BJ Common Draw High Roller

BJ Common Draw High Roller is a live online casino gambling card game,  developed by NetEnt Gaming, that allows the lovers of this card game to play from the comfort of their homes. You will feel like you are actually gambling, with the other players in a Las Vegas styled land based casino.

BJ Common Draw High Roller For The Player With High Expectations

NetEnt Gaming has developed BJ Common Draw High Roller. It is a live action casino gambling game with the same rules as your more traditional BlackJack casino game.

In this live action online gambling card game, the players will be asked by the live dealer, to place their bets just before the start of each and every game. There is a specific period of time, in which bets are expected to be placed by the players. A timer shows the players the time left for them to place their bets.

Once a bet is placed, the player would then be expected to choose the chips from the ones available. As a player you can either increase or decrease your bet value, just by clicking on the plus or minus betting button on the lower part of the playing screen.

BJ Common Draw High Roller is for those players, wishing to take the risk of engaging in pretty high bets at a time. You can expect high returns for each game, whilst you can play at your convenience. You can play either at home, or in your office using an internet ready mobile device.

Playing This Online BlackJack Game

You will receive 6 decks of cards with which to play, and this is similar to the traditional BlackJack game. The live dealer will then deal his own cards and with that, this card gambling game starts. In BJ Common Draw High Roller, the dealer will deal two cards with another card facing upwards. As a player, you will calculate the overall value of the two cards provided by the dealer, and then you place your hand afterwards. You can ‘Hit’,and receive another card or click on the ‘Double’ and double the value of your bet.

You can also split your cards into two hands, just by clicking ‘Split’ and as other live players complete their hands, you can bust or stand if you prefer. The game comes to an end when the dealer shows the other card. The overall amount won, is then received by the winner who also gets an opportunity, to either take home the money won, take the insurance or split the cards.

Final Thoughts

BJ Common Draw High Roller is fun to play, and offers it's players with chances of winning some big cash rewards. It is also a pioneering online casino gambling card game, that is highly interactive as well as addictive.


Game Name: BJ Common Draw High Roller

Posted On: 27/02/2017

Author: Caroline Mitchell

BJ Common Draw High Roller
BJ Common Draw High Roller
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