Live Blackjack E is an online platform offered by the renowned gaming platform Evolution Gaming. The company hosts live blackjack games with added features. The gaming features the basic features of the game of Blackjack but with slight modifications. This live game is suitable for intermediate level players of Blackjack. Beginners can try their luck with other game variants such as Blackjack A.

Where to play Blackjack E Live?

Live Blackjack E can be played using a 7 seat table and based on Vegas Rules. This game is played with a deck of 8 cards and replaced when quarters have been dealt. The betting limit of this live blackjack variant ranges from £25-£500. The dealers are trained and can play the game in multiple languages. It is entirely dependent on the online casino platform that you are choosing to play with like Spinz Win.

Rules of Blackjack E Live

Live Blackjack core game is endlessly entertaining. What sets Blackjack E apart from other variants is the added-value feature offered in the game that is Bet Behind. The Bet Behind feature permits limitless players to place bets behind one or more of the 7 main players seated at the table. This ensures huge revenue potential and multi-player scalability when compared to the traditional 7-seater game. The players can easily bet on the other players while they wait to occupy one of the main seven seats in the game. Alternatively, the main player can behind on any other seat.

Blackjack E Live for Beginners

The players of a winning streak are highlighted in the game with a gold medal. The number of medals signifies the number of game rounds won by a player. All the waiting and seated players can check the scores and decide which player to bet on for increasing the chances of winning. New players can get a thrill of what it is to indulge in a live blackjack game by benefiting from the low stakes offered by Blackjack E Live game.

Summing Up

Overall, this variant of Live Blackjack offered by Evolution Gaming seems quite innovative and interesting. It adds an element of thrill to the game and permits all the players to enjoy the game.


Game Name: Blackjack E Live

Posted On: 27/12/2018

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Blackjack E Live
Blackjack E Live
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