An interesting twist to the regular blackjack classic game, the Blackjack B Live is brought by Evolution Gaming for the players who need added thrill.

Blackjack B Live is meant for the players who like to take extra risk to win big in the online game. Available to play 24*7 the game has a beautiful presence giving the online gamblers reasons to delve into blackjack a bit more.

Blackjack B Live theme!

Blackjack B Live is a scene out of a real casino with the tables, games and dealers surrounding the player. But this new version is a rather automated entry into casino taking you through the ambience on the table you shall play.

The green tables have live dealers who deal through a live camera and give the players the real story behind shuffling, dealing and reactions. The players are able to select the table of their choice depending on the risk they want to start with.

Features and rules

As the player opens up the game they are treated with many options to choose the table they want to join. There are low and high limit tables dealing with bet amounts as low as 10 chip to as high as 5000.
There are about 7 players per table with a live dealer dealing for the players. The player can join the table by selecting an empty seat or choose to Bet Behind when the table is full of players.

Blackjack B Live gives the players a variety of features to experience the game, which includes:

Hot Players: The game features the hot player's option where the players having a lucky time with the betty streaks are highlighted. The players can then evaluate who they are playing with. The Bet Behind option here comes to be a lucrative choice as new players can place bets based on someone else’s luck and win.

Deal Now: This is a rather fast forward way to play the game. The dealer keeps on dealing the cards without giving any wait time between rounds. This works exceptionally well for the professional players when their table is full.

Pre-decision: Again for the professional players, the option lets the players decide their bets and moves before their turn arrives.

21+3: Option for side bet where two player cards and one dealer card combine to make a side win.


Blackjack B Live is a new version to treat the bold players with high risk and the faster game of blackjack. Paired with the exceptional use of technology, live game feature and new outlay, Evolution Gaming makes the game pretty interesting!


Game Name: Blackjack B Live

Posted On: 18/01/2019

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Blackjack B Live
Blackjack B Live
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