A Complete Guide on Multipliers in Slot Games

Multipliers are unique elements in a number of slot games able to increase your payouts by certain preset number. As much as they are common in a number of slots, there are some that lack this exciting feature.

Some of these multipliers come with certain rules on how you can land them while others are straightforward. In addition, others are activated in the bonus rounds or free games while others are activated in the main game.

Some also apply to your payouts while others apply to your line stakes and total stakes. In short, every slots game comes with its own set of rules in terms of multipliers. It is therefore crucial that you take time to understand how the game you intend to play works.

A Complete Guide on Multipliers in Slot Games

Free Spin Multipliers in Slot Games

These multipliers are found in the bonus rounds of many slot games. The free spins here are aimed at giving the player a different feel from the main game spins. For that reason, they use multipliers to switch up the play.

Some of the slots ask you to select your multiplier hidden in a certain symbol. That way, you get to land huge bonuses since you could get multipliers as low as 2x to more than 10x depending on the slot you play.

The Wild Multipliers

This is a rare occurrence. Wilds are often substituted for other game symbols. However, there are instances where the wild could double as a multiplier. In most cases, the wild has a higher value compared to other game symbols. So, when you land a wild, it will replace the symbols.

It gets even better if the wild is also a multiplier, it will replace the symbol and multiply the wins by a certain number. It’s more like killing 2 birds with one stone.

Base Play

It is not common to find multipliers in the main game. However, there are certain slot games that offer multipliers at this stage. Although they offer the multipliers in the base game, the multipliers only apply to the winning payline.

Scatter Multipliers

Scatter symbols are common in slot games and even more common is that they double as multipliers as well. In most cases, the scatters appear at random on the reels which means that it doesn’t need to be on a payline.

There are cases where the wild and the scatter symbols double as multipliers. Now, that would be a dream combination if you land both.

Stake Multipliers vs Winnings

This is a crucial crossroad. In some slot games, the winnings are lower compared to your stake. So, it is crucial that you understand whether the multipliers apply to your bet or to your winnings.

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