Playboy™ Gold Jackpots

Compared to all the casinos online spinzwin casino is considered the best in the UK, and a lot of factors contribute to this popularity. Basically, it is a properly licensed casino website and operates under the guidelines of the Gambling Commission. Additionally, it is really player-friendly as well as a mobile-friendly platform. It is safe and secure and has easy and accessible customer support options. And finally, what makes spinzwin so popular is the availability of a huge number of different types, genres and themes of slots that people love to play. spinzwin is now providing the latest Playboy™ Gold Jackpots game for interested audience. 

About Playboy™ Gold Jackpots 

If you are familiar with the popular adult magazine Playboy, the Playboy™ Gold Jackpots game is actually based on it. And keeping to the theme, it also features some of the popular Playmates right from them being on some of the tiles to them being used as special symbols. Microgaming has already released two slots games previously based on the Playboy theme, and this is actually the third game of the series. Players who are familiar with the previous versions will be excited to know that some of the popular Playmates from the previous two versions make an appearance in the new issue too! To totally experience the combined magic of slots and Playmates, play Playboy™ Gold Jackpots game at spinzwin casino. 

Playing the game 

Playing Playboy™ Gold Jackpots you will be totally impressed how well the developer managed to keep to the theme. Right from the layout, the colourful background and the use of popular Playmates all remind you exactly what the game is based on and will be very appealing to the adult audience. 

Coming to the basic aspects of the game, this is a 5x6 board with 30 paylines. Players can start playing for as little as 15p per spin and can invest a maximum of £60 on a single spin. Just as with any other slots game, Playboy™ Gold Jackpots also has low and high-value symbols. The low vale ones include star, diamond, club and spade symbols while the high-value ones, as well as the wilds, are various Playmates. 

The Playboy™ Gold Jackpots also comes with special features, namely the Jumbo Block and the Wheel Bonus. Both these features when unlocked are profitable and provide bonuses ranging from free spins to mega wins and jackpots. 


Game Name: Playboy™ Gold Jackpots

Posted On: 19/11/2019

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Playboy™ Gold Jackpots
Playboy™ Gold Jackpots
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