Have you wondered to play an online game which offers you some kind of a connection between Roulette and cards? Well, your wait has come to an end in form of Odd one In. This unique creation comes from 1×2 Gaming slot developers. However, its gameplay is quite simple once you get comfortable with its basics. You just need to shuffle between certain cards and chose the best one of them.

Search for the Odd One In

When you will first sign up for Odd One In you will get to see a screen which will show you a betting table in red colour with some die over it. The table area will take up most of the space of the screen along with the available betting options. Your basic aim during your journey will be to bet on two cards drawn. Yes, it's as simple as that. As you can learn from the title the game only allow the odd bets, that is, even options will not be available.

The top most row comprises of small and big numbers. Each one of them is an odd number combined with one or the other suits. The middle row has doubles made by numbers like three and five or five and seven, etc. The bottom row has been reserved for the bravest gamblers. The reason being it offers betting options for single numbers only. The highest payout for this payline will be 75/1 which is for number ‘3’.

How To Play Odd One In?

The first thing to be done here is to choose your betting level by the chips which are available at the bottom of the screen. Odd One In allows you a betting range £0.10 to £200.00. Out here, you should make a wise decision depending on your skills and pocket. However, your luck will be deciding your payout as well. Once you are done with this task, two cards will be taken from the pack and will be turned over. Their number will then reveal the total.

If this total matches your any given bet then you will be a winner otherwise better luck next time. After this, you can select a new bet or you may reset depending upon your choice.

Final Thoughts

The game is a quite simple game and doesn’t require much of learning. However, you may not find it as addictive as Roulette but it is definitely worth a shot if you are looking for something different.


Game Name: Odd One In

Posted On: 03/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Odd One In
Odd One In
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