SpinzWin’s Ultimate Guide to Online Roulette Wheels

Roulette, as you may already be aware, is one of the most popular table games at casinos around the world. The most important aspect of this game is the online Roulette wheels. They form the base of the game where your luck is put to test. Have you ever wondered how it works? Here’s an online casino Roulette guide from SpinzWin to help you understand the game better.

SpinzWin’s Ultimate Guide to Online Roulette Wheels

How the Online Roulette Wheels work?

Online Roulette Wheels Mechanism

A Roulette wheel consists of two main parts; the outer section and the inner section. The outer section is the main bowl and has a circular track around it. The track is where you roll the ball. This track also has some vertical and horizontal pinheads. Once the ball hits one of these, it slows down and jumps onto the wheel inside. The inner section is the wheel head and consists of various numbers of pockets where the ball can land. If it lands on the number you have picked, you get to be the winner. The ball is usually set in the opposite direction to the wheel’s spin.

  • French Roulette Wheel

This is one of the most common online Roulette wheels with a total of 37 numbers on it. The numbers are marked in a specific pattern and it also consists of a zero. All numbers have alternate red and black colours but the zero is marked in green. The betting table is all in French and there are certain unique betting positions that you will not find in other variants. The French version is also popular because of its lowest house edge of 1.35% on the outside bets. So you can win better in this version. The numbering sequence on French Roulette wheel is not the same as other variants. The house advantage of the inside bets here is 2.7%. A guide to online French Roulette will help you.

  • All American Roulette Wheel

This is one of the popular online Roulette wheels in the western countries. The numbering sequence on the wheel is completely different than the French variant. Along with numbers 1 to 36, you will find the single zero as in French and an additional double zero (00). The numbers are placed in alternate red and black positions with both the zeros in green. The sequence followed here is termed as the American number sequence. The house edge here is slightly higher from French and requires the players to stick to 5.26%. The outside bets have the house edge of 2.63%.

Experience Different Wheels only at SpinzWin

You can experience all the above types of wheels and games at SpinzWin Casino. Following this simple guide will definitely help you choose the variant you want to play.