Double Bonus Poker Gameplay

Open Double Bonus Poker and you get a screen. At the bottom screen, is your poker hand. While above it is the paytable. As well, players can optionally replace the cards they were first dealt with should they feel they might get a better hand.

Do take a moment to glance through the paytable. It will display the varying payouts to be had for the available five-coin levels. Landing a Royal Flush when playing with the maximum number of coins will result in the player getting 4000x his/her initial stake.

Gameplay in Double Bonus Poker is simple. The first thing to do is to choose the bet level. This is done by utilizing the “-” and “+” buttons located underneath the cards and then clicking the chosen payline. Then the “Draw” button is clicked, which will result in the first five cards being dealt out.

During gameplay, players can “hold” the cards they desire keeping and toss out those they do not fancy. Just a single “Draw” is permitted and the game will by default keep ready any cards you might potentially have a use for. To access these, just click on them.

The Jack is the lowest winning hand. Therefore, all pairs of lesser value than it is useless. As well, the usual four-of-a-kind comes divided into three, with each category paying out different amounts.

Gamble Feature

Winnings can optionally be gambled by using the “Double” button located beneath the reels. The way it works you the player are presented with five face-down cards. The dealer will then unveil the last on the left. It’s up to you to then pick one with a higher value than the just unveiled one. Do this and your stake gets doubled.

Final Thoughts

Double Bonus Poker has a decent graphics and is made easy to play on desktops and mobiles. This is fun to play. Use your skills and enjoy huge wins.


Game Name: Double Bonus Poker

Posted On: 01/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Double Bonus Poker
Double Bonus Poker
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