If you are a fan of ancient Greek mythology or you love movies such as "The Clash of the Titans" and you are looking for a slot game that will reignite your passion, then the Legend of Olympus is your best bet.

The Legend of Olympus Offers Stunning Graphics

This online slot game captures the essence of the stories of ancient Greek gods that were believed to determine the fate of all mankind.

Zeus the leader of all Greek gods is majestically presented in this game, located in all his glory on the far left-hand corner and appears to be rooting for you as you play the game.

The graphics are beautifully done and as realistic as they come. On the far right-hand corner is Hades, the eternal enemy of Zeus and the god of the Underworld.

He appears truly menacing and seems to be staring down at you as you play the game.

Even the graphics of the five reels appear like a temple that moves from being beautiful and lush on the left-hand corner to being in a state of disrepair and ruin as it progressively moves to the right-hand corner.

Representing the good and evil, light and darkness, Zeus and Hades.

In the Legend of Olympus, you get to see several symbols that have mythological significance, such as the trident of Poseidon, the winged helmet of Ares, a golden goblet, spear and shield.

Zeus Free Spins

This is a bonus feature that you can activate when you are able to have all three Zeus symbols appear on any of the reels.

Once you achieve this, Zeus will then proceed to strike Hades with several lightning bolts which in turn uncovers several free spins.

As soon as Zeus has zapped the life out of Hades, the latter falls down and subsequently disappears from the screen for the time being.

You can also activate the River Styx Bonus by matching all three gold coins bonus symbols on the reels.

By doing this you will unveil three gold coins that will be spinning and as you click on the spinning gold coins to reveal at least two gold coins, you will be taken to another region where you stand the chance of winning other cash prizes.

The Legend of Olympus also has another bonus feature known as the gamble feature which is activated anytime you are able to win in the standard play.

Once you have activated this feature you stand the chance of playing a Red/Black card game in which you can double your earnings or lose it all when you play.

You win by choosing a card colour (i.e. either Red or Black) and whichever card colour is uncovered you can either double your win in standard play or lose it.

In Conclusion

The Legend of Olympus is an online slot game with cool graphics and animation.

The gameplay is simple and it has several bonus features that will help you to get a chance to earn more cash prizes and rewards.

With Legend of Olympus, you get as many as twenty paylines and you can wager a minimum of less than £1 per payline. You can also place a maximum wager of about £35 for each spin.


Game Name: Legend of Olympus

Posted On: 03/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Legend of Olympus
Legend of Olympus
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