A Quick Guide to Online Slots Bonus Features

Slot games are always fun to play as there are many different types each with a different theme, design, option, bet limit and feature to choose from. But what makes these games more exciting are the online slots bonus features that offer better winning opportunities along with special effects and animation to motivate you. You need to be very patient as these features don’t occur within one or few spins but takes tens or hundreds of spins sometimes to trigger them. For the kind of money you can make from bonus features it’s is really worth the wait. Try some of the biggest and best online slots bonus features with SpinzWin slots.

Bewildering Terms behind the Awesome Online Slots Bonus Features

A Quick Guide to Online Slots Bonus Features

•Wild Bonus Features

This is one of common online slots bonus features that come available in most slot games. A wild usually works as a substitute for all the symbols in the game and contribute widely to winning combinations. Sometimes, these wilds even multiply your wins to a certain number of times on wins during a spin where it appears. There are many types of wild features and each behaves in a different manner.

● Sticky Wild: This is one of the online slots bonus features that sticks to the reel on a specific number of appearances and remain sticky until that turn is over. You can expect many winning combinations with this wild along with re-spins.

● Stacked Wild: This appears in a stacked manner; one above the other and most of the times cover entire reel. When this happens, you can expect huge wins where all the lines are paid.

● Expanding Wild: When a specific number of wild symbols appear during a spin, it activated expanding wild and all the wilds on screen expand to their respective reels. This type of wild maximises the wins and usually offers an extra spin too.

• Scatter Features

This is the second most common online slots bonus features that you can see in a game. A scatter mostly offers free spins on three or more symbol appearances. Some games have less number of spins and some offer many depending on the game setup. There are many types of scatter features you can experience in each game apart from free spins.

● Scatter Multiplier: Some slot games allow two or more appearances of scatter symbol to multiply the wins by ‘x’ number of times. This usually multiplies you total bet amount into two or three or more times depending on the game.

● Jackpot Games: Scatter symbols in some slot games unlock jackpot level where you can win huge stakes of wins. Some just unlock levels while some offer free spins in addition to the entry for bonus levels.

● Pick and Play: Some slot games allow scatter symbols to let the player choose the number of free spins. The catch here would be that lesser number of spins offer huge stakes wins while more spins offer lesser value wins.

Go After More Bonus, More Money

Online slots bonus features enhance your winnings and they are jackpot themselves. So the next time you consider playing a slot game at SpinzWin, look for the kind of wilds and scatters they offer. Some even offer third bonus feature along with the basic two types.