Sizzling Hot Roulette, the hottest version of European Roulette brings sizzling real money wins.

Sizzling Hot Roulette Ramps Up The Action

Once started up, players are presented with a panel that has vertically arranged fruit symbols on it, in addition to the Roulette wheel located to the right of the screen. The fruit icons comprise a lemon, watermelon, bars, sevens and cherries. These all possess differing probabilities and odds. Sevens and Stars are the biggest payers at 80-1 while Cherry pays the least at 1-1.

Gameplay in Sizzling Hot Roulette is generally identical to the European version of the game. The house edge is stubbornly pegged at 2.7% and the usual single zero is employed. Players have 20 seconds to make their bets which is long enough to decide their destiny.

After a bet, the roulette wheel and the reels with the fruit icons will spin in tandem. This continues till the ball lands on the winning digit. At which point the slot will come to a stop and display its own winning icons.

As well, regardless of whether or not the players win their roulette bet, the side bet will still pay off. This helps ensure that players walk off with something.

But the side bet is not the only piece of fun available in Sizzling Hot Roulette. Players can also make any of the usual roulette bets like a column, a dozen, a straight up, high/low, red/black, a corner, odds/even, a street bet and a line. The payout for all these is identical to those found in European roulette.

To help out the player, there is a hot and cold numbers feature positioned at the right of the reels. This lets the player know which numbers have been recently winning or losing and to thus bet accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Sizzling Hot Roulette is exciting enough and the side bet payout is by no means to be sneezed at. It’s also well-designed, intriguing and will keep players happily hooked and oblivious to anything else for hours at a time.


Game Name: Sizzling Hot Roulette

Posted On: 24/01/2016

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Sizzling Hot Roulette
Sizzling Hot Roulette
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