Live Multi-Player Roulette

With the introduction of Microgaming powered Live Multi-Player Roulette to online casino world, playing Roulette online has become more entertaining among the casino players. This game is a European Roulette version and is played with similar strategies.

There is an Expert Mode for pros that offers numerous functions such as Rebets, Autoplay and a chance to adjust or change table settings in accordance with the individual player preferences.

Why Play Live Multi-Player Roulette?

The game has taken the online roulette to an entirely new level. With six players who are seated on a single table and the time limits in place, the gameplay of this Roulette game is extremely amazing. And by providing an option to play as well as chat with other players, this Live Multi-Player Roulette offers Roulette players a genuine casino experience. Moreover, in order to make this Roulette game more interesting and exciting, Microgaming has also introduced live dealer concept through which players can even interact with the dealer.

How to Play?

The rules of Live Multi-Player Roulette are quite simple and clear and even similar to the other Roulette variations. It offers various betting options to the players like low and high number groups, even or odd, colour and more. It also allows the players to place the bets and even view the bets placed by other players.

Thus one can make use of the wagering patterns of the fortunate ones if they want. Also, it provides a good insight into the other players’ Roulette betting strategies. But, it is advisable to the players to create their own strategies while playing it.

However, this version also includes a certain time limit of twenty, forty, or sixty seconds for placing a bet. Players cannot take as much time as they want while placing bets here. This can be considered as a small flaw of this Roulette game which some players might despise.

Final Thoughts

Live Multi-Player Roulette provides an amazing way to make new friends as well as win money in the process. This online game has made playing Roulette possible for players sitting at home. It offers a lot of fun and thrilling experience to the players. With the high-quality graphics and great visual designs, it is liked by almost all the casino players out there. Thus, it is a strong recommendation for Roulette lovers.


Game Name: Live Multi-Player Roulette

Posted On: 01/01/2016

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Live Multi-Player Roulette
Live Multi-Player Roulette
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