The Pirates are here to take the players on an unparalleled adventure through the tropical island in Boom Pirates. Revolving around a story, the main theme of Boom Pirates is the lives of pirates. This can be easily understood throughout the game owing to the well-thought designs of the components. Beginning with the background, a tropical island can be seen where a pirate ship is present. A completely animated concept takes the players on a fun trip as they join Captain Mary on her adventures. 

The slots consist of 5 reels and 4 rows in the grid which can be expanded through the multiple reel choices available to the players, which will be covered later. The cards consist of both low paying symbols - Ace, King, Queen and Jack and high paying symbols - Captain Mary, a parrot, cannonballs and traditional barrels over a wooden slot. The maximum payout is around 3800 times the existing bet, in the entire course of the game. 

Special features 

Boom Pirates is widely regarded as the game with totally new and distinct features. As mentioned previously, the size of the slot game can be expanded as per the player's wish. This feature is known as Wonderways. It leads to an increase in the size of the grid from 5X4 to 9X6. As a result of this expansion, the ways of winning which stood at the figure of 1024 boosts up to a massive figure of more than 10 million! 

Foxify - Another original feature of the game is called Foxify which includes a reduction in the current stake by 50% but an equally proportionate increase in the winning probability. This feature makes high volatility an important aspect of the game. If the player desires to go all in and avail an even higher increase in such probability, he can opt for the Buy-In feature and give away all his stakes in exchange of around 100 times increment in the winning chances. 

Bonus features 

Two bonus features play a very integral role in the game which are elaborated as under : 

Scatter option - Two Scatter cards exist in the game with the words 'Yo' and 'Ho' being displayed on each of them. If three or more such cards are present on the reel at a given point and jointly spell out 'Yo ho ho,' 10 free spins can be activated in an instant. 

Swashbuckling attack - When the player seems to be losing an array of free spins, Captain Mary appears over the slot to randomly change the current order, which helps in creating a better combination of symbols so that the player can achieve 5 similar ones in one reel. 


Thus, Boom Pirates is a highly recommended game due to the refreshing theme and introduction of original concepts. Check out the game today! Hurry!


Game Name: Boom Pirates

Posted On: 07/10/2019

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Boom Pirates
Boom Pirates
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