Blackjack J Live is a game developed by Evolution Gaming. It follows the rules of standard blackjack but has certain differences and innovative features. At each level of the game, the player has a chance to bag wins. The rules are based according to the American Vegas rules. In addition, you will come across different innovative gaming features, such as pre decisions, side bets, and bet behinds. Based on your gaming strategy, you can opt for any one of these features. The game can be played both on your mobile devices and desktops. All the elements are responsive to the latest mobile platforms.

Blackjack J Live comes with customizable features

Blackjack J Live is a game that has a wonderful interface. First things first, it has the look and feel of a land-based casino. You will also be able to customize the interface elements based on your preferences. The chat option enables you to talk in real time with other players. The video quality can be customised by choosing options like Low, Auto, High or HD. In the case of the Auto option, video streaming is adjusted according to the network speed. The volume control enables you to adjust the sound as per the gaming requirements and your preferences.

You would need 7 seat tables and eight decks of cards for playing Blackjack J Live. As per the gaming rules, it is also possible to replace the cards for three-quarters of the shoe. As per the high limit table or a low limit table, you will be able to bet from 1 to even 5000 coins. For players who are not adept in English, there are options to choose other languages like Swedish, French, German, and Italian and so on. You can choose the preferred language from the settings.

Opt for innovative features and side best

Blackjack J Live comes with a range of innovative features that make it quite attractive. Players can use the Pre decision feature that enables them to decide on the hand before placing the turn. Then you have the Deal Now feature through which you can set the betting clock to zero. In the case of the Hot Players feature, you can view the names of the players who are playing well. It is also possible to opt for Side Bets, while the Bet Behind feature helps a particular player to place a bet behind another player.


Game Name: Blackjack J Live

Posted On: 18/01/2019

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Blackjack J Live
Blackjack J Live
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