You would have used or at least seen scratch cards in real life. These cards usually offered as part of promotions where you can scratch and win exciting prizes. But these cards are now available to scratch online and win amazing prizes. Dawn Of The Bread is one such card game but with a creepy theme of a zombie baking bread at a kitchen. The card is no ordinary one but boasts rich graphics with amazing sound effects. The three shelves inside wood fire oven represent the card in this game. You can place your bets with amounts starting from £0.50 and maximum that has a limit of £10 per game.

Dawn Of The Bread – Developer of the Game

This creepy horror themed scratch card game was developed by Microgaming. Since their inception in 1994, they have produced over 300 games from various casino categories to suit all types of players. They have won many awards for their world class games and are the most preferred choice for online casinos.

About Dawn Of The Bread

Visually, the game looks colourful but very creepy with a zombie holding bread dough with spiders and eyeballs stuck on it. There is a total of six symbols in Dawn Of The Bread that help you win. A grasshopper, a tapeworm, rat, teeth set, human heart and a human eyeball. The symbol from which you can win the most is the human eyeball. You can win 10000 times on your total bet amount when three of these symbols are revealed on the scratch card. So when you bet with £10, you can win £100,000 which is a maximum of this game. All the symbols will need to reveal three times in order to win their corresponding prizes.

  •  Payouts of Symbols: The eye pays the most as mentioned above. The remaining symbols have their own number of multipliers. The heart pays second most with 2500 times on your bet amount. The teeth set pays 100 times and the rat, tapeworm and grasshopper pay 10x, 5x and 2x respectively.
  • Scratching the Card: In Dawn Of The Bread, you get to scratch a total of nine symbols of bread inside the oven. Each bread reveals a symbol and three of any kind gives you the corresponding reward. You can either click all bread one by one or simply click on REVEAL ALL for all the nine to show the symbols hidden inside.


With a creepy zombie theme and plenty of high stakes rewards, Dawn Of The Bread is the game where you can win with just a few scratches. With an RTP of 96%, you can easily make good profits.


Game Name: Dawn Of The Bread

Posted On: 03/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Dawn Of The Bread
Dawn Of The Bread
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