Golden Ball Roulette is one of the live dealer games, currently developed by Extreme Live Gaming. Based on the European Roulette, it features an amazing HD video streaming, that's directly live from London. Apart from this, the game has an “X-Zoom Mode”, which is a multiple camera gameplay. The bonus feature present in this game adds quite a competitive twist to it. Want to try something that's different from the others? Then give this game a go.

How to play Golden Ball Roulette?

The chip denominations in Golden Ball Roulette vary from £1 to £1,000. The players can bet on roulette wagers, race track bets like orphelins, tiers and also voisins du zero. The bets can be in the ratio 1:1 for red, black, even, odd, low or high bets. For trios and corners, players have a chance to win in the ratios of 11:1 and 8:1. The Players also have a chance to pocket 17:1, for the split bets and up to 35:1 for single bets (straight up). Moreover, the roulette is run by an elegant and professional dealer.

The Golden Ball Feature

The Golden Ball feature is the one feature that differentiates this game from the other Roulette games. This feature makes the game stand out from amongst the other games. The time for the Golden ball is set for 20 games, and the total amount (bet amount) for twenty games is calculated along with the exclusion of the safe bets. The selected player, who has placed the highest bet, will thus earn a chance to spin the golden ball.

The time allowed for clicking the Golden ball button is only 10 seconds. After being clicked, it will be announced by the croupier that the button has been clicked by the player, and the dealer will proceed further in order to spin the ball. If the player wants to become a Golden Ball champion, the highest bet should be set for twenty consecutive spins. The winner will then be offered to bet on a table that is red-felted, which also offers him a chance to win a bonus award.

Final Thoughts

Golden Ball Roulette is playable on both mobiles as well as tablets, and it also supports all Android and iOS devices too. An exciting feature of this game is that the jackpots are awarded at regular intervals, which makes it exciting. This game is part of a gaming platform that has a no-download policy. The unique and unusual gaming format, along with a nice bonus feature makes the Golden Ball Roulette worth a try.


Game Name: Golden Ball Roulette

Posted On: 01/01/2016

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Golden Ball Roulette
Golden Ball Roulette
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