BlackjackPro MonteCarlo Singlehand

If you are a regular blackjack player in land-based casinos, you can save yourself the cost of making regular trips to your favourite casino. You can do this by playing the online version known as BlackjackPro MonteCarlo SingleHand.

Take Control with BlackjackPro MonteCarlo SingleHand

When you play the BlackjackPro MonteCarlo SingleHand game, you can be in control of how you decide to play. You have the option to change the outlook according to your own taste and preference.

You can customise the playing table and the speed of play to meet your requirements. The outlook and interface can be adjusted to fit your taste as well and make you feel as comfortable as possible as you play. With this online casino card game, you have 6 Decks of cards, a Split Option, Insurance Bets and a Double Down Option.

It is this flexibility in gameplay that makes this online casino card game worth a trial. So, whether you are a new or a more seasoned player of casino blackjack. You can play for the fun of it or get into the nitty-gritty of earning big wins when you play.

Understanding The Gameplay

With the BlackjackPro MonteCarlo SingleHand, you play six, 52-card decks and you do so with no joker in any of the decks. Just before each deal, the cards are shuffled and the objective of this game is to get a high score not exceeding 21. You will beat the dealer in the process.

A dealer going bust can assure you of a win and this game is played staking on a single-hand. The dealer first receives a single card that is placed faced up and the dealer stands on a minimum of 17. You can split any of the cards that are of a similar rank and you can split a hand just once.

Final Thoughts

BlackjackPro MonteCarlo SingleHand has an interface that is of the highest quality available. The flexible gameplay, cool soundtrack, neat graphics and animation will keep you playing and winning for a long period of time.

This online casino card version takes players back to the land-based casino blackjack that they might be familiar with. You will have the realistic feeling of being in an actual Las Vegas casino. It comes with the extra touch of being in control of the gameplay, interface and the overall look when you play.


Game Name: BlackjackPro MonteCarlo Singlehand

Posted On: 24/02/2017

Author: Caroline Mitchell

BlackjackPro MonteCarlo Singlehand
BlackjackPro MonteCarlo Singlehand
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