Comparing Live Poker & Video Poker

The players are extremely spoiled for choice when playing poker. Because of poker’s popularity, there are always many options to pick from, regardless of whether you’re just a beginner seeking to refine your strategy or are professional and looking to take home the big pots at poker tournaments.

One of the biggest issues players face is choosing between video poker which is online poker, RNG poker, or live-dealer poker.  While the rules for the game are the same, no matter what type of game you play, the gameplay will differ greatly and, consequently, may be more suited to certain players and not all.

In this blog, we’ll look at how live and video poker are different and how you can pick the right one to feel the poker experience you’re looking for.

Advantages of Video Poker

Video poker was among the first online casino games to be developed. Thanks to advancements in technology, the game has changed and evolved, but it has maintained its popularity.

One of the major benefits of video poker compared with live poker is the degree of control and convenience this medium gives. For novice players having the opportunity to play the game on a free basis (not often available in live poker gaming) is a huge benefit. 

Are you looking for just a few hands? If you play video poker, there’s no requirement to sit around until the table is filled before the game starts. Also, you don’t need to find an empty seat during busy times.

Video poker may be an uninspiring and mechanical experience compared with the interaction with friends and family in the live games played by dealers. But, this kind of speedy play appeals to players who aren’t particularly interested in this aspect of playing and instead are focused on understanding strategies and working on their game.

Also, we must consider the technical aspects of playing poker online. Poker requires less computing power than the live poker game, which depends on a stable live stream connection and an acceptable minimum display specification. 

Both are playable with mobile devices these days. However, you’re more likely to encounter issues experiencing a drop in connection when playing the table of a live poker than you would on an ordinary RNG table. 

Live poker games tend to be more costly. The game operator must cover the cost of that advanced video system and live poker’s wages somehow.

Video Poker Variations

Different kinds of video poker are available, and it’s worth looking into the specific guidelines before making a purchase. Here are some popular variations:

Blackjack or Better –

The most commonly played type of video poker is commonly referred to as “Draw Poker”. It’s named that way because the pay-outs start when players make two Jacks or higher.

Tens or better –

As in the name, this machine pays with two 10s or more. Players may use Jokers Wild Jokers as wild cards. Jokers can be used to replace all other cards in the deck (whichever produces the most powerful hand possible).  Jokers Wild also gives a “five of a kind” hand. It is usually regarded as one of the most difficult video poker games to master and earns the highest amount of payback.

Deuces Wild –

Deuces are wild in this variation. This form of video poker is reported to have run (albeit only rarely) with payback rates up to 100.8 percent. Naturally, since the edge will be small and variance is extremely high, don’t forget that it needs an exact strategy for the game, which is a bit complicated.

The advantages of live poker

The social aspect is the most appealing aspect of live casino games, no matter if you’re playing blackjack poker. Between the dealer and the presence of others, it is the closest one will get to a live casino experience, in a real-world gaming experience at their home.

As the growth in Artificial Intelligence is expected to have a major and exciting impact on the online poker experience in the future, we believe that it’s impossible to recreate the thrill of testing your skills against a human. 

Live poker tables are an excellent chance to make new acquaintances or, at a minimum, be able to have a chat with your fellow players.

The live poker game has, in recent times, been leading the number of games offered. At one time, you could only play the most popular variations of poker, such as Texas Hold’Em and Caribbean Stud, as live poker games. 

As this type of online-based gambling keeps on evolving, players can select from a wider range of choices, including Hi-Lo, 3-Card poker, and other variants.

The Difference Between Live Poker and Video Poker

The distinctions between video poker and live poker are diverse. The game that a player chooses to play is based on the player’s character and what the player is seeking.

Video poker is more efficient and requires much fewer skills than poker. Live dealer Poker, however, is a game that requires a lot more skill and patience. It also takes more time to master the game. If you can spend time at a poker table, you must play. 

Those who have less time to play due to work and family limitations should play video poker. There is no reason that the two games shouldn’t be played together. 

Many poker players take pleasure in a game of one or two games of video poker. Additionally, numerous beginners find the game of video poker the ideal way to get started.


Live poker games and video poker have both advantages and drawbacks, and we suggest that players give them a shot to see which one is the best for them. 

Video poker is an excellent option for those who are short on time, and just learning. Live poker games can bring some of the casino’s feel into the game, which some players may consider beneficial.