The Pros and Cons to the Slow Roll in Poker

The Pros and Cons to the Slow Roll in Poker

If you have been playing Poker for quite a while now, then you can’t expect your Joker Poker to be magically there with you always. Even that extra pinch of effort that you are putting in might not end up doing justice to your luck. What comes to the rescue is a well-planned and challenging strategy to unwind your Joker Poker and brag about your Poker skills a bit. However, it might not be the case if you are going for a Slow Roll in Poker.

Though the Slow Roll in Poker is quite a famed strategy these days, its effectiveness is questionable. However, if you have been living under the rocks and have got absolutely no idea about the particular strategy, then read our ultimate guide about it below.

What Is a Slow Roll in Poker?

To understand the existence of Slow Roll in Poker, you first need to know what a showdown is in Poker. Showdown is the moment when you, as a Poker player, reveal your hand of cards before the crews after all the bets have been placed. It is during this particular moment when a player decides to slow roll. However, the instance is not justifiable to all the Poker players, and only the ones who are in the hold of the best cards can do it to make his/her opponents feel the tension and create suspense.

Though it is quite well-known, the Slow Roll in Poker is considered to be at the top of the bad behaviours in Poker. If you are a serious Poker player and do not do it just for fun, it is always recommended not to do such an action.

Slow Roll Strategy

First, Slow Roll in Poker doesn’t have a strategy as it is not recommended at all – be it in any situation. Here we will suggest to you some steps following steps by which you can avoid a slow roll.

Muck or reveal your cards

When your turn comes, it is better to reveal your cards instead of keeping your opponents waited. 

Call for an all-in bet

If you have got the best hand in the game, call for an all-in bet at once.

Double-check before showdown

It is always a great precaution to double-check your hand before presenting it; otherwise, you might land up in a loss.

However, if you are a complete newbie to the world of Poker, then say a complete NO-NO to the Slow Roll in Poker; otherwise, you might end up making a handful of game rivals.

The Pros and Cons to the Slow Roll in Poker

How Can Slow Rolling Help Your Poker Strategy?

To be very straight about it – Slow Roll in Poker can no-way end up helping you in your game. Even the experts or those who have got some rich experience in live casino Poker will suggest the same. It will not only voice a bad-gamer tag about you but might also end up resulting in an unhealthy relationship between you and your game-mates. Some clubs may end up kicking you out if you repeatedly do it. However, it can only work in a situation when you are the last person to reveal the cards.

If you are anyway determined to adopt a strategy for your game, then you may consider Hollywooding instead of doing Slow Roll in Poker.

What Should You Do If Your Opponents Are Slow Rolling Against You?

There might be situations when your opponents do Slow Roll in Poker – in that case; it is better to call them off it. However, aggressive behavior might lead to something severe so, instead, call them out once the game is over and talk to them in private. While talking, talk to them, and understand why slow rolling is considered bad in Poker and more related. If they are unwilling to change their attitude even after it, saying goodbye would be a better way to end the game.

Before you do so, see at what point of time in the game your opponents attempted the Slow Roll in Poker or how many times did they end up doing so in the same game. If the answer is justifiable, then only consider questioning them; otherwise, let it be.

Why Slow Roll Is Considered Flawed in Manners?

The Slow Roll in Poker is considered extremely flawed because of the behavior or attitude it demands from the player. In fact, slow-rolling fails to level itself up to a strategy, and it is nothing more than keeping your opponent awaited. It is, however, fine if you do it once or twice during the game, but a repeated action might lead to worse consequences.

Does Playing Slow Roll Make You an Official Rule Breaker?

Even if not official, the Slow Roll in Poker makes you count as a rule-breaker in the game. Though, nobody knows about the official existence of Poker rules, slow-rolling ranks first in the list of bad behaviours in Poker. So, if you go on doing the same over and over again in the game, then you will surely end up landing in trouble.


To sum it up, Slow Roll in Poker is always a no-no because you definitely do not want to tag yourself as a gamer with no etiquette at all. However, if it is a fun game, and it’s just some family and friends, then you can slow-roll to heat the ambience and instil some thrill and suspense. 

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Name: The Pros and Cons to the Slow Roll in Poker

Posted On: 03/10/2020

Author: Tony Willets

The Pros and Cons to the Slow Roll in Poker
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