Furlong Fortunes Sprint


Take part in the horse race with the fastest horses and aim at winning the grand title in Furlong Fortunes Sprint. When the finest casino game meets a real-life racing game, the result ends in a super adventurous gamble! That is exactly the perfect description for Furlong Fortunes Sprint as the game takes players on a horse racing arena. Right from the intense soundtrack to the slot design, every element of the game is in complete accordance with the theme. 

A race track resembling a background serves well against a wooden slot board containing 5 reels and 3 rows. The symbols on these reels include the general minor symbols of A, K, Q, and J; horse riders in red, green and yellow colours and the game logo. The tournament begins with each player picking out his favourite horse from the collection. 

Special features 

A special feature of the game is called the boost stage. Before a race begins, all the players are given coins in a random manner. Each of those coins has a specific multiplier value on it, which comes into action when the owner of a particular coin wins the race. For example, if a player has a coin with a multiplier value of 25X and wins the race, his current stake or return is increased up to 25 times. 

Other than that, the Wild symbol is also important, which shows a silver-coloured horseshoe. It can appear only in the middle 3 reels and can replace all regular cards except the gold coins. 

Bonus features 

Continuing the horse race theme, the bonus features in Furlong Fortunes Sprint have taken inspiration from the same. They include a race day bonus and a streak bonus.

The race day bonus is activated when six or more gold coins appear in the reels in one spin. As a result, the player earns 3 spins absolutely free. They come with a feature of three additional chances called 'lives'. The player thus has three turns to roll the free spin until either more coins appear and reset his lives to 3 or he runs out of all the lives. He has to move back to the base game in the latter case.

Similarly, another bonus is present in the game called the Streak bonus. When the horse selected by the player wins consecutive races, the player can gain high returns on his existing stake at that moment. This occurs in the following cases when the horse :

  •     Wins 2 races in a row - 100X returns
  •     Wins 3 races in a row - 1000X returns


Furlong Fortunes Sprint is a fun and exciting game with a unique concept that caters to the needs of all sorts of gamblers and players. 


Game Name: Furlong Fortunes Sprint

Posted On: 10/10/2019

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Furlong Fortunes Sprint
Furlong Fortunes Sprint
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