Are you a VIP and do you love blackjack? Well if your answer is Yes, then Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack VIP C Live is just right for you. This game is streamed directly from studios in Latvia. Attractive live dealers are on hand to lead you through the game in the relaxed atmosphere. Learn more about what features are available in this blackjack and how these features can be of benefit to your gaming pleasure in this review.

Blackjack VIP C Live Gameplay

As with most blackjack games, the objective of Blackjack VIP C Live is for players to have a hand that is greater than that of the house (dealer). However, this Hand cannot exceed a value “21”. Players win when they have a hand that is greater than the dealer's, but equal to or less than “21”.

With a hand of “21”, a player is known to have a “Blackjack”. Players begin a game by placing their main bets with the minimum bet set at £50 while the maximum bet is at £5,000. Clearly, this is a blackjack for high rollers wishing to bet big and earn even bigger cash rewards.

Features To Look Out For

First of, as mentioned earlier, the Blackjack VIP C Live game is brought to your playing screens from live studios in Riga, Latvia. The user interface of this blackjack variant is really user-friendly, simplistic and interactive. There is a Live Chat feature which allows players to chat with other players located from all across the globe.

In addition, the video quality of this blackjack game is in high definition (HD) while the audio quality is also quite good. You have multiple cameras in this game which allows players to have a variety of viewing angles for their selected blackjack table. There is a Bet Behind feature that gives players a chance to still make bets even without actually being on a designated blackjack table. Players can place their respective bets on the hands of players already seated at a table

Some Blackjack VIP C Live Rules

Blackjack VIP C Live has some beneficial and non-beneficial rules that should interest high stakes players of this blackjack game. Some of these beneficial and non-beneficial rules include;

  • Players can Double on Two standard playing cards.
  • The live dealers will stand when they have a hand of 17.
  • With a hand of 16, the dealer draws.
  • There isn't any Re-Split allowed in this blackjack.
  • With a Split hand, there is no Double allowed.
  • Aces can be Split, however when an Ace is split only a single card can be added to the split Ace.

To Sum Up

Enjoy a live-action blackjack game designed for players wishing to place large bets in expectation of huge rewards. With Blackjack VIP C Live you can play side bets and get playing tips from other players in a Live Chat.


Game Name: Blackjack VIP C Live

Posted On: 10/01/2019

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Blackjack VIP C Live
Blackjack VIP C Live
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