The Best Songs About Gambling

We will assume that you’ve played in an online casino previously or on any online gambling site. What we find most frustrating are the incredibly poor sounds that are common in online casinos. The sound of whistling, crying, and other bad sounds can ruin gaming.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, iTunes, and other devices, you can listen to anything you like while you’re playing. But, what are the most popular songs about gambling to bet on? Take a look at the best songs about gambling below to discover.

1. Billy Joel – Easy Money

The songs about gambling is cult classic from the 1983 film with the same name. Easy Money is a perfect illustration of why Billy Joel’s vocal variety is considered of the highest standard. 

It’s a bit like James Brown in parts, and the lyrics will be a hit with all kinds of gamblers that bet on tracks, people who enjoy playing poker in private, or those who like to gamble on slots. Nearly all forms of gambling get some mention, and the songs about gambling is quite catchy.

2. Townes van Zandt – St John The Gambler

It’s soft  songs about gambling to make you feel comfortable with this playlist. This is not  the greatest gambling track by Townes van Zandt. It’s more of the poker-loving Texan wordsmith in the future.

However, it’s an amazing lyrical work on its own. If you’re looking for something more energetic, perhaps go to the next track but return for St John The Gambler when you’re in a calmer mood.

3. Ace of Spades – Hayseed Dixie

Listen up, and We are sure that this is the classic Motorhead track. We all know this, and everyone knows the song’s original version. It’s so well-known that it appeared in an episode of the British soap drama Emmerdale. 

The songs about gambling is great but not performed. Instead, you should look up the most popular cover version of this iconic gamble tune The best cover version is Hayseed Dixie’s bluegrass-style mashup.

4. Molly Hatchet – Beatin’ the Odds

No rock music’s like this nowadays. It’s a shame. There’s a strong argument about Molly Hatchet being the most under-appreciated rock group in the 1980s, and the song Beatin’ the Odds is Exhibit A. 

It’s among the best riffs of southern rock and the song’s lyrics. They’re not too bad, too, as a woman named Victory manipulates a gambler into “a game designed for fools.”

5. The Galway Races – The Dubliners

This list is more about horse racing than about gambling, however, since the two are so closely interspersed, we thought we could make it in this list. 

Anyone who’s been to a race can be influenced by betting on the game luck wheel and “without scruple,” i.e., with a clear conscience. Beautiful lyrics that you’ve probably heard in your favorite Irish bar.

6. The Angel and the Gambler – Iron Maiden

The songs about gambling are a dividing point for Maiden fans in a way that is unlike any other, perhaps due to the repetitive lyrics could be tedious. The riff and the general base of the songs about gambling are quite uplifting and enjoyable and are reminiscent of The Who in some parts.

A word of caution, though, the release was made in 1998 when Blaze Bayley was fronting the group, which means there were no high-pitched vocals by Bruce Dickinson.

7. Casino Boogie – Rolling Stones

What value is a rock album that the Stones don’t accompany? While the lyrics of this songs about gambling contain no explicit reference to gambling, it is a fact that Mick Jagger and co regularly visited casinos of Monte Carlo during the recording of the album from which this song comes, the iconic Exile on Main St. 

The lyrics are a bit confusing, however, their experiences at casinos might have had an impact as well as other aspects.

8. Deal – Jerry Garcia

It’s Jerry Garcia at his very best, excluding Grateful Dead. Any gambler with an inclination to frequent casinos on land will be able to relate to songs about gambling like ‘we have been gambling here and there for the last ten years, and if we told you all about it, the smoke would be sucked out of your ears. For the snobs.

9. Atlantic City – Bruce Springsteen

It’s necessary to look between the lines to discern this songs about gambling. However, the undertones are evident. Atlantic City is, of course, among the most famous gambling destinations in the world.

10. The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

To be truthful, we weren’t planning to put this track on our list because – just similar to the Motorhead track Ace of Spades – it’s overplayed and too obvious. However, considering Kenny Rogers has now departed us, how can we let this classic out of a playlist for gambling? The songs about gambling does not require an introduction and is an all-time country classic.