Baccarat Control Squeeze Live

Evolution Gaming has some of the best online casino games on offer for the players. One of these live casino game is Baccarat Control Squeeze Live. This is a Baccarat Squeeze game where the players have `control over their cards. The game is available to play on all mobile devices and this is the reason it is accessible to a lot of players on the go.

Baccarat Control Squeeze Live Look and Feel

The first thing that is seen in any live game is the quality of video streaming. In the case of Baccarat Control Squeeze Live, the video streaming is high quality and the players will be able to chat with the dealer while they are playing the game. There is also a betting region that is given on the screen where the players will place their bets. The players will also enjoy multi-HD cameras and can look at the screen from multiple angles. The bets start from £5 and go up to £15000. This means that the game is mainly targeted towards the high rollers and the players have to place their bets before they start playing the game with the dealer.

Features and Gameplay

The features and gameplay of Baccarat Control Squeeze Live are easy to understand. The players who have already played Baccarat and Baccarat Squeeze before will be able to get what this game is all about. The only addition that this game has is that the players will get a chance to peel overlay masks of the given cards so that the values of the cards are revealed. Apart from this, there is no chance. The dealer deals two face-down cards both to the player as well as the banker. Once the cards have been dealt, the players will be given the third card and the card with the highest combination wins. The winners are announced immediately and the game progresses pretty fast.

If the player is new to the whole concept of a squeeze, they can even play a practice game that will let the player play without placing any bets.

To Sum Up

Baccarat Control Squeeze Live is an excellent addition to the collection of Baccarat games that have been provided to the players by Evolution Gaming. This is one game that will interest the players since the special feature makes it different from the other such games. Also, the game comes with high-quality video and audio which makes the entire experience of playing the game much more realistic.


Game Name: Baccarat Control Squeeze Live

Posted On: 16/01/2019

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Baccarat Control Squeeze Live
Baccarat Control Squeeze Live
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