Whenever it comes to playing online casino games, some players prefer table games whereas others just stick to the slot games. But Dolphin’s Roulette offers both the slot and the table Roulette games within the same screen. It is based on the theme of famous slot game known as ‘Dolphin’s Pearl’. Also, the single reel is offered as a side game where the players can place their bets. The betting limits of this variant of roulette lie between £1 and £100 every round.

Developer of Dolphin’s Roulette

This wonderful Roulette game is developed by Extreme Live Gaming. They are considered as one of the best developers. Their games offer realistic experience and hence, are played throughout the world.

What is so good?

There is even a live human dealer who offers assistance throughout the play. Moreover, the dealer is professional and the players can even interact with him or her through the Dolphin’s Roulette game’s chat feature. Also, with the live video streaming the players can feel like that they are in the real world casino.


The rules remain same as that of a classic version where the players can bet from zero to thirty-six on the European game table. There are many betting lines like straight, split, corner, street, top line, trio, column and dozen. These are the main betting lines having payouts that may start from 100% on player’s bet to 35 times of the player’s bet amount that is the highest whenever they win the single number betting. Also, there are the outside bets where the players can make extra money and these are the red-black, high-low and odd-even. The payout for the outside bet is 1:1 but the players have a chance to make the frequent number of wins when they play with them.

  • Dolphin’s Pearl Slot: It is the single reel slot having numerous sea creatures including the dolphin as a symbol. However, there is no bonus feature as such but the dolphin pays the highest stake of eighty times of the player’s bet. Once the players place the bet and roll down the slot, they will get the payout depending upon the symbol wherever it lands at.
  • Betting Strategy: One of the top betting strategies that may work for the players is in Dolphin’s Roulette is the method of increasing the bet gradually by the small amount until the players make up a win. And, once they win they have to start with least amount again. Moreover, this will cover previous losses and the players should set aside some amount of money as the reserve to make a profit.

Final Thoughts

Dolphin’s Roulette features high-video quality and simple betting layout. It will keep the players entertained and winning.


Game Name: Dolphin’s Roulette

Posted On: 01/01/2016

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Dolphin’s Roulette
Dolphin’s Roulette
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