The Blackjack VIP D game is now available in live action that promises its players an amazing land-based casino experience from any place across the globe. Powered by Evolution Gaming, the live action is availed in HD with clear picture and astounding sound quality. The video streamed is also from Company’s Red Room VIP studio. The friendly and charming human dealers are another added feature to the Blackjack VIP D live game. The best part is you can also see other dealers and tables while playing.

VIP gaming at Blackjack VIP D Live

You do not have to play alone at Blackjack VIP D Live game but also not make the game crowded. At any given table, the game provides for seven seats for seven players to play. Here the option of Bet Behind is not made available to the players. The Bet Behind feature was specifically designed to enable an unlimited number of players to play at any single table. But Blackjack VIP D Live being a VIP game, the seats allowed per table are limited to seven players. You get to play beside the main players aware with the knowledge that no one is wagging behind your hand.

Rules to play the Blackjack VIP D Live

At a regular Blackjack D game, players are allowed a minimum bet of £1 and a standard bet of £5 depending on the different Casino rules. But at Blackjack VIP D Live, the VIP players should wage a minimum bet of £50.

This has two advantages. Firstly, only a handpicked amount of Bankrolled players will play at the VIP Blackjack table. Secondly, with limited players, the wait time decreases considerably and players get increased privacy.

Also, the minimum bets change for a different Blackjack VIP table. For Red tables, the minimum bets are £50 which remains same for Silver tables also. While Platinum tables have a £250 minimum bet rate, the Diamond tables exceed a whopping £1000 minimum bet.

Most of the rules remain similar to that of a regular Blackjack D game except for few changes. The different and high gaming bets are sure to give the thrill and intense entertainment to the players. This is one of its kind game you surely want to try!


Game Name: Blackjack VIP D Live

Posted On: 18/01/2019

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Blackjack VIP D Live
Blackjack VIP D Live
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