Genie’s Gems is an Arabian style slot game with old graphics and symbols chosen to fit the theme suitably. Most of the symbols are chosen from conventional fairy tales comprising genie, lamp, flying carpet.

About Genie's Gems slots

One of the pioneers of making online gaming - Microgaming has developed this slot game. They are a squad of experienced slot game makers who consider creating slot games very seriously. Some of the best online slots games are made by Microgaming. Their reputation has secured them a special place among the virtual slot developers since their beginning. Though the slot game is developed by a team which is one of the best in the online slot gaming industry it was made a long time ago in 2005 making it quite unfit to play in the present gaming timeline for serious gaming mindset players. On the brighter side, this slot game can be tried to experience the old slot games which were popular long back. Genie’s Gems has five reels and five paylines. Some of the interesting symbols include the genie’s face, blue diamond, magical lamp, flying carpet, dome-shaped building tops and other common symbols like K, Q, J and 10. The stake range per spin is from 25p to £25.

Wild Symbol and other features:

There is no wild symbol in this slot game making itself unattractive among many players. To fill the void of the wild symbol the developers have tried a new way in the flow of paylines. Generally, the paylines only act from left to right. But in Genie's Gems the paylines act from both right to left and also from left to right. For example, if you have invoked 5 paylines they act as 10 paylines when compared to the other slot games. There is also no scatter symbol making it very distinct from most of the slot games. Furthermore, there are no free spins and bonus games. The absence of the special features – a wild symbol, scatter and free spins etc. makes this slot game boring and does not feed the curiosity of the player. So, the player switches to other slot games within few spins in the slots. However, the maximum amount you can win up to 10,000 coins if you are lucky enough to land five genie faces in the selected payline.


Genie's Gems slot game delivers average gaming experience and music effects. In today’s online gaming world this slot game can be played just to see what older slot games looked and felt like.


Game Name: Genies Gems

Posted On: 03/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Genies Gems
Genies Gems
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