Blackjack is one of the most loved casino table games that is generally played in land-based casinos all over the world. Although most players love to visit the land-based casinos to play it rather than playing it on portable devices. And, it is due to the very atmosphere of a live casino, the real presence of the dealers who welcome players with a warming gesture and so on.

Blackjack VIP E Live online game by Evolution gaming has eliminated the need of going to the physical casinos. This variant has a live dealer which attends players and the video is streamed live on the players’ screens through developer studios.

Blackjack VIP E Live Features

  • Outcome

When all the turns of players have been done, then the dealer will disclose the value of her downward. The dealer will surely Hit on any hand with a value of sixteen or less and will also definitely Stand on the hand if its sum is seventeen or more.

The players will win when the sum of their final hand turns out to closer to twenty-one than that of dealer’s hand or even when the dealer gets busted. Moreover, if the sum of players hand is similar to that of dealer’s hand, then the game round will end and players bet will be returned. And, if the sum of the player's hand is more than 21, the player hand will be busted and will lose his/her bet placed on that particular hand.

  • Split

If the initial hand of first two pairs of the cards is of equal value, then players can opt to Split that pair so as to make 2 separate hands and each of the hand with a different bet equal to players main bet. After which, when a 2nd card is dealt with both hands of players, then they can try to improve the sum of their 2 hands by opting the Hit feature. Again, players have full right to Stand any time once they are satisfied with the sum of their 2 hands. But if players Split the initial pair of the Aces, then they will get only 1 additional card each hand along with no chance to Hit.

  • Perfect Pairs

During this feature, players are allowed to place their wagers alongside the standard wager and can get awarded by a payout if the players win the side bets wins. The players can get a payout of:

  1. Mixed pair 6:1,
  2. Coloured pair 12:1
  3. Perfect pair 25:1

To Sum Up- Blackjack VIP E Live Review

Blackjack VIP E Live is one of finest blackjack variant developed by Evolution gaming. This variant has wonderful features which make the game addictive and engrossing for its players. Overall, Blackjack VIP E Live is awesome and is gaining high recognition among casino lovers.


Game Name: Blackjack VIP E Live

Posted On: 10/01/2019

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Blackjack VIP E Live
Blackjack VIP E Live
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