Here is a special treat for all the people who love slot games as well as scratch cards. 7-Up! Is a new slot-scratch game that is a mix of these two. There are no reels in this game, however, there is a playing area. There are 7 paylines that let the players make the winnings. This interesting slot has been designed by Gamevy. They have designed it completely unique concept to perfection. The slot has some pretty graphics with the usage of vibrant shades of neon. The players will surely be attracted to the design since it is as unique as the concept of this slot game. The look of this game is retro-styled and it has an extremely easy gameplay.

Get All The 7-Up!

7-Up! has been set against a beautiful purple background with seven rows containing different symbols in front of it. The symbols are all old styled consisting of a seven, diamond, clover, horseshoe, watermelon, grapes, banana, pineapple and cherries. The basic aim of the game is to land three matching symbols on the three boxes in a line. The prizes of landing the matching combination are mentioned in the front of each row. There is nothing fancy about the gameplay of this game. The player has to only land matching symbols. The stakes can be adjusted by clicking on the + and – signs on the screen. The paylines can also be adjusted before hitting on the play option. There is an option on the left-hand corner of the screen that lets the player know all about the features of this game.

Special Features and Bonuses

There are no special features or bonuses given to the players in this 7-Up! game. The winning combinations are made in front of the bars. The prizes from the lowest to the most top bar are £50, £1, £10, £2, £5, £200, and £20. If the players want to increase the speed of the game, the turbo button is clicked.

To Sum Up

7-Up! Is a very unique and interesting concept that is a mixture of the online slots and scratchcard game. These graphics are designed in really attractive colors and the symbols have a nostalgic feel to them. This is a must try a game for all the slot as well as scratch card lovers and all the players who are looking for a new experience.


Game Name: 7-Up!

Posted On: 20/11/2017

Author: Caroline Mitchell

4.3 (85.45%) 22 votes