Gaming giant Microgaming released its Battle Mania slots in the latter part of 2018. This slots online game appears to be firmly designed for those who are totally crazy about both slots and RPG games and combines elements of both into one somewhat delish package that bears detailed investigating.

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Battle For Glory In Battle Mania!

The Battle Mania slot is decidedly unlike most other slots currently on the market. It lacks any conventional reels and features a set of no less than 5 RPG character cards. The game setting appears to be in a well-lit forest, with the graphical quality being comparable to those found in early computer games.

During gameplay, players are required to choose from two separate teams. Each team has a distinct value and either a high or low volatility rating.

The Battle Mania can be a little disconcerting at first sight, especially for those used to standard slots with their reels, paylines and such. This is not the case in Battle Mania.

Features worth exploring

Instead, picked teams to fight and damage enemy monsters, with the said monsters not appearing all that monstrous. For each hit on the monsters, there is a coin value, with a win being recorded when the monster has been destroyed.

Every featured character in this game has a particular ability that can be randomly triggered. This might be healing both oneself or allies or first killing and then resurrecting a monster for another win.

In the game, progress happens as players progress up different levels called Islands. Progress from one island to the other is possible only when players have cards that randomly appear after a bet. Each of these islands has their own bonus.

There is also a special island called Treasure Island. This activates every 12 hours and can boost all wins by 25%.

Final Thoughts

The Battle Mania is one game that defies easy classification. Some might call it a slot, with others, vehemently disagreeing because it lacks features of any standard slot on the market. While it is innovative and has a nice concept, the animation effects are sub-par, with the audio effects being nearly cringe-worthy. However, it appears to have some redeeming values, and is worth exploring, battle axe in hand!


Game Name: Battle Mania

Posted On: 11/01/2019

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Battle Mania
Battle Mania
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