Roulette strategy – What is the James Bond roulette system?

Roulette strategy - What is the James Bond roulette system?

You probably wonder where and when Bond played roulette if you’re a film lover but haven’t read the Bond books. It took place in Casino Royale! It wasn’t a new movie. It was the old one. 

We are here to explain how the James Bond Roulette strategy works and how you can make it work for you. 

What is the James Bond Roulette System?

You will find out more about the Bond strategy below. It is progressive, and you must select your bet amount in proportion. The bet must be divided into three parts. The first should make up 70% of your total. 

The second one is 25%, and the third is 5%. In case you lose, the progression is reversed. Here it would help if you doubled your chips. James Bond made it seem easy and simple, which is why it was so rewarding. We will now discuss the benefits and drawbacks.

You probably connected the James Bond Roulette tactic and the Martingale progression. You are correct. You are right, just like the Martingale strategy. Online casinos with high stakes in the UK, if you lose, your bet will be doubled. 

The difference lies in the bets you place, which is three. James Bond’s original strategy was to use PS200 for just one spin. But, according to system fans, it is the best option.

Similarities to Martingale

Martingale strategy is the most popular and easiest strategy for playing online roulette and in traditional brick and mortar establishments. This strategy is popular and loved by novice players due to its simplicity and clarity.

According to experienced players, it can’t guarantee you long-term success. We have listed the sequence to be followed to make it easier for you. Below it, we will discuss how it relates to the James Bond Roulette system.

Double your stake if the ball is not in your favor. This will allow you to recoup your losses. The Strategy of James Bond Roulette has similar points, but the Martingale should only be used with even-money bets.

You can choose from odd or even, red or black, high or low, and even or odd. You can also start with a small budget. However, 007 has a different betting style and starts with a very high amount.

How to use the James Bond Roulette System Tactic & Bets?

If you don’t want to spend the modest PS200 on your first practice, you can always go lower. Spread it across three bets, with the percentages divided on seventy-five percent, twenty-five percent, and five. These bets can now:

Bet on 19-36 – 70%

Bet on 13-18 – 25 %

Place a bet on 0 – 5 %

It’s almost as if the bets were completely independent and had nothing to do. Now Each case will be discussed individually. You will be able to see the odds of making a profit with the James Bond Roulette System Strategy.

Roulette strategy - What is the James Bond roulette system?

Place your bet on 19-36

The game payouts for a bet on High (so 19-36) is 1 to 1. This is true in both American and European roulettes. This is your first and largest play. These numbers must be used for seventy percent of your total sum. Take Bond as an example.

If you played PS200, PS140, and the High, your profit would be PS80. It will likely happen regardless of which variant you play.

Bet on a Line (13-18)

You can place chips at the Line Bet from 13-18. You should place wagers of 25 percent on your money.. Although the payout is 5 to 1, your chances are decreasing. On average, you get 16.2% for the European roulette table and 15.8% for the American. Bond’s PS50 bet will allow you to cash 100 more if the ball hits one number.

Place a bet on 0

The Zero is the last bet, and it is only 5%. It is possible to accept it as insurance. The payout is incredible, and the amount is low. If the ball falls into the green sector, you will receive 35 times the bet amount plus the original wager. As a clean profit, you will get PS160 if you use the original James Bond Roulette System strategy.

Is 007 able to overcome the odds?

The house edge in roulette is so strong that even James Bond can’t beat it. Long-term losses will be the result of this elusive and evil foe, no matter how much you may appear to be doing. Let’s look at the math to find out what is causing this problem. 

Imagine you spin the wheel 37 times, and each number is hit once. We will see the following results by using the James Bond betting method.

It turns out that you will lose PS20 per 37 spins. It might seem unlikely that you will hit 37 numbers in 37 spins. It all depends on how lucky you are. It all ends, and the statistics show that you will eventually lose if you use the James Bond strategy.

Progressive Betting: Can it help?

People adept at roulette system strategies would look at this assured long-term loss and go, ‘Okay, let’s just use progressive betting to redeem some of the losses, thus ending on top in the long run!’. Unfortunately, this method is not recommended for the James Bond system.

Because the odds are very high, you may find yourself suddenly getting large amounts after just a few games. This is a risky move, especially when you consider that the potential gain after losses are covered will be small. The table limits could also be a problem. If you miss them, you will still be at a loss, and there is no way to make up the difference.

If you are insistent on using a progressive gambling system, we recommend the Martingale system strategy. However, this applies to all roulette strategies. Flat betting is the best option for James Bond strategy unless you don’t want to lose very quickly.


We were left with a positive impression by the James Bond Roulette system. It was something we tried out ourselves, and it produced a lot of money. We gained nearly half of our initial investment after just ten spins. 

There were two subsequent losses. We have to admit that losing more than once in a row can lead to a player losing their entire bankroll. So, if you want to test out the James Bond roulette system, you can start playing at some of the top roulette casino sites.

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Name: Roulette strategy – What is the James Bond roulette system?

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Roulette strategy – What is the James Bond roulette system?
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