Auto Roulette VIP Live

Live Roulette has taken the experience of online casino gaming to another level. However it is usually seen in a live Roulette game that has a dealer, the games are limited and the limited number of players can play at a time. To make sure this does not become a problem anymore, Evolution gaming has come up with the Auto-Roulette VIP Live. This is a live version of Roulette that works automatically without the need of a dealer. This is one of the fastest Roulette games that any player will play. The game is also available to play on any mobile as well as tablets.

Auto-Roulette VIP Live Look and Feel

Auto-Roulette VIP Live gives the players a feel of being in a real casino. The betting table is red in colour and the chips are placed at the bottom. The player can see the table from different angles. The wheel is real and is made of wood. The players will also be able to see the wheel from different angles in the game. There are options given at the bottom where the player can set their preferences. There is also an information section to help the new players in understanding the rules of the game.

Gameplay Features

Auto-Roulette VIP Live has the same rules just like any other European Roulette game. The only difference is that this is a live game and the wheel that appears on the screen looks pretty real. The players can place their bets from 20p to £20,000. As the game starts, the players are supposed to buy the chips and place their bets on the table. The players can only place inside and outside bets since there are no side bets allowed. The ball is launched to the wheel with the help of a slingshot and will land on a number. If the ball lands on the number that the player has bet on, he or she will win. The winning is 1:1 for inside bets and 35:1 for outside bets.

To Sum Up

Auto-Roulette VIP Live is one version of Roulette that every casino game lover should definitely try out once in their lives. This is a fast-paced game with clear audio and video that makes it even more interesting for the player. The fact that the players can access from 60-80 games per hour means that there is no space for waiting and the game can be played instantly. The players also love the fact that the betting range is suitable for both normal players and the high rollers.


Game Name: Auto Roulette VIP Live

Posted On: 18/01/2019

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Auto Roulette VIP Live
Auto Roulette VIP Live
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