Blackjack Single Deck Touch

The single deck of the cards is considered as the key in this version of Blackjack table game. The game provides for a decent gameplay and provides a beautiful atmosphere for the players to play. Blackjack Single Deck Touch has been designed in such a way that is compatible with various smart devices.

In this form of Blackjack, the classic table game becomes better and each of the features with the table game is easily adjustable according to the player's’ choice. Moreover, there is the user-friendly interface which allows every kind of player to become the part of this entertaining table game.

About the developer of Blackjack Single Deck Touch

Blackjack Single Deck Touch game is developed by Net Entertainment. It is one of the best game developers in the gaming industry. They always create high-quality casino games for the players to have an excellent gaming experience.


The basic and simple rules of Blackjack remain the same. The main aim is that the total score should not exceed twenty-one. There are only little changes that are made in this version. Blackjack Single Deck Touch is playable with one deck of fifty-two playing cards which will be shuffled when each round starts. Also, Blackjack payout is three: two and other wins is one: one. The card values include the numbered cards two-ten that carry their face value, ace counts as one or eleven and the king, queen and jack count as ten points.

Important Features

If the first cards are ten or eleven points in total, then the players may double. In that case, the players will receive one extra card. Also, the double bet will be the same as an initial bet.

2 cards in 1 hand which have same value may get split into separate 2 hands. In all the split hands, apart from the Aces, the players may draw multiple cards. When the players receive an ace and a ten point card in the split hand, then this will not be counted as Blackjack. Also, by splitting, the players double their initial bet. The players play these hands as one by one.

The players have the option to take up the insurance in Blackjack Single Deck Touch. The players are able to do this if the visible card of the dealer comes to be an ace. However, insurance will cost extra money, In fact, half of the initial bet. When the dealer has a Blackjack, then this will pay two: one.

Final Thoughts

Blackjack Single Deck Touch is a nice version of Blackjack with a twist. The players will have fun while playing this table game. The RTP of the game is 99.55%.


Game Name: Blackjack Single Deck Touch

Posted On: 27/02/2017

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Blackjack Single Deck Touch
Blackjack Single Deck Touch
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