1 Reel – Caribbean Treasure

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1 Reel – Caribbean Treasure - Review

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1 Reel – Caribbean Treasure

To change the whole misconception of single-reel games, spinomenal has come up with another interesting single-reel game, 1 Reel – Caribbean Treasure. This is an online single-reel slot game with a pirate theme that has a single payline and reel. The RTP is 91.55% of this game, the maximum you will able to win is equal to 550 times bets.

1 Reel – Caribbean Treasure featured symbols

In 1 Reel – Caribbean Treasure game, the theme is related to sailing. The players will get a total number of 5 symbols, a map, a treasure chest with gold, a binocular, a compass, and a skeleton.

The online slot game 1 Reel – Caribbean Treasure features three major symbols, one compass, one binocular, and one treasure map. The 3 symbols can lead to a progressive win toward the next level based on how many times the player can manage to land it on the reel.

The background of the game gives an island view of the ship and a tropical view with a sandy beach. The wild symbol here represents the treasure chest with gold.

1 Reel – Caribbean Treasure Payout Structure

Each time one of the symbols lands, the win bar against that symbol automatically increases and progresses the game to the next level. After collecting all the rewards the progression bar will reset. 

After a successful landing of the binocular symbol, the players might win a minimum of x1 and a maximum of x12. The compass icon could make the players win a minimum of x3 and a maximum of x100, whereas the treasure map might lead to winning a minimum of x10 and a maximum of x250 based on the bet you have set. 

There are two special symbols with two different features. The wild symbol, which is the treasure chest with gold is equal to three successful lands and will progress each bar to the next level. The other one is the skeleton icon, which will reset the winning amount to 0.

How to Play 1 Reel – Caribbean Treasure

  • Click on the “spin” button available on the screen
  • Let the reel move, and land a symbol to go forward to the next level
  • Click on the coin icon available on the bottom of the right side, and you can set adjust the bet amount
  • During the spins, the help, settings, and collect options will not be functioning
  • After a successful win, players can click on the “collect” button to get awarded with all the collections.


  1. Can I play the 1 Reel – Caribbean Treasure slot for free?

There is a demo version available of the game, where plates can enjoy the slots for free.

  1. What is the max win possible in this online slot?

The maximum one can win in this game is x550.

  1. Can I enjoy the 1 Reel – Caribbean Treasure on the go?

Yes, this slot game can be played on mobile.

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Game Summary

Name: 1 Reel – Caribbean Treasure

Author: Tony Willets