Casino gaming has been popular for centuries and hasn’t yet lost its charm. In fact, the gambling industry is booming by leaps and bounds. The various casino games such as Roulette, Poker, Blackjack has kept countless generations hooked. Also, the availability of online casino has ensured a rise in its popularity. The latest addition to the online casino gaming is the French Roulette. The game is developed by the big gun in the gaming arena, Microgaming. It is laced with exciting features and bonuses.

Raise the heat with French Roulette

This game is the most traditional variant of the roulette games available. This version of roulette resembles European Roulette. It is played with 36 numbers and also has a single zero. The minimum bet is of $1.00. There is no limit on the maximum bet and it keeps on varying.

The game is laced with various features including La Partage, single zero and various kinds of a bet. La Partage is highly beneficial as it reduces the losses to half if the ball stops at zero. Different bets comprise of both inside and outside bet. Inside bets lay odds on a particular number or small group of numbers. These have higher payouts. Outside bet comprises of bets on colours, a large group of numbers, evens or odds and blacks or reds. They have lower payouts.

Simple yet amusing French Roulette

It is very simple to play, along with being extremely engrossing. The rules are simple and easy to understand. Although, the gameplay is very alluring and fascinating. It offers a large number of payouts and is suitable for players of all kind. The presence of roulette online has proved to be an advantage for its admirers.

The game has all the feel of the land based casino and its offers realism. The presence of the live dealer at all the times makes it more interactive and fun. The live dealer satisfies all the queries of the player. Interactive chat option is also available.

About French Roulette

The game wheel has two parts- outer and the inner section. The outer section is called the bowl and the inner part is called the wheel head. The balls spin on the outer part and stop ultimately on the inner portion. The player has to purchase the chip of desired value and place the bet on the number of the choice.  If the ball stops on the number selected by the player, he wins.

Final Verdict

French Roulette is a very engrossing game. It has exciting features and provides an opportunity to make huge money.


Game Name: French Roulette

Posted On: 02/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

French Roulette
French Roulette
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