The Influence of Virtual Reality in the iGaming Industry

Virtual Reality has come into existence recently, but it has become widely popular amongst the crowd, especially gamers. So, is Virtual Reality meant only for gaming? Well, the answer is a big NO. According to the assumptions of the financial firm Deloitte, VR has the potential of becoming a ‘billion-dollar niche’ that could transform several industries like TV, movies, advertising, education, and of course, gaming. VR can change the way we perceive the non-material things around us. Combining the ideas of VR with the revenue projections, the industry’s worth can lie between $16 billion to $37 billion dollars.

The Influence of Virtual Reality in the iGaming Industry

Virtual Reality in iGaming

It has been seen that iGaming has been given special importance and relevance during the technological movement over the past couple of years. The involvement of VR in gaming has given us products like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Sony PlayStation that gives us the opportunity to enjoy virtually real experiences. With the consumers enjoying the VR in iGaming, the casino developers have become conscious and have started planning on including VR experiences in casinos as well. Another successful example of VR in iGaming is Microgaming’s VR Roulette, which was first previewed in 2015. The game was developed to learn about the potential of VR in the iGaming industry, and with using Oculus Rift and Leap 3D Control technology, Microgaming later developed a software that was able to track the movements of the player and project the movements on a virtual table.

After the successful efforts made by Microgaming by involving VR in iGaming, NetEnt joined the competition with the development of Gonzo’s quest, which was basically the VR version of its best slot game. It was first showcased at ICE in February 2017 in the event of Totally Gaming. The new VR version of the slot game had all the features of the previous slot game, but this time the player was placed inside the exotic environment rather than outside of the game. Even though it was just a prototype, the CEO of NetEnt believes that WebVR will get advanced to a point where it will be able to run such a game. As soon as this happens, NetEnt will distribute the VR version of the game across its network of casinos that will give you the chance to play VR game slot online.  

The Influence of Virtual Reality in the iGaming Industry

Hold you VR Headsets to experience more

With the advancement and improvement in technology along with the creativity of the gaming developers, it is expected that the market will be flooded with Virtual Reality products for the casino, Poker, sports betting, and more. With the improved authenticity and immersion of the players over the last decade owing to the live dealer games, VR can be seen as a step forward in the same process. casino games will not only open a new sense of gaming, but it will create a more creative and entertaining gaming world that will attract a greater number of players.

 For example, in the early version of Gonzo’s Quest, you could walk around the trees and the greenery, but in the future, the functionality to walk about the game could make you win the game in new ways. For instance, you could find free spins and multipliers while you wander in the jungle. Creating on this, the traditional iGaming lobby could become a thing of the past soon. Rather than clicking tabs and searching for new games, we might be able to enter a game and walk into it as if it were a real casino.

The iGaming industry is fast developing, and some games have been created, which promise to enhance our gaming experience. Poker is being transformed using VR with the help of Oculus Rift. Though it is not so advanced and smooth at the moment, the technology will certainly improve, and that could change poker forever. Similar to how the style of playing poker has changed over the past 15 years or so, VR poker could too change the game of poker completely in the future.

Closing thoughts

The involvement of Virtual Reality in iGaming is drastically going to change the industry. The way in which we see and interact with our games is going to change over the next few years for the better. The online experience of the games is going to become a lot better, whether it is through our laptops, mobiles, or gaming consoles. The future of gaming is much more creative and entertaining.

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Name: The Influence of Virtual Reality in the iGaming Industry

Posted On: 13/05/2020

Author: Tony Willets

The Influence of Virtual Reality in the iGaming Industry
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