Here’s a Detailed Overview of the Different Slot Machine Types


Slot games are undoubtedly the most popular casino game among all others available in the industry. Throughout the transition, there are many variations of slot machine types present and each of them have several features different to one another. Traditional slots are different from the usual online slots as they provide gamers with a classic feel. Here we will be listing out the different versions of slot machines below:

Classic Slots

Classic slots are otherwise known as three-reel slots which is the most simple among all other slot machines. They are generally played on one-armed bandits and come with a lot of different options with variants that differ from being easy to hard. 

The outcome of each machine would be different as each of the slot paylines are different to one another. Slot machines are available in a broad range of configurations, from the most simple to the most complex. Whatever the field preference or expertise, there is a game intended to provide plenty of entertainment as well as an opportunity for an acceptable payoff. 

Three-reel slots are not only easy to master, but they are also incredibly fun. To activate the gaming consoles, gamers would be required to pull a handle. Classic slots are great for novice gamers just starting out in the online gambling sector. Classic slot games have a variety of characters as well as some fundamental principles which every novice player may simply comprehend in order to win big jackpots. With greater RTP, slots also have substantial and recurring payouts. A huge prize is awarded to a player who falls upon three related characters. Numerous gamers choose these kinds of slots because they are faster than alternatives. This unpredictability is quite substantial, which means that gamers may either win large or lose something quickly. 

Types of Traditional/Classic Slot Machines

  • Multi-coin/Multi-line
  • Multi-line
  • Buy-a-pays
  • Hidden Buy-a-pays
  • Straight Multipliers
  • Bonus Multipliers
  • Progressives
  • Combination Slots
  • Multi-coin/Multi-line


Video Slots

Video slots are considered the predecessors of online slots because they resemble the standard game played in an actual facility which features an LCD display rather than mechanical segments found in online casinos. As a result, five-reel slots represent an innovation above traditional devices. 

Video slots include incredibly appealing images, music, and movies to entice both new and seasoned gamers and are a major attraction in the live casino section. 5-reel slots have been built by programming experts to improve gamers’ sensations in a comprehensive method. One advantage of five-reel slots is that they feature additional payout lines, which increases your chances of earning over three-reel slots. These wagers will also most likely survive extended. 

Gamers can put together among 20 and 25 different permutations on the five-reel slot machines, into particular machines enabling up to 200 slots paylines. A participant has the chance to increase their wager and grow their likelihood of winning each and every spin by selecting additional rows. It additionally allows them to empty their account quicker when they place many wagers and every round appears to win them additional cash.


The internet is now dominated by I-slots which provide plenty of entertainment to every kind of game. These kinds of slots have gained greater acceptance due to the fact that they provide gamers with a lot of slot bonus features and several different spins. The games would give numerous bonus spin rounds that would take you to another mini game inside the slot game itself. This would have a greater impact on the total outcome of the winnings in the end.

3D Slots

3D Slots came into existence with the invasion of technology and processes that allow games to immerse into the 3D experience within the slot games. 3D slots would have three dimensional features inside the game that would consist of themes from different cultures that are incorporated to match the gameplay. 

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are otherwise known by the name of progressive jackpot slots that attract a lot of games who wish to win big. These kinds of progressive slots are one of the major reasons why games would come back to play again and again. There would be a minimum wager limit for every progressive jackpot game. 

Penny Slots

Penny slots, as the name implies, are slot machines that may be operated using a single penny. It can be considered an outdated version, but several casinos presently use it to attract more gamers. Many slots today contain over a single line of play, occasionally in excess of fifty.

VR Slot Machines

Virtual reality (VR) is here to stay, and online gaming has had the most of this technology with many businesses that are accepting it Nowadays, there are several virtual adventures and games available, owing to equipment that works with specific headgear that aid their gaming.