country, then Spinzwin offers you an incredible chance to explore Egyptian-themed slots that seem nothing less experiencing the history of the mystic country in reality. The best thing is that you wouldn’t have to leave the comfort of your home to experience Egypt. Here are some of the most popular Egyptian-themed slots that you can indulge in: Egyptian-themed Slots Are the Most Played  SpinzWin brings a great collection of top Egyptian-themed slots which you can play online and... Read More

Posted On: 08/07/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Perks of playing 243 Ways to Win Slots

Now that you have really dug into the online casino world, you must have realised the big truth – higher the number of paylines, the brighter are the chances of bigger wins. Online slots have come a long way from boring retro kind of slots with solitary paylines. Today, modern online, as well as land-based casinos, have come up with slots that have as many as impressive 243 ways to win per game! Let’s now understand why playing 243 ways to win slots steals the show. Increased number of chances to Collect a Payout with 243 Ways to Win Slots It would be better to go on with an example to make things clearer. If you have chosen to play... Read More

Posted On: 04/07/2017

Author: Tony Willets

The Bride-themed No Deposit Bonus Slots at SpinzWin

One of the most memorable and important events in everyone’s life is a wedding. It is a stepping stone of a family life for the couples. For the brides, it is all about dresses, makeup and the fun they could have with their bridesmaids. This is an experience of a lifetime and some slot games give you that feel. At SpinzWin Casino, explore some bride-themed no deposit bonus slots and get into the celebration mood. Experience the Fun and Glamour of Bridesmaids with Themed ‘No Deposit Bonus’ Slots There is a slots game by name Bridesmaids by Microgaming that you can play at SpinzWin. This is actually based on a 2011 romantic comedy movie by the same name. The movie... Read More

Posted On: 26/06/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Play Popular Chinese-themed Slots at SpinzWin

Online slot games are the most popular online casino games. They are easy to play and serve as the best ways to win some rewards while having fun from the comfort of one’s home. Chinese-themed slots are a popular choice amongst the developers and the players alike. It is so because of the Chinese tradition, filled with ancient and modern customs like dragons, lanterns, martial arts, treasure, colourful costumes, and food, makes it an excellent theme for a slot game. SpinzWin Casino has some of the best collection of Chinese-themed slots like the ones mentioned below. Kung-fu Skills with Chinese-themed Slots ‘Panda Pow’ Panda Pow is a 5 reel and 25 payline slot developed by the Lightning Box Gaming. This... Read More

Posted On: 23/06/2017

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The Ultimate Guide on How To Play Casino Roulette Online

If you have been to a casino or visited an online site, you would have always looked for a game with a better winning probability. Ask professional gamblers which is the best, and casino Roulette online is the game they would first recommend. It is one of the oldest casino games in its history that dates back to 17th century. The game is very easy to understand and play. It requires a combination of luck and strategy to win but the game if pretty entertaining too. The house edge is lower than any other casino games. But between American and French/European formats, the latter is the lowest with just 2.7%. Explore the Casino Roulette Online Betting Options When you choose... Read More

Posted On: 20/06/2017

Author: Tony Willets

How To Play Live Blackjack Common Draw High Roller?

The Live Blackjack Common Draw High Roller is quite popular variant of Blackjack and can be simultaneously played by multiple players. This live game is presided over by a live dealer who utilises a quite sophisticated and automatic card shuffling machine. Here, six decks of cards are used. The objective of the game is simple: to attain a card with a value of 21 or as near to 21 as possible. When this is achieved, the game is over. And the pot is given to the winner. Blackjack Common Draw High Roller is easy to play. At the start of each game round, the dealer will invite you to lay your bets. There will be a countdown timer on the... Read More

Posted On: 19/06/2017

Author: Tony Willets

A Quick Guide to Free Spins No Deposit

Free spins no deposit is a promotional offer that many online casinos offer either to attract new customers or to keep the existing ones engaged. This free spins no deposit bonus lets the new player play without having to make any deposit. The casinos usually award these free spins as a welcome bonus once a user registers on their site. These can vary between 10 and 200 in number and in some cases, even more. Usually, these spins can be used on some selected slots and for a particular period of time. Free spins no deposit bonuses are most likely given on a new game or on a new registration on the online casino website. It is highly recommended to... Read More

Posted On: 16/06/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Popping Pups on Foxin’ Wins Slots at SpinzWin

Get ready to enter into the plush mansion of Mr Fox with Foxin’ Wins slots game. Well, if you are tired of spinning the reels with little returns, then this slot will prove just the opposite with a lot of action up your sleeve. All you have to do is make a wager somewhere within 0.01 to 50 and get ready to start some real as well as reel action. While you are at it, do not forget to make use of the Superbet feature. This feature will increase the supply of wild symbols through little Fox pups that pop up on the screen in such a cute way. All this is definitely worth keeping you glued to the Foxin’... Read More

Posted On: 12/06/2017

Author: Tony Willets

SpinzWin Launches 3 New Iron Dog Mobile Casino Slots

SpinzWin brings to you new mobile casino slots pretty often but this month the titles are unique and exciting. The games are from Iron Dog, the reputed division of 1X2Network. It is a UK based brand with promising reviews and wonderful work to their credit. So, here is what you look forward to. Vibrant Mobile Casino Slots On Offer Cherry Blast This is one of the new mobile casino slots games by Iron Dog based on the theme of bright and colourful fruits. The game offers an amazing visual treat to your eyes with symbols of exotic fruits. You can enjoy this five reels slot with 20 paylines with symbols of various fruits. There are strawberries, lemon, cherries, watermelon, kiwi,... Read More

Posted On: 09/06/2017

Author: Tony Willets

SpinzWin’s Two Month Long Global Adventure with Free Spins Offer

Since the dawn of online casino, hundreds of game sites have emerged around the world. A large number of people have dramatically shifted their focus from land casinos to online portals. This number is on the constant rise because of the benefits that online casinos are providing to the game players. Apart from basic joining bonus, there is a host of other offers that you can enjoy on these online casino sites. But there are few that stand out in offering the best deals that you cannot resist. SpinzWin casino is one such place for wide range of new surprises every month. And this time is your chance to enjoy mobile slots free spins at some very popular slot games.... Read More

Posted On: 06/06/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Legend Has it That LegendLore is Best new Mobile Slots Game

Slot games are one of the most entertaining categories at online casinos. There are hundreds of new and innovative slots that are released every month. Some of these new mobile slots are so good in every way that they stand out in the crowd to become very popular. Such slots boast rich graphics and mind-blowing theme. They tell you a story all along and inspire you in many ways. Legendlore is one of the new mobile casino slots by 1×2 Gaming (NYX) that is unique and based on an epic battle. A war between elves and creatures like orcs and goblins break out leading to a great war. The five reels slot is set in the backdrop of serene mountains... Read More

Posted On: 02/06/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Quick Guide To Progressive Jackpot Slots Online

Winning at Casino games is definitely easier with slots than any other category. There are many slots with jackpot levels that help you win big rewards too. Most slots with jackpots offer you a fixed number of times of your bet as highest reward. This makes your winning big but with certain limitations and usually, depends on the amount you wager. But, at SpinzWin, there is a category of games that has no boundaries or limitations for the amount of reward you can win. These wins are big enough to help you buy a super luxury car, go on a world tour or even buy a house of your dreams. This is possible only with progressive jackpot slots online that... Read More

Posted On: 29/05/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Top 10 Tips To Play Online Poker

When it comes to winning at online casino games, nothing beats the speed and strategies of online Poker. Though the game requires you to understand the rules better and play with the best hand, there are certainly other things that you must consider too. You may not already be 100% sure about the tactics you need to follow. But these simple tips will definitely help you on a long run at your favourite poker game. Master Online Poker With these Tips 1.Choose the right site This is one of the first important things you must do before you begin playing online Poker games. The website you visit might already pose that it is number one and the most trusted site.... Read More

Posted On: 26/05/2017

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SpinzWin Guide To Live Blackjack Games

Blackjack is no doubt one of the most addictive casino games and a favourite to many professional gamblers. People who love this game often travel to popular casino destinations in order to try their luck in this game. In spite of many online games, most people still prefer land casinos as this game is best played in presence of a professional dealer. The atmosphere of a casino something that draws people to play and motivate them. The online casino dealer variant of Blackjack at SpinzWin offers a live professional dealer to assist you with your game. How to Play Live Blackjack Games with Online Casino Dealer? An online casino live dealer Blackjack game at SpinzWin is no different than the... Read More

Posted On: 25/05/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Experience the Starlet Starburst Slots at SpinzWin

Starburst slots at SpinzWin is a five reel game which is based on a wonderful theme of a starlit sky. There are ten active paylines and has an attractive background of the galaxy. You can see some animated stars behind the slot too. It has a fantastic sci-fi techno music makes the atmosphere seem quite realistic as it looks. How to Go About Playing Starburst Slots? This beautifully themed slot game by NetEnt can be played on mobile, tablet or desktop at SpinzWin casino site. You can choose from 10 different levels and 7 different coin values for betting. The amount you can bet starts with a minimum of £0.10 and goes up to a max of £100 each spin.... Read More

Posted On: 19/05/2017

Author: Tony Willets

The Vikings are Coming at the New Valhalla Slots

Valhalla slots is an amazing game by NextGen Gaming company is designed with five reels and ten active paylines of Vikings theme. The graphics of this slot is pretty simple yet attractive with the symbols of Viking nature. There is wonderful background music of manual spinning gears during every spin. The sounds and graphics remind you of the exotic times of Vikings and their tradition. Here is more about this newly launched slot at SpinzWin. Know it All to Play Valhalla Slots Right The betting limit in this game is set between £0.10 and £200 that is the maximum limit. There is an option called ‘confirm Valhalla spins’ with six different levels to choose from. The 1x reel gaming offers... Read More

Posted On: 15/05/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Types of Slots Game Reel Symbols

From different categories of casino games, slot gaming is the most popular among gamblers. Every slot is different from each other in various aspects. What primarily makes them different are their symbols. There are hundreds of different themes of casino slots online at SpinzWin; each designed based on a specific genre. The symbols of these slots represent the characters in the story behind the theme. Every symbol has its own payout value and some offer interesting bonus features too. These symbols are heart and soul of the game, and responsible for the popularity of a slot. Standard Symbols of Casino Slots Online There are some symbols that are pretty standard in casino slots online UK and some or all can... Read More

Posted On: 12/05/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Differences between 3 Reel Slots and 5 Reel Slots

The casinos in the past were dominated by simple 3 reel slots whereas casinos nowadays provide slots that consist of multiple reels and paylines. You may come across traditional 3 reel slots at both online as well as at a land based casino, but the 5 reel casino mobile slots have definitely caught the trend as they come with more betting options, extra paylines, and bonus features. How do 3 Reel and 5 Reel Casino Mobile Slots Compare? 3 Reel Slots Advantages The uncomplicated gameplay is the most recognizable advantage of these slots. These mobile casino slots free have just one payline and minimum betting options which make them quite simple and easy to understand and play even for the... Read More

Posted On: 08/05/2017

Author: Tony Willets

A Guide on French Roulette Online

Thinking about playing casino games? Roulette is the first name that will cross your mind. One of the most popular variants of this game is the French Roulette online. The French version was first played during the mid-1900s. This version of Roulette is extremely popular. Before the rise of internet games, people used to travel long distances just to play this amazing game. Now it is available on a click at SpinzWin. What Makes French Roulette Online Gamblers’ Favourite? Though the game table in this version of French roulette online game looks familiar to European and American Roulette games, it is a tad different. The difference can be clearly found in the layout of the French table wheel. The location... Read More

Posted On: 05/05/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Play Popular Horror-themed Slot Games at SpinzWin

Many people love horror movies and stories that involve evil because it is thrilling and keeps you under mystery until the end. Some just watch them prove to others how fearless they are. If you are a gambler or love playing at casinos with horror-themed slots online then SpinzWin is the place for you. There are many popular slots with the theme of horror, evil, darkness and paranormal activities that you can pick from and some of them are full of nail-biting themes. Gripping Horror-Themed Slots Online Dark Thirst This is one of the popular 5 reel horror-themed slots online game with 25 paylines that you can adjust as per your needs. Based on bloodthirsty Dracula, the slot is set... Read More

Posted On: 24/04/2017

Author: Tony Willets

What makes Gonzo’s Quest Slots so Popular?

When it comes to slot games, there are many popular titles that keep the players addicted to them because of their creative gameplay and various bonus features. Gonzo’s Quest slots is one such game launched on SpinzWin. Firstly, the game does not technically have any reels that spin but instead an empty space where stoned symbols fall from the sky in five columns with three symbols on top of each other. Why Should You Travel to the Lost City with Gonzo’s Quest slots? Eldorado – Lost City of Gold This magnificent mythical tale of the lost empire covered completely with gold in the middle of the treacherous jungles of Amazon is the theme of Gonzo’s Quest slots. The game is... Read More

Posted On: 21/04/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Try All-New Online Slots This April at SpinzWin

When it comes to winning huge money with luck, nothing beats the slot games as they offer several fantastic bonus features. There are some interesting new online slots at SpinzWin you can play this April. These games offer unique features with enhanced winning probability, along with mind blowing graphics and animation to keep your entertained. Buzzing New Online Slots at SpinzWin Hong Kong Tower: This is a 5 reel slot game at SpinzWin played with 99 paylines with a bet limit of £0.20 to a maximum of £100 per spin. With a theme based on the tallest towers in Hong Kong loaded with bonus features and hefty money that you can win in its unique jackpot round, this is indeed... Read More

Posted On: 17/04/2017

Author: Tony Willets

A Quick Guide to Online Slots Bonus Features

Slot games are always fun to play as there are many different types each with a different theme, design, option, bet limit and feature to choose from. But what makes these games more exciting are the online slots bonus features that offer better winning opportunities along with special effects and animation to motivate you. You need to be very patient as these features don’t occur within one or few spins but takes tens or hundreds of spins sometimes to trigger them. For the kind of money you can make from bonus features it’s is really worth the wait. Try some of the biggest and best online slots bonus features with SpinzWin slots. Bewildering Terms behind the Awesome Online Slots Bonus... Read More

Posted On: 11/04/2017

Author: Tony Willets

How To Play Jacks or Better Online?

For all the Poker lovers out there! There is something you definitely need to try out and it’s called Jacks or Better online. This Video Poker, if you hadn’t heard about it before, is probably the best thing that can happen to you! It is one of those online casino games that don’t require mere luck to win, but one has to have skill to win in this one. And what can be better than having a low house edge along with it? Read on to know how you can master the game of Jacks or Better online. Are you Ready to Master Jacks or Better Online? Jacks or Better online is easy to play, and it only takes a... Read More

Posted On: 07/04/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Variations of Online Casino Roulette

When it comes to casino gaming nothing beats the popularity of classic Roulette. The best part of online casino Roulette games is that there are several different variations where the strategies and payouts differ from each other to suit different types of gamblers. There are mainly three variants of Roulette that are widely taken into consideration but all three follow basic rules of the classic game with slight variations in the rules as well as the game setup. SpinzWin brings to you plenty of such options. Let’s take a look. Beat The Monotony: Explore New Variants of Online Casino Roulette •European Roulette This is the oldest of all the three and comes with a single zero on the table in... Read More

Posted On: 05/04/2017

Author: Tony Willets

The Classic Rainbow Riches Mobile Slots is Live Now!

SpinzWin is all set to bring some colours to your life! Rainbow Riches is one of the classic online mobile slots that is now spinning on SpinzWin as well. Only the avid slot players will know about this game and why it is a favourite. Once you get to know a little about this slot, you will fall in love with it too! Colourful and Classic – Two Qualities that make Rainbow Riches a Popular Choice Brought to you by Barcrest, Rainbow Riches is a very basic and classic slot with 5 reels and 20 paylines. Along with the vibgyor, you will see lots of elements from the Irish culture – leprechauns, pots of gold, and so on. You may... Read More

Posted On: 01/04/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Free Online Casino Scratch Cards at SpinzWin

How eager and excited one used to get to scratch the silver-coated cards to reveal the hidden prizes or cash money! Though those scratch cards have become a rare now, but the latest trend of online casino scratch cards will definitely take you down the memory lane! Feel Nostalgic With Exciting Online Casino Scratch Cards on SpinzWin! Online casino scratch cards work the same way a real scratch card does. The only difference is that these are virtual. Though you might not get the satisfaction of scratching the silver-coated card with a coin here, but the add-on features and innovative themes make the experience much more entertaining. Here are some of the online casino scratch cards at SpinzWin that you... Read More

Posted On: 30/03/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Basic Rules and Strategies to Play Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most fascinating, intriguing, and overall a mind-blowing casino game! While most of it is dependent on luck, there is little a player can do. And there is no harm in following some strategies for it! But before jumping on some strategies to play online Blackjack, know the basic rules of the much-loved casino game. Rules to Play Online Blackjack Begin with placing your bets. Now, it is important to keep your bankroll in mind while placing your bets and be a responsible gambler. The next step in online Blackjack is the distribution of cards. The dealer distributes two cards each to players and themselves. Out of the two cards of the dealer, one is faced... Read More

Posted On: 21/03/2017

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A Complete Guide on Mobile Casino Slots

Online gambling is one of the fastest growing game sectors in the world due to the possibilities of winning real money that they offer. Most of these slot games allow you to play on multiple devices such as computer systems, tablets, and mobiles. Mobile casino slots are ideal ones as you can play them on the go and you need not find a computer to try your luck. Choosing Right Mobile Casino Slots Game Finding mobile casino slots games today is not difficult as there are many developers that allow you to play those games on various mobile platforms such as Apple, Windows, and Android. What really matters is choosing the right one in order to know how to win.... Read More

Posted On: 18/03/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Spin and Win Free Spins at SpinzWin

Spring season is here and there is freshness all around. The SpinzWin promotions also have some refreshing news to cheer you up. Have you heard of the Spring Fever Promotion yet? It will surely get you jumping with joy. It’s a free spins offer that lets you spin more for less! Expect some fantastic reload bonuses too. Already feeling excited? Don’t lose the opportunity. Here is a low-down on what to expect and how to make the most of it. Bask in the Spring Joy with Spring Free Spins Offer You have got all of March to play your favourite games. Spin your heart away and while you are at it use the right bonus codes. That is all you... Read More

Posted On: 14/03/2017

Author: Tony Willets

A Complete Guide To No Deposit Bonus

Well, how about playing a game online?  Most of us who have previous gaming experience would not think twice and hook on. But there are people, who are new and do not want to simply put their money on games which they are not confident of. Online casino companies have brainstormed and have come up with a risk-free trial offer, which enables the prospect – gaming enthusiasts to understand and try the game. This amazing offer is termed as “No Deposit Bonus”. This is one of the most lucrative bonuses ever introduced by a casino fraternity.  The players simply have to register on the site and open a temporary account with the casino. The no deposit bonus casino money is... Read More

Posted On: 03/03/2017

Author: Tony Willets

How To Pay By Phone Bill At SpinzWin?

We live in a world that is dominated by technology to a very large extent and if you fail to keep pace with the progress the world makes, you will become irrelevant. The gaming world also thrives on the latest cutting edge technologies to provide its players with an enriched gaming experience. A step in that direction is pay by phone bill casinos. Pay By Phone Bill: Know All You Can This is a payment method that allows you to play all your favourite mobile casino games by charging the payment to your mobile phone bill. In case, you are a prepaid customer, the amount can be deducted from your phone balance. Sounds terrific, isn’t it? All you need to... Read More

Posted On: 24/02/2017

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Ultimate Guide: 7 Online Casino Gambling Techniques to Win Big

Gambling can be a lot of fun, but only till the time you are winning. Once you go on a losing spree in online casino games, it is almost impossible to get back what you have lost, and also you may lose interest in playing again. But, for an avid gambler, it is not at all possible to give up playing casino games online. But, how do you make sure you win big in an online casino? Gambling Techniques At The Online Casino Just Got Debunked! Once you log on to your favourite online casino UK, you will obviously be tempted to try your hands on the online casino games. Do not control yourself from going there, but before you... Read More

Posted On: 20/02/2017

Author: Tony Willets

How to Choose The Right Mobile Casino?

It is easier to pick a casino in Vegas. You see the crowd, the ambience, and the overall aura of the place. But when it comes to choosing the right casino in the virtual world, it can be a little tricky. Whether your priority is the variety of games available at a mobile casino or simply the offers it has to offer, there is always a ‘right way’ to choose the right one! Mobile Casino – a Whole New World That Is Only A Touch Away! Casino on mobiles are only a recent thing, but the virtual world of casinos existed since the time internet came into existence. The experience of playing mobile casino slots is more or less the... Read More

Posted On: 15/02/2017

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