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Online Roulette

Roulette is one of the most interesting and extensively played casino games of all time. Ever since the Online Roulette came into the picture, it has been preferred by almost all the casino game lovers worldwide. The developers have worked to create the online roulette experience as realistic as possible for the players to stay interested and keep coming back to the game. Since there is a lot of competition in the market, new variants of online roulette are being created every now and then. This gives the player a huge variety to choose from.

Online Casino Roulette in a Nutshell

Online Roulette is played just like the land-based roulette games. The player makes a bet at the betting table that can either be of the normal kind or in the shape of a race course. The ball is rolled on the roulette wheel. If the number that the ball has fallen on matches the number the player has placed his bet on, he wins. If it does not match, the player loses. However, there are varieties of Roulette Online that might have a difference in some rules. There is American and European Roulette and there is a difference in the wheel of both these Roulette variants. 

Additionally, there might be a difference in the paytable of every online casino offering the online Roulette experience. Hence, it is advisable to check for the terms and conditions before starting to play any online roulette game at any casino.

Various Online Roulette Games Offered by Spinzwin Casino

We, at Spinzwin Casino, offer the players with a wide range of online roulette games that include Great Rhino Roulette, Sizzling Hot Roulette, Royal Roulette, Roulette Master and many more. 

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We, at Spinzwin Casino, bring to you the best casino bonuses and promotions that help you in optimising your bankroll expeditiously. We offer deposit bonuses, cashback and exciting weekly surprises from time to time. 

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Why Play Roulette Online?

Playing Roulette online has some advantages of its own. They are stated below:

  • Easy to Access - The best part about playing Roulette online is that you can easily access it at any time from anywhere. You do not have to go to a real casino to play roulette. You can just sit back at your home and play it on your media device. Furthermore, with the use of mobile phones, you can easily play roulette on your mobiles and tablets on the go. This saves you a lot of time and you do not get bored.
  • Easy to Understand - The online roulette comes with an instruction manual. In most of the cases, there is a voice in the background that keeps telling the player all the rules of the game as it progresses. This is the best way to learn to play roulette even if you are a beginner.
  • Extra Offers and Discounts - Unlike the land-based casinos, the online casinos shower their customers with offers every now and then. Hence, if you play online roulette, you can avail a lot of offers, cash-backs, and discounts.

Can I play online Roulette on Mobile?

Of course, yes! We offer our players a seamless mobile gaming experience wherein the players can access all their favourite casino games instantly on the go without any hassles. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and gaming device of your choice. 

All the online roulette games featured at Spinzwin Casino can be played on multiple gaming devices including smartphone, tablet, iPhone and iPad. The games are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. 

So what are you still waiting for?  Discover the thrill of playing online roulette with SpinzWin mobile casino by grabbing exclusive mobile casino bonuses with just a click of a button! 

What are the Betting Options to Choose in Online Roulette?

Online roulette offers the players with a wide variety of betting options that can be divided under two main categories namely inside and outside bets. Let’s look into both in detail!

Inside bets

The bets placed on the numbers present on the roulette table are referred to as inside bets. These types of bets offer lower odds but higher payouts. Some of the most popular inside bets are as under:

Chip Name of the Bet  Description Payout
1 Straight A bet placed on a single number is referred to as a Straight bet. To make this bet, place a chip on the number of your choice. 35 to 1
2 Split A bet placed on 2 numbers that are adjacent on the table is called a split bet. In order to place this bet, place the chip on the line that separates the numbers. 17 to 1
3 Street It is a bet placed on 3 consecutive numbers. All you have to do is place the chip on the outer corner of the row. 11 to 1
4 Corner A corner bet is a bet that covers 4 neighbouring numbers. You can make this bet by placing the chip in the central corner of the 4 numbers. 8 to 1
5 Six Line This bet is placed on two neighbouring street bets. You can place your chip on the common outer corner of the 2 rows. 5 to 1

Outside bets

While inside roulette bets are placed on the number in a roulette table, outside bets are placed on the number present outside the Roulette table. These bets include multiple numbers but the payouts are comparatively lower than the inside bets. Some of the most popular outside bets are as under:

Name of the Bet  Description Payout
Red or black In this type of bet, you bet on the colour of a winning number 1 to 1
Odd or even Here you bet on whether the number will be odd or even 1 to 1
High or low In high/low, you bet whether the winning number will be between 1- 18 or 19-36 1 to 1

Besides these, the other outside bets include columns and dozens, In a Roulette table, the columns include 3 each covering 12 numbers in a line. The dozens also include 3 which covers numbers 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36.

Playing at SpinzWin Casino

Looking for some extraordinary Roulette playing experience? Head to the SpinzWin casino lobby and play till your heart's content. We, at SpinzWin casino, have an extensive collection of Roulette Master, Multi Wheel Roulette , Premier Roulette and much more. We also provide the players with some of the best live dealer games. Our irresistible offers will keep you coming back for more every day or every week. We also have a very active team of customer support who work day and night to give their best assistance to all the players in every way possible. So, join now and enjoy all your favourite games in one place.


There are five simple steps:

  • Register with us
  • Fulfil the verification process
  • Go to our game category and select a Roulette game of your choice
  • Claim your bonus and place a bet and see where the Roulette ball falls
  • Wait for the dealer spread out the chips depending on the winning bets

Yes, applying a strategy does help you in playing the roulette game quite efficiently in gaining higher odds provided you understand the nuances of the strategy you choose to apply. It depends on your luck!

They do, the rules differ from one game to another. There are a wide number of roulette variants offered by the online casinos, hence, it is important to read the rules of the variant you choose to play thoroughly and then sign up to play for real money.

Yes, without a doubt! All online roulette games employ Random Number Generator (RNG) to determine the gaming outcomes that are unbiased and fair. RNGs are regularly monitored by reputed third parties that guarantee genuinity and authenticity in all respects.


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