People who love to play Blackjack love the feel of a live casino game if they cannot travel to a real casino. One of the games that people should try out is Blackjack C Live. This is a live Blackjack game that has been designed by Evolution Gaming and is available to play on all kinds of mobiles and tablets.

Blackjack C Live - First Look

The environment of the Blackjack C Live is elegant and the dealer is always sitting behind the table. There are seven places where the players can place their bets. There are options for the players to adjust the video quality and the sound of the game.
The dealer keeps on announcing the rules and keeps answering the queries and questions of the players. The chat box can be used to chat with the other player playing along. Different camera angles can be used to get a closer look at the table. The first thing that the player has to do is place their bets and then the gameplay starts.

How To Play?

The gameplay of Blackjack C Live is easy and any person who has played online blackjack as well as well as the normal Blackjack at the brick and mortar casino. The rules are easy such as the dealer has to stand at 17 and have to deal till 16. There are side bets for the players that include Perfect Pairs and 21+3.
After the bets are locked, the players will be dealt with the cards and the dealer will also get two cards. If the first card of the is an Ace, the players can buy insurance. The players can also double the value of the bets and can also split their cards.

As soon as the betting of all the players ends, the dealer reveals his or her card and the results are shown instantly. Payment is made and the players will also be able to check five of their last hands to access their progress.

To Sum Up

Blackjack C Live is easy to understand and can be played by people of all ages. The fact that the video quality of this game is excellent and the people also have an option to adjust it according to their needs makes it even worth playing. So, go to the Spinz Win casino and play this interesting game by Evolution Gaming.


Game Name: Blackjack C Live

Posted On: 18/01/2019

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Blackjack C Live
Blackjack C Live
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