Women and Gambling: Are More Women Gambling?

In the modern age, the pressure for gender equality is more prominent than ever. It is seen in business and sports, and when it comes to parenting, it seems that every aspect of our lives is left unaffected. 

Even gambling, which is a male-dominated business, is witnessing an increase in the participation of women and gambling. What are the motivations for this increase in participation? Does it seem like a natural progression to align with the movement toward gender equality? Let’s find out.

The Rise of Online Gambling

The past was when the thought of a casino could conjure images of guys gathered around tables with smoky poker rooms, smoking whisky and cigars in their hands, or luxurious casino-style “whales” wagering piles of chips to spin the wheel. 

The only women who were present in these images were those working in casinos or gorgeous women who were women who were the trophy wives.

The popularity growth of brick-and-mortar casinos brought more female gamblers to the casino floor. However, they were still a minority. The biggest change was the introduction of online gambling and virtual casinos. 

Women no longer had to feel anxious or uneasy about going to casinos. They could play at their homes. With mobile devices taking the lead, players can now play on sites and play anyplace and anytime.

The importance of technology and the evolving gambling environment

Technology advancements and the liberalization of women and gambling regulations have made gambling more accessible and readily available than ever. 

Researchers have suggested that the accessibility of gambling has resulted in a rise in the number of women and gambling who participate in gambling.

Some researchers say that newer online platforms have removed the stigma that women face when they visit places of gambling that are predominantly male. 

But, this theory does not account for the increased presence and involvement in gambling in physical locations, like hotels, casinos, clubs and the increasing popularity of events that focus on gambling.

At the same time, there isn’t much research that has explored the reasons why online and physical venues are becoming more commonplace among women and gambling. 

However, some researchers suggest that the gambling industry might have specific strategies to ensure that the gambling venues are becoming more attractive, acceptable to society, and welcoming for women.

Marketing and promotion of gambling

There is evidence that the gambling industry might be attempting to attract women and gambling via marketing. However, the evidence found in the research literature on the subject is sporadic.

A few studies on the “feminization” of gambling have linked an increase in women’s gaming participation to ads that are more and more targeted at women.

Researchers have claimed that the gambling industry’s specific marketing strategies for women and increasing opportunities for gambling and opportunities have led to gambling being able to be viewed as a type of entertainment for women and gambling. 

Similar to this, another research found that there is a “huge amount of aggressive marketing that is exploiting gender stereotypes” which could be influencing the gambling behavior of women.

Although a lot of this marketing has not been documented in academic studies, there is evidence in the literature about gambling companies employing glamor to draw women and gambling using female celebrities to promote their products.

There was a time when females were depicted in advertising for gambling as sexually provocative to appeal to males. But, in recent years, betting companies have employed various strategies that could appeal to women, for example, featuring women and gambling in leadership roles in their advertising and utilizing female stars to promote betting companies on popular social media platforms like Instagram.

Targeted Marketing

Females are an enormous population that casinos can draw from to boost the number of players, and there are a variety of tools casinos can utilize to achieve this.


Casinos and betting websites are shifting away from the masculine styles of the past and are embracing more of a neutral look. Some might use certain color schemes or layouts geared towards women and gambling; however, they tend to remain with a more standard appearance.

The selection of slots machines and games offered caters equally to male and female players. Certain game developers come up with new games designed specifically with female gamers in mind, including cute animal characters, feminine color themes, and designs.

Advertising Themes

The brick-and-mortar casinos highlight gambling’s glamorous side and draw male and female gamblers. They also emphasize gambling games, and the fun and social aspects of gambling, which is a huge appeal. Women enjoy doing things in groups and are more likely to see women and gambling in groups at casinos.

Social Media

Women spend a significant amount of time using social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram. Casinos that are online gain by linking to these social media platforms, which allows them to quickly move to their website. 

Women are avid players and willing to share their experiences and their scores on social media, giving casinos a lot of publicity.

Final Thoughts

The gambling industry is always changing with the introduction of new technology and innovations, increasing interest. Women play a greater part in this than before. It could be a while before they can catch up with males. However, it’s not impossible to undervalue their influence.