Blackjack is up with a new and power-packed version in the live series. The game Blackjack K Live is innovative and has some interesting features that will integrate to add enjoyment in the game. Blackjack K live is available for both high and low stake players. The betting range varies from casino to casino.

It offers space to seven players and a dealer to sit along the table and place their bets. The bets depend on the respective decisions of the players. The round starts with the player sitting on the left of the dealer and finishes with the dealer. The time for a bet is displayed in the corner of the frame.

Features and Bets in Blackjack K Live

The designers have designed the full frame of the blackjack in such a way that it keeps the player engaged. It displays the rules on one side and sitting on another side. If you have any issues regarding the audio and video, then you can correct it from the menu present on the screen.

Blackjack K Live is played with 8 decks of 52 cards. The dealer hosts the game which stands at 17. The game features some exotic features that are subject to certain restrictions. These features are split, double down, blackjack. They can be triggered at a specific time with a specific card. The double down is meant for any 2 initial cards. The split is subjected to the cards that hold equal value. The player can use only one split per hand.

Side bets are the most enticing part of Blackjack K Live

Perfect pair and 21+3 are two options in the form of side bets. These side bets are optional and they are applicable with blackjack bets. Your winning chances can increase if you have a perfect pair in your hand. These are the two cards with similar face value. It may be two aces, two queens or two 9s.

21+3 feature helps you to make winning combinations. Once you trigger this feature, you will get an opportunity to take your initial cards with dealers up card. This, in turn, will give you big wins.

Summing Up

Blackjack itself is one of the popular games ever. Every version offers special features and betting limits. These mesmerizes the players and further encourages them to try the different versions of the game.


Game Name: Blackjack K Live

Posted On: 16/01/2019

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Blackjack K Live
Blackjack K Live
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