Poke the Guy is a video slot released by Microgaming. You can see a weird guy jumping all over the screen in this slot game. All you have to do is poke him with some objects you find lying such as knives, rubber duckies and ice creams too. He will be seen wearing a yellow coloured outfit smiling while moving here and there.

Poke the Guy: Bets on Reels

The reel backdrop consists of some world famous sites including Mount Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Sphinx and the Pyramids as well. An interesting fact to note here is that the reels, paylines and rows are not present in this slots online game.

All you need to focus is on releasing a particular object from a catapult in order to hit the guy. The chosen object will determine the size of the bet. Worth noting is that the betting range here begins at £1 and goes up till £30 per spin. Moreover, if you feel the shooting is slow-paced, you can increase the speed by using the Speed Up feature provided.

The Payouts

Another distinctive feature to note here is that no special bonus rounds or features are present for awarding some bonuses/extra payouts. The way to win the payouts is only one i.e. clicking on a particular object and shooting it away at the guy. Remember you have aim well as the objects that you shoot might not hit the guy always. And of course, when they do, you’ll be awarded payouts.

The random payouts here include 500x, 18x,12x, 8x, 4x and 2x multipliers which can increase your prize amount manifold. The payout will vary according to the object chosen since the object determines the bet amount and if you are fortunate enough, you may also grab wins as big as 500 times the stake.

Closing Thoughts: Poke the Guy Slot Review

Available to play across all the devices from mobiles to desktops, the slot definitely has some cool animations embedded in it. The innovations added in here are noteworthy as well as appreciable. Microgaming has done a great job to bring some innovation. Thus, players can go for Poke the Guy since it offers something unusual in terms of payouts as well as design.


Game Name: Poke the Guy

Posted On: 10/10/2018

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Poke the Guy
Poke the Guy
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