Blackjack 3 is an addition to NetEnt pack of games. If you are a fan of these exciting table games, then this game is going to be a sure treat for you. Along with some generous bonus offers and a real life experience, the Blackjack table is all set in order to welcome you all over again.

Place your best bets with Blackjack 3

The best part of this game is, you can play it anywhere and anytime on your mobile phones. It offers you the standard gameplay with the usual Blackjack rules and regulations. You can start playing this game even without an initial deposit. First of all, you have to sign up with NetEnt, then among the various tabs search for this exciting game and start playing. Though not much side bets are available here the standard gameplay is enough to give you some jolly prizes.

Blackjack 3 is a simple HTML5 powered, 'flash casino'. It allows placing a bet for 3 hands in every round. The traditional features remain the same here as well like Dealer's last hand's display, Splitting, Double bets and Insuring hands. An Even Money game feature is also there to bless your pocket.

Also, the game has come up with a phone casino Blackjack free bonus. All you have to do in order to achieve it is play this game with your mobile phone. So, in the shortest possible time, you can win some best of the prizes.

In order to win any round, the player needs to have more points than the dealer. However, your limit has been set to 21 points. This game employs 6 decks of cards which are shuffled automatically just before every round. The betting range, however, is the basic reason for which this game is loved a bit more than the rest.

You can easily check out the history of the last 10 hands made by the dealer. Also, you can choose the speed of the game on a scale of 1 to 10.

Final Thoughts

The simplicity of Blackjack 3 and large betting range make it convenient for almost every player to play the game for a long time. No matter how much cash you carry in your pocket, this slot is open for all to players to get a chance of making it a bit heavier.


Game Name: Blackjack 3

Posted On: 27/02/2017

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Blackjack 3
Blackjack 3
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