Live Multi-Player Blackjack

Is Live Multiplayer Blackjack a clever gimmick? Or a revolution to be applauded? Opinion is still widely divided on the subject.

Blackjack is a much-beloved game. And one easily familiar to the vast majority of the global populace. This has considerably helped to enhance its appeal and allure. The game objective has always been to get a hand worth 21. Or as near as that magical number as possible.

Once that is done it’s a game, set and match.

Live Multiplayer Blackjack for Lively Fun

The newest action on the Blackjack scene is the Live Multiplayer Blackjack option. As the name implies, the action is live and convenient. It, therefore, doesn't require players to dress up in their Sunday best and pay an outrageous entry fee at the swankiest casino in town. Instead, they can experience all the glamour, beauty and feverish excitement of this noble game from the comfy comfort of their home.

This is chiefly made possible with the aid of a live casino dealer feature. The dealer, who is often a pretty lady runs the game from a remote location and ensures that the players behave. This very easily recreates the feel and looks of traditional Blackjack.

Players also have the ability to chat with the dealer by utilising the chat function. As well, all the players in the game can talk with each other via the chat function should they so desire.

The only thing required to participate in this great online game is a computer with a speedy internet connection. With this in place, you can easily invite and play with friends to test their skill and luck against you. Or you can try your luck with strangers.

Depending on the casino available the shoe decks will vary from 6-8. In order to keep cheating to a minimum and maintain the house edge, the deck is shuffled much more often than in normal Blackjack games. So, don’t bother card-counting.

Game Features

Live Multiplayer Blackjack usually has no free play option to train up prospective players. However, you can choose to first watch the action and gain some foreknowledge of the strength and weaknesses of each player. It’s also played with real money, while the action is fast-paced.

The rules in this online game are identical to those for normal casino Blackjack. Thus, players can double down, stand, card splits and employ any other normal casino rules and they have to beat the dealer with the total nearing 21.

As well, there’s a history button to look out for in Live Multiplayer Blackjack. This lets players know exactly their wins and losses. And can provide a valuable insight into their gameplay that can be successfully exploited.

Final Thoughts

Sporting gorgeous and very realistic graphics, immersive sound, and addictive gameplay, this is an online game worth dancing a jig for. It, therefore, comes very easy to recommend for all categories of players. And is certain to make the hours roll happily by.


Game Name: Live Multi-Player Blackjack

Posted On: 02/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Live Multi-Player Blackjack
Live Multi-Player Blackjack
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